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Throughout the college or university years students are expected to complete numbers of academic papers, all of them with no exception could be improved by high quality academic editing services. The complexity and content of such papers depend on the type of the major, university standards and on the level of the degree the student earns. In one of the previous posts we discussed how to proofread your own essay and came to the conclusion that not everyone is up to the task. In such cases the student would benefit from using academic editing services. Royal Editing offers such academic editing services online. Our academic editing services work with all types of academic papers from essays to dissertations. To your luck nowadays academic editing services are available online and for a very moderate price. You can order academic editing services by uploading your document right now.

Royal Editing would revise, edit and proofread any type of academic paper. The academic writing has various types of text and genres and which one you will use depends on the requirements set by your educational establishment and on your major. The research paper of a literary student will significantly differ from the same of a chemistry student. But no matter what your major and level of degree are we can help you to organize your paper and make it more concise, comprehensible and error-free. We work even with complex and specific subjects such as nuclear physics or nanotechnologies, because many of our editors, along with language education, have additional technical degrees or work experience.

Types of academic papers

Let us now talk about some types of academic papers and academic writing in general. Academic writing has its special style, which is characterized by impersonal and formal tone, targeted to a specific informed audience. This style doesn't permit the use of colloquial language, slang and other informal expressions. Here you can find out more about writing in academic style. There are hundreds of kinds of academic papers and you can read about all of them on Wikipedia. But we are not going to discuss all of them, we will rather focus on some major most common types of academic papers that Royal Editing has a lot of experience working with.

  • Essay. This is probably the most basic type of academic papers. Essay is a scholarly piece of writing that describes, analyzes, evaluates or gives personal opinion regarding a topic. Originally we can distinguish four basic types of essays: narrative, descriptive, expository and persuasive. But each of the types divides into different subtypes depending on the purpose of the writing, such as admission, literary analysis or argumentative essay. The length of the essay can vary from 1000 to 5000 words. The essay has a strictly defined building structure that consists of introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. The most important element of an essay is a thesis statement, which sums up the essence of the whole text. If you have problems with organizing your essay or finding a thesis statement just send it to us and our editors will make sure you get an A. You can read some free essay samples on our blog as well;
  • Research paper. This type of academic paper is in its way an exploration of the subject. It is longer than average essay and involves a lot of preliminary reading, evaluation of information, analyzing of the sources, etc. The purpose of the research paper is not only to discover new information and create new point of view on the subject but to deepen the student’s knowledge about it. Writing a good research paper requires ability to analyze a lot of data and to think critically. You can find a lot of helpful information about writing research papers on this writing portal;
  • Article. This kind of academic paper is in some way similar to research paper with one distinction that an article focuses on the results of the research and not on the process itself. It can be written with a purpose to prove some claim to a particular audience. Very often articles are written for the publication in scientific journals that circulate among the professionals of the field;
  • Dissertation and dissertation proposal. Dissertation is an extended writing project focused of researching the information and providing a solution to a problem or making a discovery regarding the assigned subject. Dissertation proposal is a paper that sums up your ideas and inclinations about researching a particular topic. It is submitted in order to get a permission to write a dissertation. Dissertation can be considered as the most important academic paper at Undergraduate and Master level of degree, and good revision and editing is crucial for its success. Royal Editing has a lot of experience in editing and proofreading dissertations on all kinds of topics;
  • Book or literary review. It is a common type of academic writing for literary and language students. It requires reading of the assigned book, article or the whole range of literature and composing a review or personal evaluation of the read material. Book reviews are often confused with book reports. Book reports are mostly assigned to high school students and require summarizing the plot of the story, while book reviews are considered to be assignment for higher educational levels and focus on evaluation and analysis of the text. Read this article if you search for some advice on writing a book review;
  • Report. It is a written presentation on some assigned topic, which purpose is to inform or persuade the readers. In a way a report is a relative to an essay because it has similar structure. But it differs from an essay because it rather presents information instead of discussing opinions about it. It is also very common for a report to include graphs, images, tables and other visual data. You can learn more about writing academic report at this web site.

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The academic world often requires writing various kinds of papers. In this article we discussed the most common major types of academic papers and made clear that Royal Editing service can professionally revise, edit and proofread any of the types. Your future degree and career might depend on the quality of your academic text, so don’t hesitate and write to us. If you still have some doubts read more about our editing services.