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Professional papers editing & proofreading services and the other ways to improve your study performance

Most recommendations for those who are eager to study better looks pretty cut and dry: in addition to attending lectures and doing homework, it is important to eat healthy, lead an active lifestyle, get enough sleep, and adhere strictly to your schedule.

All this, of course, is good and useful pieces of advice, but how exactly these trivial truths can help a student? How to organize the regime of the day so that you could have more time and memorize the material better? Is there a real connection between a feeling of thirst and cognitive abilities? Is it true that sports help assimilate the information? So many questions that are on the mind of every student, as, we tend to accept these general truths without thinking of why we should do one or another way. This time everything is going to change, as the premium paper editor & proofreader online is about to understand everything above-mentioned to give you a clear explanation.

Timing: how to manage the time correctly

During the day. Yes, yes, another piece of advice on how to allocate your time. Probably, we will seem to be boring, nevertheless, the statistics still shows that the lack of time is the main reason for a poor academic performance in most cases despite the plethora of available and, what is more important, effective tips. Therefore, taking for a spin this point definitely will do a good job for you. You have probably heard a lot about different time management techniques, their pros and cons, however, in this post, we are eager to share with you one more way to manage the time, namely building on the circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms affect not only our sleep, but also the mood and concentration, which cyclically change throughout the day. On average, in seven hours after a wake-up, a concentration and mood reach the lowest level, after which they start to increase again (that’s why so many coaches recommend not postponing the completion of the most important tasks and proceeding to them in the first hours after awakening). It is connected to our circadian rhythms, in particular, to the fact that the risk of errors at work (for example, in medical institutions) is increased in the period from 2 to 4 pm.

Of course, students do not necessarily have to get up early every day but you may benefit from understanding your chronotype and circadian rhythms for learning. For example, the most difficult tasks (like preparing for exams or for a seminar) should be planned for the first two to three hours after awakening with a proper understanding that in the following hours, concentration will inevitably decline (below, we will tell you what should you do during this “unproductive” time but first you are welcome to check this post on time management tips for writers

Before the deadline. Of course, the heaviest time pressure is felt on the eve of exams. By the way, “waiting for the last minute” is not just a habit of ignorant or lazy students, in fact, this behavior is typical for most of us. One of the brightest examples is a study of scientists from the University of California, which showed that most of the test groups do nothing (or practically nothing) at least the first half of the time before the deadline, and only then begin to work during the experiment.

To avoid the effect of the “urgent tasks”, scientists advise setting short-term goals and using the technique of step-by-step task completion: you should mark each day, during which you spent time preparing for the exam (doing a lab, writing a research paper). A plethora of such symbols in your calendar or day planner will be an additional motivator not to give up and meet the deadline without being overwhelmed with the tasks. All the more, there are numerous day planner apps online that will make this process even easier. Of course, they won’t make you write your paper, and restrict access to the social networks, but it will serve as a necessary “irritant” and a reminder, as sometimes it can be very useful.

Water balance: drink more water to keep the brainwork

Another common advice is not to abuse caffeine, but drinking enough water instead. This recommendation has a well-founded scientific confirmation: studies in this area have been conducted for a long time. For example, in one of the experiments (scientific publication on its results came out in 1988), it was shown that even a slight dehydration (in 1-2%) can cause a loss of cognitive abilities. In the study, in particular, the scientists noted the short-term memory impairment and the decline of the ability to solve arithmetic problems. By the way, if you want to improve your memory, we have an instructive guide for you

In addition, the authors of a later publication in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition state that “dehydration is a prerequisite for a reduction of the cognitive abilities.” Therefore, in order not to lose focus during study, watch for your well-being and do not suffer from thirst, especially if in addition to study you have a physical activity.

A good sleep: what impact does it have on your cognitive abilities?

Another advice from that is quite obvious and well-known, lies in a healthy and prolonged sleep that positively affects our mental abilities. American researchers went further, and during the experiments revealed another important feature related to how the brain works during sleep. They showed that a test group remembered the pairs of unrelated words better if they memorized them not in the morning but before going to sleep. In this regard, scientists conclude that sleep stabilizes our memory system and allows us to consolidate the material learned. This is, incidentally, another reason against spending a sleepless night before the exam.

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Physical exercises for the brain: another way to boost your productivity!

At first glance, the connection between sport and good academic performance is not obvious, in modern culture the “typical high achiever” and physical activity are rather antonyms (remember how Sheldon played basketball). In fact, physical exercises are one of the factors that improve cognitive abilities, which is also confirmed by a number of scientific papers.

Therefore, for example, one of the studies devoted to this issue confirms the connection between physical exercises and memory improvement. Researchers analyzed the performance of 120 people and noted the link between regular aerobic training, increase in the size of the hippocampus and, as a consequence, the spatial memory improvement.

Another advantage the exercises have is their ability to reduce the stress level drastically. The American Psychological Association, for example, noted that one of the benefits of a regular exercising is the strengthening of the link between physiological systems (muscular, cardiovascular, nervous system) that is triggered only in an emergency, otherwise. During training, the body experiences the standard reaction to the stress, as a result, at the time of need, we are able to control ourselves better since during the training the body has already learned to work in such conditions.

Now you know what you should do to improve your study performance, and, what is more important, why you should do it. For your convenience, the academic editing & proofreading services online prepared a short summary of the actions you should take to boost your cognitive skills and improve the study performance as a result, based on the above-mentioned:

  • Plan intensive mental workloads for the first half of the day (regardless of when this “half” begins for you). During the first two or three hours after awakening, you will be maximally concentrated and motivated to solve complex problems.
  • Consider that after about seven hours from the moment of awakening your motivation and concentration will reach the lowest point. At this time, it's better to take a break and go for a walk or have a workout to back up your brain. In this way, you will recharge your batteries and it will be much easier to continue your studies.
  • In general, do not neglect the sport. Sports alone, of course, will not improve your grades, but it can make your studies more effective: it will be easier for you to fight the stress during exams and memorize information during lectures. For this, it is not necessary to spend long hours in the gym or become a Kung Fu master, as even 150 minutes of aerobic exercises per week will be a good addition to study and improve your overall well-being.
  • Remember that even a slight dehydration reduces cognitive abilities, so the professional writing editors from advise you to pay attention to your feelings: do not ignore thirst. Especially if you exercise during the day.
  • In spite of the fact that it is better to plan the most intensive mental loads for the first hours after awakening, memorizing information can be postponed until the evening. If this is problematic (for example, you need to learn plenty of information for exam), use the time before going to bed to revise the material. Thus, it will be much easier for you to remember the information the next day.
  • If you postpone your studies to the last minute, remember that you are not alone. To “deceive the brain”, try to set the additional mini-deadlines yourself (for example, “find scholar sources for my research paper”, “write a review of the literature”, “think through the academic essay plan”). Starting from the current moment, mark each day before the deadline, during which you have completed the mini-task.

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