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The visitors of often ask our experts about the secrets of improving the academic performance, they ask us “How become a better student”? Therefore, in this post, we will discuss an extremely important factor that influences your study performance: the attention. How to master the art of concentration yourself, and do it effectively? Keep reading this post if you are eager to find out the answer!

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1. Focus on your studies, make getting an education a priority activity in your life. One of the unique features of the brain is that its energy can be easily concentrated on what seems important to a person. If all your actions will be guided by the priority of learning, then you will achieve much more attention and concentration since the brain will be automatically engaged in learning. Do you realize that your future depends on the knowledge and skills acquired as a student? It’s up to you to get a quality education to benefit from it in the future life. Therefore, make sure that your education is the main priority in your life by making a list of the benefits that it brings and saying them out loud day in and day out not to forget.

In addition, according to the beneficial editing company that works 24/7, one of the most important advantage is that education fulfills all the life spheres: spiritual, financial, as well as personal, connected to friendship and love.

2. Get rid of distractors that interfere with concentration. The brain functions in such a way to process all the information that reaches the senses. Thanks to this, we learn about the possible danger. That’s why do not blame yourself for being distracted by the irritants that surround you and cannot concentrate your attention on your studies, however, you should just try to remove everything that disturbs you. Here is what you can do for this.

  • Ask your family to help you concentrate on your studies (or, at least, not to disturb you).
  • Ask them to turn off (or mute) noise sources (TV, radio, etc.) during your study time.
  • If the sound still bothers you, use earplugs or headphones. If you choose the last option, make sure your music is appropriate for the studying.
  • Remove the books and other items that could disturb you from the desk.
  • Turn off the mobile phone and close the door of your room.

3. Thoughts that aren’t related to your study are the worst concentration enemies. After you have closed the doors, turned off the TV and radio, and put earplugs on your ears, even your thoughts can be distracting. Even after opening a book and during the reading, you can find yourself thinking about completely different things! It is quite natural that various thoughts swirling through your head. This phenomenon is inherent to all the people. Nevertheless, how to solve this problem? First of all, only one point is clear: you should not try to overcome your thoughts. When you start fighting a thought, you give it more energy and it becomes more annoying. The successful person is the master of his or her thoughts, therefore, you should try your best to find out how to deal with them. By the way, do you know the successful people’s habits? Find them out at

Instead of resistance, just tell yourself:

“For the next 2 hours I will only think about my English literature classes (for instance), and I will think about the rest later!”

By repeating this statement, you will prepare yourself for the hard work during the classes and at home as well. At first, annoying thoughts will not leave you that easy. The only thing you shouldn’t do is to pay close attention to them and continue studying. Sooner or later, they will stop bothering you!

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4. Use the following simple techniques to concentrate in the classroom or at home to learn a large amount of information with little effort.

  • Make yourself comfortable during classes or while studying at home.
  • Take a deep breath every 10 minutes.
  • If you should understand an information block, ask yourself the questions related to the topic while listening to a lecture or studying a material to draw the attention of your brain to the topic.

By asking yourself during the information perceiving, you make the brain be more attentive. It’s curious to know the reason for such a technique: at the moment when your brain “hears” the question, it starts searching for an answer, thus, you keep it active and engaged until your brain finds the answer or you do not ask the next question.

At the moment when you ask a question and concentrate you’re the 100% of your attention on the material studying material, the bothering thoughts leave you. In addition, whatever subject you study, you will better understand it. Keep asking questions for 3–4 weeks and you will make a habit of concentrating all your attention whenever you want.

By the way, don’t forget to find out these effective memorization techniques that will help you learn even more information

5. Recharge your body with energy: take 3-4 deep breaths and do a couple of exercises before starting classes and during breaks. Your body consists of trillions of living cells. They need a constant amount of nutrients and a sufficient number of breaks so that they could function efficiently and serve you better. The proper blood circulation distributes the essential nutrients through the body. When you change your position or weaken the tension, the cells get time to rest, thus, you have an opportunity to recharge your batteries.

This is extremely important, otherwise, even the simplest activities can be a difficult job for you. Here is what you need to do to help the body.

  • Stretch your body as a cat does it. Stretching helps the body relax, improves the blood circulation and reduces the level of stress.
  • Take 3-4 slow deep breaths before and after classes to provide oxygen to the brain.
  • While in class or at home, make yourself comfortable so that no part of your body could feel the tension.

If you need the more detailed list of exercises, you are welcome to follow the link.

6. Use specific statements that help focus attention for a long time. You can concentrate on studying the topic and stay in such a state for a long time with the help of the following specific statements.

“My will is strong enough to concentrate on the subject. I enjoy doing my homework.”

“Learning is my priority activity.”

“My college or university will help me to acquire highly important knowledge for the start of my career.”

“For the next two hours, I'm going to focus on studying English literature (or another subject that you need). I love it, as it is fascinating and useful.”

Each of the simple statements mentioned above is aimed at positive thoughts that automatically reinforce the power of attention and make you think and act like a student who is very successful! Let it become your habit. To do this, repeat all the statements 3 times before the start of classes.

7. Pay close attention to every activity you perform, even eating or watching TV!

Like any skill, concentration can be developed only as a result of practice. Believe it or not, the specialists from the online papers editing site for students are 100% sure that you already know how to concentrate. Probably, you are surprised. During reading your favorite book, or watching the brand new TV series, you are so focused that you do not think about anything else. This is precisely the 100% concentration of attention. So, it is proved that you already have the ability to concentrate your attention fully, however, certain conditions are required. Now you just have to transfer this skill to the other situations: listening to a lecture in the classroom, composing an assignment at home, following the conversation, etc.

In fact, it should be used daily to upgrade your focus. For example, when your friend starts telling you something, tell yourself: “I will concentrate fully on what he or she is saying.” And then do your best not to miss a single word.

8. You should never say that you cannot concentrate, as it strengthens your inability to focus attention. It’s better to say: “I can focus on any subject for any time.”

Repetitive thoughts and actions become a habit, the cheap professional editors online are sure of this. Many of us have repeatedly enjoyed the following negative thoughts.

“I can not concentrate fully.”

“It takes years of practice to learn to the art of attention concentration for at least a minute.”

Repetition of such thoughts creates the confidence that it is very difficult to focus, but you know better than anyone that practice and training can sharpen any skills.

Here is another way to improve the attention quickly. Whenever you feel that you have succeeded in focusing on a subject, consolidate your experience immediately with the help of the following statements:

“My ability of focusing is improving.”

“I become better and can focus for a long time day by day.”

We offer you to focus on these instructive posts:

9. Try to adhere to a schedule for a better focus. By following the schedule, you feel calm and confident, as you have enough time to learn, understand, or review all the material before the exams. A feeling of calm helps better concentrate during studies. Let the strict adherence to your schedule be your unbreakable rule. If you haven’t any stable schedule yet, it is high time to make it up and get the following benefits from it:

  • Concentration during studies.
  • Life without stress.
  • Enough time to develop the skills that are needed for a better life.

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