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According to the statistics, the young people, especially students, especially those who are forced to balance work and study, are vulnerable to all kinds of depression from the slightest to the most severe. Therefore, our highly qualified team of academic editors, proofreaders, and rewriters has decided to discuss this urgent issue in today’s post. We worry about both your physical and moral health, as the well-being of our customers is above all for us. We stand ready to do our best to help you at any time of night and day by giving our professional assistance with academic editing. After our thorough paper check, you can be 100% sure that your writing is impeccable. If you want to know more about us, you are welcome to peel our website and go to our blog section in order to reveal a plethora of instructive posts from our writing & editing experts written for you.

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Returning to our topic, today we are going to explain to you in detail what depression is, what kinds of depression exist, and how to overcome this terrific disease of the 21st century. Thus, if you are ready, keep reading!

1. What is depression?

Depression is a quite common mental illness of today. Doctors often equate it with a cold since statistically, these diseases occur much more frequently than others do. You can often hear the phrase “I am depressed” from a completely healthy person. Basically, you can hear this from the people who feel unfulfilled in any life endeavors.

From another point of view, supported by the advantageous academic editing site, a person who actually suffers from depressive disorders constantly experiences a state of depression, feeling of helplessness and exclusion that do not leave him or her even for a second. Such people do not notice their painful state, or, maybe, simply do not want to admit that they are sick.

Today, depression is one of the main problems of humanity. This is primarily due to the increase of such a disease among young people.

Depression is quite difficult to identify, this fact makes scientists pay a close attention to the study of this disease and its causes.

2. What is melancholy?

Melancholy is a disorder of the human psyche, which is accompanied by a number of the symptoms, including the inability to experience happy moments, a certain degree of retarded thinking, lack of a good mood, a decrease of a will to live.

The experts from editing & proofreading website know for sure that people with this disease lose the interest in their study or job as well, they have no appetite, and their self-esteem is low. Quite often, this category of people uses alcohol and other psychotropic substances that seem to be uppers but in fact only aggravate the situation.

Today, melancholy is inherent to an almost half of the population. According to statistics, the young people, especially the students, are among the groups of the population vulnerable to the mental disorders development.

What is more, medicine helps treat the mental illnesses almost perfectly. You can find a detailed description of the methods of both medical and non-medical treatment, mentioned below by the easy-to-use editing service for students. However, in most cases, the biochemical, as well as psychosomatic consequences of the disease, require the serious intervention of specialists and well-chosen medicines.

The opinion that the depression is a disease of the 21st century is a misperception, according to the experienced doctors. Since the disease was known throughout the humankind’s history and was quite common in the distant past. Medieval healers defined depression as the last and worst stage of melancholy. In ancient times, this disease was treated with the laudanum, healing mineral water, as well as full and healthy sleep.

3. The main causes of a depression

  • Alzheimer's Disease.
  • Increased pressure on the brain due to prolonged stress.
  • Alcohol abuse.
  • Use of narcotic substances.
  • Psychological injuries, such as the death of a relative, loss of a job, university or college expulsion.
  • Climatic or seasonal factors, for example, in spring or winter.
  • Excessive physical or mental stress.
  • Iatrogenic form of depression. Excessive use of drugs.
  • Various head injuries.
  • Break-up with your loved one.
  • Change of the living place.
  • The high academic load (to avoid this at the university, use our site

Frequently, the state of depression appears for no reason. According to the experts, in such situations, an important factor is the disruption of normal neurochemical functions in the human brain.

4. Signs of depression: main symptoms of the disease

The states of a person’s depression are quite diverse, and, in most cases, they affect the body as a whole. Complex symptoms help the specialists diagnose the disease accurately, and this, in turn, helps prescribe the correct and effective remedy.

As a rule, the physiological signs of the state of depression are distinguished by the individual characteristics of the organism.

The experts who can perform academic paper editing for tomorrow know that most people lose their appetite, and for some, on the contrary, it increases significantly during the period of illness. The same feature applies to problems with a full sleep of a person. One patient may suffer from insomnia, and another constantly wants to sleep and suffers from fatigue around the clock.

Symptoms of depression are divided into several groups according to the accompanying characteristics.

Symptom # 1. Emotional manifestations of the depression a human has.

  • Interest in life and the world decreases or disappears.
  • Increased irritability, even without a specific reason.
  • Depressed mood, feeling of melancholy and despair.
  • A sense of helplessness and guilt in any situation.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • The state of anxiety and panic.
  • Anxiety, for example, for their loved ones.
  • Impossibility to be content with the hobbies you recently liked.
  • Lack of desire to do the usual things, for example, to check your punctuation after writing
  • Waiting for disaster and other unforeseen events. Paranoia.
  • Loss of the emotional sensitivity.

Symptom # 2. Physiological manifestations of the depression a human has.

  • Pain of psychosomatic nature. For example, arms, legs, stomach, heart, head, etc. hurt without an obvious reason.
  • Disturbance or lack of sleep.
  • Low efficiency.
  • Disorders of the digestive system.
  • Increased level of fatigue, even with a slight physical activity.
  • Increased appetite, or its complete absence.
  • Reduction of a sexual desire.
  • Weakness in any physical activity.

Symptom # 3. Significant changes in people's behavior.

  • Alcohol abuse.
  • Tendency to loneliness and avoiding to communicate with others.
  • No desire for entertainment and hobbies.
  • The use of psychotropic and narcotic substances in order to increase mood.
  • Passive life position.
  • Lack of life and study inspiration (
  • Replacing important, necessary and urgent matters with useless but time-consuming tasks.
  • Sedentary way of living.

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Symptom # 4. Cognitive disorders of the human nervous system.

  • Difficulties in making any independent decisions.
  • Loss of a clear head and inability to focus on something specific.
  • Loss of ability to focus and control your thoughts.
  • Lack of attention.
  • Memory loss. If you suffer from it, here is the complete guide to the highly efficient mnemonic exercises for you
  • Periodic thoughts about committing suicide.

This increases the number of symptoms of the disease and their severity, which can even lead to suicides of patients, especially if we consider the depression of young people.

According to the well-trained editors with the great experience, the disease is often accompanied by the increased attention to the life problems. The patient is usually completely confident that he or she has a mental or physical illness. The doctor can diagnose correctly and prescribe the appropriate treatment, only if the above-mentioned signs of depression manifest at least for 14 days.

5. The main types of depression

1. Endogenous depression.

To detect a person’s endogenous form of depression, there are certain symptoms. They include, first of all, the inability to fall asleep in the evening, as well as the early awakening, the lack of interest in the world and society.

The editing services that are online 24 hours a day want to draw your attention to the fact that there are also internal signs of this type of disease, including an increased state of anxiety, the systematic sadness and melancholy for no reason, and the general depressed state of a person.

The secondary signs of endogenous depression of a patient are a slow motion, quiet and uncertain speech.

Characteristic signs of endogenous depression of a person are retarded thinking, lack of concentration and attention, memory problems, and the absolute absence of desires and interests. Thus, even the most interesting post on the popular foreign words in the English language (, for example, won’t impress the grammar enthusiast if he or she is depressed.

The advanced forms of this serious mental disease lead to a worsening of the general condition of the patient, apathy towards the outside world and society as a whole arises. Patients characterize their state of health, in the form of weight on the soul, a depressed state, similar to the severity of a serious illness and other similar symptoms.

2. Manic depression

There is such a group of people who appear to have megalomania, inadequate behavior in a certain situation, unreasonable changes of mood, for example, the sudden appearance of happiness, or, conversely, sadness in the course of the disease. This kind of a mental disorder is called manic depression, in other words, bipolar mental disorder. The specialists from the term paper proofreading services are sure that this disease makes people irritable, overly active, and rather self-confident.

Manic depression can be expressed in various forms.

The initial stage of a given mental disorder of a person is a mild form of the disease, called cyclothymia. People suffering from this type of depression, are vulnerable to a change of mood. They may have no reason to cry or laugh. The initial stage of mania in the mild form appears.

The most dangerous is bipolar, in other words, a major depression. At the stages of exacerbation of this serious mental illness, a person has obsessive thoughts about committing suicide, and during the manic phase of depression all bad thoughts instantly disappear, clarity and sobriety of a mind appear. This is the perfect moment to improve the skills of English, for example: In addition, these patients are not able to foresee the dangerous consequences of their own actions.

Dysthymia is not uncommon as well. It is a depressive neurosis, the slightest stage of a depressive disorder of a person. Otherwise, it is called a minor depression or minor depressive disorder of the human nervous system.

The service to get thesis proofreading is positive that depression can affect absolutely any person, old and young, single, divorced or who have never had a family. In the life of every person can occur the events that will certainly lead to overloading and stressful situations, which are the initial stage of a depressive disorder of the human nervous system, especially if the unpleasant events happen simultaneously.

Specialists in this regard are positive that women are more likely to recognize their condition as a serious disease and rush to visit a doctor, while men try to get treatment on their own, therefore they are rarely treated in the hospital. In the states of depression, men, instead of seeking a skilled help of a specialist, prefer to drown their sorrows and misery in the alcoholic beverages or other substances that are able to improve the mood temporarily and give an imaginary self-confidence.

However, according to the experience of the top academic editing services, such depressive experiences as loneliness, helplessness, sadness, and other mental disorders are more common for female patients.

3. Masked depression

The stage of such a depression, which goes unnoticed by other people, is called a masked, or hidden depression. The experts do not consider it as an independent disorder of the human nervous system, but as a result of alcoholism or the use of other psychotropic substances that influence a mood. In such a situation, men practically do not seek help, as we have mentioned above.

A depressive disorder of a person can manifest itself in a wide variety of forms. According to the best online copy editing for money service, in certain situations, the states of people’s depression differ in their degree of manifestation. For some people, such a state is clearly visible to others, and another category of people hides their psychological state from the people around them.

Mild depression is the mental disease against the background of which a person finds the strength to do his or her daily work and his or her usual activities.

Moderate depression is the state when the combination of mental disorder’s symptoms do not allow a person to perform his or her daily duties.

Severe depression is the state of having all the signs of a disorder of the nervous system that are noticeable to others. In addition, all these symptoms interfere with leading a normal life.

4. Clinical depression

Clinical depression, in other words, is called a major or unipolar depression. This form of disorder of the human nervous system is the most common today. The world “clinical” means the presence of a single extreme position in the range of human’s emotions. The only one type of patient’s mood, for example, sad or depressed, characterizes it.

In most cases, this mood does not pass during the day, and also causes insomnia, loss of appetite, yearning soul and pain, lack of positive emotions, inability to concentrate on something. If you have the same problem with the concentration, it doesn’t mean this is a sign of a mental illness, you just have to check this post to boost your concentration.

The specialists’ points of view concerning the occurrence of depression are divided. Some doctors believe that the disease is directly related to the abnormal processes in the human brain. For the majority of the patients, the propensity to such a disease is hereditary. For another category of people, depression can cause abnormalities in the hormonal background of the human body. The remaining factors include the following: stressful situations, the death of relatives, feelings of guilt and helplessness.

The royal copy editing service distinguishes the four main groups of depression symptoms:

  • Mood disorders. People have unreasonable obsessive thoughts about their guilt in something, there is a feeling of loneliness and despair, the patients are constantly in a state of melancholy.
  • Erratic behavior. A person is completely marginalized from communication with others, it is difficult for him or her to concentrate on his or her thoughts.
  • Physical manifestations. Changes in body’s weight, a violation or complete lack of sleep, systematic headaches.
  • Complex mental disorders. The simultaneous presence of the above symptoms of depression.

The patient himself or herself is not able to evaluate adequately his or her own body and mind condition since the symptoms of a person’s mental disorder may manifest differently and may be expressed to a greater or lesser extent.

6. Major signs of depression

Experts have identified the main signs of depression. They include a lack of interest in the positive events happening in the world, a steady feeling of longing and despondency, and in case of extreme stage of the disease, this is a complete indifference to all the people around and everything that happens in the society. A constant feeling of sadness and despondency, a sense of hopelessness and a lack of understanding of the meaning of one’s own life leads not only to sadness and tears but to acute anguish and distress.

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During a depression, a physical state of a person changes. He or she stands out from the crowd by a slow walk, quiet speech, stoop, frown… In medicine, such a condition is called the psychomotor retardation of the patient.

Nevertheless, there are also situations when people have an absolutely opposite physical state. They are characterized by the accelerated and troubled motions, their speech is loud and fast. This condition is called psychomotor agitation.

The state of depression significantly affects people's feelings and a way of thinking. Usually, all the thoughts of patients are directed to the negative moments of life. It’s extremely difficult for them to focus on a particular subject, their thoughts are slowing down, they have serious memory problems, absent-mindedness, or thoughts confusion.

In such a state, the feelings and thoughts of a person do not reflect the reality. The patient experiences anxiety, has a low self-esteem, is surrounded by his or her own fears, guilt, and feels that he or she is no longer needed.

Major depression is divided into several forms.

  • Psychopathic depression, during which hallucinations and delusions appear in a patient’s mind, the number of suicides increases significantly and treatment is required under the supervision of specialists.
  • Atypical depression, when the above-mentioned symptoms are mixed.
  • Postpartum depression is inherent to women after childbirth.


Minor depression is called dysthymia. This is a prolonged mental disorder of a person, which is accompanied by a lack of positive events and emotions in life. If a patient suffers from dysthymia, then he or she is almost always in a dark mood. His or her thoughts are full of guilt and anxiety. The cheap essay proofreader from knows that a person is constantly retarded, and every occurring event in the reality is considered as another failure.

Previously, treatment of dysthymia was carried out with the help of psychotherapy, and mainly with psychoanalysis. There are other ways to get rid of this disease. They include interpersonal, cognitive, and behavioral therapy. Most experts are positive that a mixed treatment with the simultaneous use of drugs and psychotherapy is the best way to get rid of this disease.

7. Spring depression: seasonal affective disorder

There also is a special form of the depression, which appears only at certain times of the year, for example, in the fall or spring. Many people who suffer from a similar mental disorder may feel fine throughout the year, but during the one season or another, they experience psychomotor slowing and depressed mood.

According to the professional online paper proofreader, this disorder occurs more often in the fall and ends by the beginning of spring. However, there are the other categories of people suffering from depression in other periods of the year. As a rule, spring depression is inherent to women than men.

Symptoms of this disease are a fatigue, drowsiness, anorexia, decreased work performance, inability to focus your thoughts on a specific issue, irritability, anxiety, unwillingness to communicate with other people.

Even today, experts cannot answer definitely what exactly is the cause of such a depression. Basically, they indicate a decrease in the brain’s level of the hormone of joy in a certain period of the year. Usually, such a mental disorder is hereditary.

Bipolar Depression (Mania) is another periodic form of a depression. In the period of bipolar depression, patients’ mood changes drastically. It can suddenly move from ecstatic to suicidal, and a patient is up and down during a few days or even weeks. However, in general, this category of patients has an absolutely normal mood, despite systematic drops during the depression phase.

According to the royal essay proof reader, in the period of exacerbations, a person experiences symptoms similar to those of major depression: excessive activity, emotional arousal, and increased self-confidence. Usually, such mood changes are absolutely not connected with the current life problems.

The attacks of bipolar depression can develop and occur in a completely unforeseen way. People may experience all kinds of anxiety during the phase of a mental disorder. They find it difficult to focus on anything, there is a sense of guilt, alienation, and social exclusion.

There is also the opposite phase of the mental disorder, as a result of which a person is full of energy and has an inexplicably good mood often despite a certain number of life problems. Moreover, this person is characterized by the excellent state of health, brilliant thinking abilities,

During the mania increasing, the patient's arousal increases as well, and his or her actions may become completely unforeseen. The ecstatic feelings can change into resentment and anxiety in an instant.

The lack of a critical attitude towards one’s own state is a distinctive feature of mania, therefore, the editing and proofreading service for money recommends you checking these situations when an excessively good mood is regarded as a sign of mania:

  • The need for rest and sleep disappears.
  • Instant change of thoughts.
  • The feeling of greatness and a high self-esteem.
  • Obsession in communicating with others and increased talkativeness in general.
  • The tendency to be distracted by external stimuli that are irrelevant.
  • Enthusiasm for anything that will entail further complications.
  • Increased activity and acceleration of movements in all spheres of life.

Only in the situation when the above symptoms are expressed quite clearly, and also interfere with the normal existence of a person and his or her interaction with a society, specialists are able to diagnose mania with confidence and prescribe an appropriate treatment.

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In severe cases, the inexplicable self-confidence of the patient with a diagnosis of mania can gradually turn into a delusion of grandeur. With such a psychological disorder, a person decides for him or herself that he or she has the ability to communicate with supernatural invisible objects and recognize their voices. Such a behavior of patients is very dangerous for other people.

8. How to deal with depression?

In modern medicine, even the most complex forms of mental disorders can be cured. It should be noted that the treatment will be the most effective if you start it right after you have noticed the first signs of the disease.

Today, according to the online papers copy editor, it is difficult to avoid constant stresses at college, university, work or in personal life, nevertheless, properly chosen medical treatment will help to cope with life difficulties.

One of the most common treatments for depression is psychotherapy. The doctor will help you learn how to communicate with other people correctly, change the negative style of thinking and behavior into a positive attitude towards life.

The specialist will help normalize the emotional state of the person and advise how to avoid the recurrence of the mental disorder. In cases of a severe disease, electroconvulsive therapy is applied to patients. It is appropriate in those situations when the patient does not take, or cannot take the necessary meds for some reason, or in cases when the patient’s condition threatens his or her life or the health and life of those who are around him or her.

The main medical treatment is the use of antidepressants that can be chosen, advised, and prescribed only by the professional psychiatrist.

The professional who can edit essays online wants to remind you that depression is a serious medical condition and patients with depression need complex treatment.

The stressful situations can disappear on their own, however, the diseases caused by them will never pass away without a trace if you do not start an effective, properly chosen complex treatment in time.

Take for a spin that there are two main types of treatment: self-treatment or with the help of doctors. Only initial forms of the disease, which have minor symptoms and last a short period of time can be cured on one’s own. Treatment by specialists is the most preferred and effective option. Since getting out of depression on your own when there is no strength to do anything is almost impossible (or very difficult).

Let the best site among paper editing websites consider in detail the most modern, safe, and effective methods of treatment of various mental disorders.

It should be noted that, first of all, successful therapy depends on the well-established emotional contact between the patient and the psychotherapist. Only with a trusting and benevolent relationship, the result of the applied therapy will not long in coming, and it will also be more stable and more pronounced.

The main directions of treatment:

  • Hypnotherapy.
  • Social therapy.
  • Classical psychotherapy.
  • Medical treatment.
  • Electroconvulsive therapy.

Today, experts are trying to use aggressive methods of treating depression, namely, electroconvulsive or drug therapy, exclusively in serious health problems, when the mental disorder is complex and lasts long enough.

The main drugs for the treatment of psychological disorders are sedatives and various antidepressants. For each patient, doctors select drug treatment on an individual basis.

The copy editor from our royal academic services knows that in order to achieve the best result of treatment and its long-lasting effect, the desire of the patient to get rid of depression once and for all is of great importance.

During the process of rehabilitation, patients are obliged to strictly follow all the recommendations of doctors, as well as to monitor their own behavior and try to establish friendly and trusting relationships with people around them.

9. How to get out of slight depression yourself. Our professional academic team has prepared the 10 tips of a psychologist to get rid of depression on your own, as if it is a slight depression, every person may manage it, the essential is not aggravate it. Therefore, the proven advice from psychologists will surely help and tell you how to get out of depression on your own when there is no strength to do anything.

Tip number 1. Take responsibility for yourself and your life.

Tip number 2. Watch instructive, and what is more important, inspirational TV shows and movies.

Tip number 3. Avoid solitude and loneliness. Communicate with people around you more often. Don’t hesitate to attend interesting events.

Tip number 4. Allow yourself accepting help from other people.

Tip number 5. Pay a close attention to your inner world, concentrate on your desires.

Tip number 6. Completely eliminate alcohol and drugs. They adversely affect the state of the psyche of people and worsen it with each use.

Tip number 7. Sleep well. Only a long and healthy rest is able to restore the nervous system of a person.

Tip number 8. Find yourself an exciting job or hobby. It can be everything you are interested in starting from signing to correcting people’s mistakes becoming a real grammar Nazi.

Tip number 9. Take up sports.

Tip number 10. Do something useful for the people around you for no personal reward. Show them your love, and they will win it back.

Tip number 11. Use affirmations’ technic.

Tip number 12. Refer to the aromatic therapy. In addition to the medical treatment of depression, aromatic therapy is quite effective, thus, widely used today. This is a great way to get rid of certain types of mental disorders without using medical treatment. Aromatic oils penetrate the human body through the pores and contribute to the overall improvement of a well-being. With the help of such tools, you can improve your mood, as the aroma of oils has a positive effect on the human brain. There are several ways to use aromatic oil. You can simply breathe them, add a few drops while taking a bath, or use the oil during the massage. To get rid of mental disorders there is a huge variety of aromatic oils. The most effective are mint, rosemary, lavender, orange, and many others.

10. What to do to prevent depression?

In order to prevent all sorts of psychological disorders, it is recommended to monitor the occurrence of initial signs of depression, as well as to try to get rid of them in a timely and effective manner.

If you think that you have become irritable and hot-tempered, you notice mood changes, lose your emotional attraction to everyday activities, have trouble sleeping, then you need to think about proper rest urgently, or change your lifestyle, choosing another educational strategy. For example, your body and mind may need more free time to rest, therefore, we recommend you to refer to the professional editing services or, at least, check out our blog section with the informative and useful posts.

Healthy sleep is one of the most significant conditions for getting rid of stress and improving your psychological and emotional well-being, therefore, make sure you sleep well always!

Royal editors will help you with any assignment

We hope this post was useful for you. If you need to reread it and form a clearer idea about a depression, take your time and do it, entrusting proofreading of your papers to the real pros. We can cope with any academic assignment that seems to be too difficult for you, and with any paper you don’t want to waste your time on. Be sure that by choosing royal editors, you choose the editors with the highest level of professionalism and a wealth of experience in doing all types of assignments! Contact us any time you wish to get your A+ paper!

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