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With the help of our service, you will have enough time for both your job and personal life without damaging your academic performance. Nevertheless, how should we prioritize? Each student has to solve the main question: “Job, study, rest: what comes first”? Yes, this problem is global for every student since the brightest years go by and each of the young people wants to catch up with everything. Thus, the professional online editor with the lowest rates is going to share his experience on a prioritizing process so that you could get both a degree and pleasant memories of the students’ years.

Of course, we are going to consider all the options to understand what is more important and what should you strive for being a student. Therefore, we will present you the three options, and it is up to you to choose the most appropriate one.

Option one: job, study, rest. Many students, especially undergraduates, are well aware that they cannot live on the scholarship only, especially if they want to fulfill most of their needs. If for a newbie a comfort and aesthetics of living do not matter, for senior students they become one of the main priorities. That is why such students are looking for an additional source of income such as a part-time work.

On the one hand, such a life position is commendable, because not all the students of the university succeed in combining study and work, and, frequently, there is almost no time left for the rest and personal life.

A student gets a salary, thus, he or she feels more comfortable in a modern society, and does not depend on the parents’ financial aid and scholarship that obviously gives more freedom and more responsibility for one’s life accordingly.

However, not everything is as easy as it may seem at first glance. The fact is that very soon, a young person needs more and more forces, which allows him or her maintaining a balance between study, work, and personal life.

In pursuit of financial well-being, a student often forgets about his or her studies, and, in most cases, his or her personal life suffers as well. A student is becoming a careerist even without noticing it that can negatively affect his or her academic performance and even compromise his or her study at the university.


  • new acquaintances;
  • new opportunities;
  • financial stability;
  • possibility of a career promotion being still a student;
  • confidence in the future;
  • sociability.


  • sharp decline in academic performance;
  • regular truancy s without a good reason;
  • professors’ discontent;
  • low grades (this is the point that our academic paper editing service available now can fix);
  • risk of being expulsed;
  • constant fatigue.

Advice: having a job is always good and profitable, nevertheless, it is extremely important not to confuse two notions as “main job” and “part-time job”. For a student, the basic activity still should be studying at the university and striving to manage all the difficulties to get a degree.

As for a part-time job, you should live according to the principle “you cannot earn all the money of the world”. It is desirable to spend no more than 2-3 hours a day working and, moreover if it is possible, try to nullify the time you spend working during an examination period.

Royal editor’s choice:

Option two: study, job, rest.

There is another category of students who can be called “study enthusiasts”, or if to put the decency aside, just nerds. You can find such students at any educational establishments, even more, in every academic group, there will definitely be a pair of study fans who can’t imagine their life without lectures, thus, truancy for them is equal to a terrible crime.

Usually, they are those whom we called true grammar Nazis ( They study in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening to impress professors with their answers, diligence, and hard work. They choose the first sits in the lecture hall, always ready to answer and even complement the information provided by the prof. After the lecture, they ask millions of questions and try to have a rendezvous with a prof to clarify any issues.

Such an approach to learning can be annoying, especially for those, whose priorities are far from being “study, study, study”, but, fortunately, nowadays other students do not pay much attention to such kind of young people.

Such exemplary students definitely get a scholarship: although this is not a great amount of money, however, nerds do not hurry to start working, as they do not want to create any obstacles on the way to knowledge. Therefore, they have enough money, because their needs are minimal, and, frequently, they do not need to rest at all, considering studying as the best relaxation. That is why they often have troubles with socialization.


  • getting a degree without any problems;
  • huge knowledge base right after graduation;
  • career prospects;
  • merit scholarship;
  • high level of professionalism.


  • lack of friends and pleasant memories of student times;
  • certain narrow-mindedness (they focus only on study activities);
  • troubles with socializing;
  • lack of money.

Advice: it goes without saying that studying is a good thing necessary to get a degree, however, you should not dwell on getting only knowledge. These years can bring you something more valuable: rich life experience that will definitely do a good job for you in the future. The fact is that the years of being a student will be over, and only textbooks, workshops, thesis writing, and a complete loneliness will remain in your memory. Of course, it is up to you to decide what is worthy of your attention, however, you should carefully weigh all the pros and cons.

Option three: rest, work, study

There is another category of students who perceive student being as a non-stop party. According the beneficial editing & proofreading services, it is difficult to encourage such students to study, you will not be able to meet them at the university every day: after parting all the night long, and the next day they prefer to catch up with a healthy sleep. Yeah, their life is full of great events barely connected to study.

Since large-scale party activities require money, and the scholarship (if such students get it at all) runs out faster than light, thus, a job goes second right after the rest. In most cases, it is a kind of part-time job so that there could be enough money for the party needs.

A completely logical question arises: “Where to find a free room to study in this busy schedule?” The answer is obvious, because there is no room for such a big lifestyle during getting a higher education. Such a schedule of a student will definitely lead him or her to a failure, especially since the expulsion of such students seems inevitable to the royal editing, proofreading, and revision service.


  • plenty of positive emotions and joyful memories that remain for the rest of your life;
  • new friends and rich personal life;
  • sociability;
  • open-minded personality;
  • self-confidence.


  • systematic truancy
  • professors’ discontent
  • low academic performance
  • regular calls to the dean's office
  • numerous debts
  • high chance of being expulsed.

Advice: hang out with your friends and new acquaintances less, and do not put your study aside. We do not offer you to become a nerd, it will be enough to take conscious account of the study process.

If you organize your weekly schedule correctly, you will have enough time for both exemplary studies and rest with friends and co-students. It is always important to remember why you entered the university, and then, let your motivation get the best of you guiding to the academic achievements.

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Proof reading service for money insists on the proper organization of the educational process

As our company was founded by the ex-students, who all became Master’s and Ph.D. degrees holders, we know something about a proper time organization, what is more, we know how important is it, therefore, we decided to share this knowledge with our readers.

50% of your time should be devoted to studying. We should not forget why we made this decision to enter the university, why we spent nights poking the books, and why we applied so much force.

30% of your time is a part-time job. If a student has the opportunity to earn money, then why not to take this chance to become an independent person? Of course, a part-time job should not interfere with the educational process, so that there would be no truancy, the professors would not become angry, and the debts would not exist.

20% of your time is a rest. In this case, we are talking about a weekend that can be spent with friends in a big company. This is a great opportunity to take a break from study, get distracted and relax, finally.

Here the main thing is to find a middle way because on Monday morning you need to attend your lectures or workshops and actively participate in the conversation with the prof or to be an active listener.

This is an ideal option when you manage to find a perfect balance between your study, job, and personal life, without forgetting the goals set during the first year of education.

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Cheap proofreading service gives you some tips:

However, it is easier said than done. Thus, the question arises: “How to strike such a balance?” Here are some tips:

1. Try to get maximum knowledge during the lectures, so that later there is no need to sit for hours in the student library to fill gaps. By the way, here are some tips on how to memorize the information effectively The process of self-learning, of course, is useful, but most often takes a lot of free time.

2. Do not skip workshops and laboratory work, because it is exactly their performance that is taken into account when getting the final grade. It is much more difficult to manage such an activity yourself, without an opportunity to question your prof or co-students.

3. If it is necessary to miss a couple of lectures due to some reasons, then the prof must be warned about this individually. He or she may not like this news, but it will definitely be nice that a student is worried about a missed lecture.

4. Сourtesy is the best communication strategy both with your profs and other people. So, you should never forget about it.

5. Profs do not always like students who have a job, believing that there is no place for them in the university. That is why it is better not to step out of line when taking days off to devote the freed time to work.

6. A student must have knowledge even if he or she did not attend all the lectures in order to prove his or her interest in studying, and getting a higher education, in general.

7. Try to always find a common language with your profs.

We hope these tips will help you to find your perfect balance, however, let us be boring and remind you one more time that the study should always come first, as this is your main objective.

Our professional PhD thesis editing service knows for sure how important is for a young person to learn the principles of balancing between many life spheres, and the earlier you start to master this skills, the easier will your future life be. Our royal team members, who are ready to do their best to help you, proved this. Our services are aimed at students, who want to be more than average, thus, need a professional pair of hands to make sure their writing is perfect. You are welcome to place an order with us to make sure we are the best editing company on the web!