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Find out the most effective memorization techniques at RoyalEditing.com!

The experts from our site should remember gigs of information day in and day out. New formatting tendencies, new grammar rules, and scientific style changes appear every day, thus, we have to keep in mind this information together with plenty of tips on how to check your writing efficiently and craft perfect papers for you (http://royalediting.com/best-advice-how-to-craft-perfect-paragraphs). That’s why our team can’t help using the different memorization tips and techniques to improve our memory.

Mnemonics or memorization techniques are a system of strategies, techniques, and tools for increasing memory productivity. The real professionals in this field developed many of these techniques: neurologists, psychologists, winners of the World Championships in memory.

In case of their proper practical application, you will certainly get a positive result (of course, only if you do not suffer from any serious disorder).

There are various methods for improving memory: mind mapping, the Dominic system, the method of loci, the person-action-object (PAO) system, Ben system etc. On this post, we decided not to mention these techniques in details, as you may easily find each of the memory techniques on the Internet if desired. What is more, the majority of them were created to help aged people, and people with certain disabilities, meanwhile, the general methods of memorization will definitely do a good job for students. This is what exactly we are going to give you: tips and keys to increasing memory capacity that were proven by the royal editing team so that we guarantee they will work!

Although mnemonic techniques help people who need to memorize long lists or texts (for example, to actors) as well, in everyday life they are not so useful. The major disadvantage of mnemonics is its complexity. Often the content that you need to remember is overloaded with details, as well as a content that our academic experts are used to edit.

In addition, however hard we will try, it’s of course up to you to choose and develop the most effective strategy that will help you, as this process is quite individual, therefore, the royal editing experts will only give you the key ways to form a good memory. So, we won’t give you a fish but we teach you to fish, hence, hope you will learn this lesson well. All the people apply different memorization strategies unconsciously but the most important thing to improve their memory is to know the principles of these strategies and use them regularly. Therefore, here the best professional proof reading service goes with the best memorization techniques and the details that should be considered while the memorization process.

So, what are the integral components of memory improving?


Attention and memory are closely related. Without attention, it is impossible to remember anything. The most common reason for forgetting is a distraction. For example, instead of focusing on memorizing, we often find ourselves somewhere far away in the thought of that handsome, or beauty, or pizza for the dinner. However, for a good concentration of attention, one needs to create a favorable environment. If the concentration is insufficient, the information will not be acquired and it will not reach the memory store. Read more about the concentration and how to reach it at http://royalediting.com/the-best-paper-grader-teaches-to-focus.

So, let us emphasize, without attention, it is impossible to remember anything. Any strategy, even the most efficient one, won’t work if you don’t make an effort and concentrate on what is really important for you.

Editor’s choice:

Organization and planning

An organization is crucial to memory development. Regrouping, classification, structuring of information are the most efficient ways of ordering it. What is more, it is necessary to link a new information with the knowledge already gained. The better the information is organized, the easier it is to remember the information blocks. In addition to the fact that ordering lays on the basis of memorization techniques, it is also one of the most effective mnemonic methods.

The organization creates a stable system, thereby reduces the level of stress that is known to be the main enemy of memory. Discipline is the key to success in everything, and the memorization process is not an exception.

Bring yourself to being more organized: put things that you often use in the same place, always, keep order in the workplace and in your living place. The external order is a cornerstone of an internal order.

To «pull» memories at the right time, your memory needs its own well-organized storage. Therefore, by organizing your life, you’ll organize your memory then.

Meaningful learning

It’s become already obvious that memorizing and then repeating the information without understanding it, isn’t an effective method at all. If somebody still hesitates, the royal editors assure you that this is really true. To store information in memory, you need to understand what it goes about. After all, understanding is the basis of memorization. Unclear ideas are quickly forgotten. Therefore, to improve memory, you need to find out the meaning of what you are going to remember. Incidentally, you may make the information that you’re going to learn clearer by asking the question to yourself or explaining the ideas to your somebody who is ready to help you with learning. Unfortunately, our experts can’t help you do this but if you ask: «can you proof my paper», we will gladly do it!

Interest, desire, inspiration, and willpower

The value of information is also important for memorization. The statistics show that any personal experience is remembered better than something taken from a book. However, interest and desire do matter as well. To remember something, you need to really want it, otherwise, nothing will come out. You may also think of the practical value of the information that you should learn, where it can be applied, and do you need it in general. These questions will either help you to motivate yourself or detect that you have taken the wrong way. Motivation is the key factor to succeed in learning as well as in other life spheres. Thus, you are welcome to read this post on how to stay motivated to reach the success.

Visualization and feelings

It goes without saying that images play an important role in remembering information. According to the experts, the image is held in memory much better than the word. Hence, the visualization is used to memorize verbal material through the emotional component of visual associations. Although the participation of all senses is important, vision is the first of them.

The same is with the information that evokes a certain emotion inside of you. The survey has shown that the participants remembered the text with the emoji better than the simple text, however, you still haven’t use the emoji in formal writing, and we hope you know why: http://royalediting.com/emoji-in-your-essay-why-it-is-inappropriate.

You can look at something in different ways, for example, carefully and in detail, fully aware of what you are doing and what you are looking at. This is much more effective than trying to memorize something, looking at it with only the edge of the eye, fluently, in general terms. The same is with the concentration. When you focus completely on the subject that you should learn, eliminating all the possible distractions, the result is much better, don’t forget about it. So, the brain analyzes the signals of the environment with the help of different senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. According to the expert to edit grammar in your essay, the information received from all sensory systems is remembered better.

Associations: creating links

The creation of associations makes it possible to establish a strong connection between people, objects, images, ideas, to find something in common between them. All people associate objects and phenomena with their experience. For this link to be effective, it must be meaningful for you personally.

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For a better memorization, you should use the method of associations, creating permanent links between objects and ideas. Some associations arise naturally and do not require reflection, and others will require imagination. This technique is very effective for storing and reproducing information, because it is closely connected with the imagination that allows us to transform words and ideas into images, and images, as we have already said, are much easier to remember. To practice your associations making skills, try to remember all the quantifiers from this post, and regroup them correctly: http://royalediting.com/quantifiers-as-important-part-of-english-grammar.

Location in space

You must have lost your keys or any other item in your apartment at least once in your life. What did you do? Probably, mentally repeated the whole sequence of your actions until the discovery of the loss. It means that you tried to remember where this item was put. The location of the object in space is important for memorization. This mnemonic reception existed already in the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans, and it was described by the ancient Roman philosopher Cicero. Cheap academic paper editing company advises you to use the method of Ancient people for memorization by performing an exercise based on it.

So, imagine a real space or route familiar to you, let it be the path from your home to the college, uni, or the nearest shopping center. Clearly identify ten places or streets located on it. Draw them if necessary. Now mentally put each of the following words on any of these places and go around the space to make up a plan of the terrain in your mind. You will see how easy it will be for you to remember these words:

  • millimeters
  • revolver
  • car
  • hypothesis
  • manuscript
  • elephant
  • certificate
  • dwelling
  • writer
  • interlocutor

Curious to know:


If you find a logical connection between different elements, remembering them will be much easier. If you need to learn a long number, for example 10 378 695, you can think as follows:

10 is the same as the sum of 3 and 7-the first pair of numbers;

Further, follow 8 and 6, between them is 7, constituting 6, 7, 8, appearing in a different order;

The last pair of numbers is 9 and 5 that can be represented as a sum of 8 + 1 = 9 and a difference of 6-1 = 5.

Of course, remembering these numbers is more difficult than remembering the difference between that and which, nevertheless, you should try your best to improve your memory and succeed.

Categorization, rearrangement, structuring, and separation into component parts

Categorization, regrouping, and structuring are the ways of ordering information. To find an order where it does not seem to exist is an excellent technique for memorizing.

For example, if you divide the shopping list into groups of products according to the stores where they are sold, it will be easier for you to remember it. Remembering the seven numbers is much more difficult than the phone number, the numbers in which are divided into groups of two or three characters.

Another example is connected to the sphere of our activity, editing, and we are talking about the categorization of mistakes that do a good job while checking your papers. Among the other things, this helps us to identify the problem, for example, spelling, and get rid of spelling mistakes in this paper and in the future as well.

Separation of information into the single fragments helps memorization. It is better to remember everything that can be divided into parts.


As a rule, with the assimilation of information, the moment and place in which memorization occurs are also remembered. We all had a chance to greet a man on the street, although, we could not remember how we met him.

To improve the memorization process, the cheap professional proofreader online recommends you to associate the memorized with a certain context, as information learned in the context is remembered much better if the fragments of the context are present in the recollection.


Any unusual, strange, unlike anything else, or an absurd thing is remembered better than the usual one. For example, color and motion contribute to fixing information in memory. It is much easier to remember the contents of a film than the book, the highlighted text than simple paragraphs. That’s why don’t hesitate to use the colored markers while putting down the lecture notes or highlight the essential information during revising it before an exam.


Repetition, verification, and replication of information significantly improve memorization. However, we’re supposed to remind you that you should do all these processes only with the information that is clear for you, as trying to memorize and trying to understand are almost the opposite, otherwise, it won’t work. A review is a classic way to consolidate the acquired material. If a rhythm or funny melody is added (for example, a song or a poem to study the multiplication table), then it will be easier to remember the information. It is even better to retell what you remember to someone with your own words, it is another excellent remedy for memory.

The last thing that you should remember is that, of course, the process of memorization requires your effort and concentration, therefore, you have to bring yourself to learning the material. However, if you master the rules of successful memorization, mentioned above, it will be much easier for you to learn your course or prepare for your exams. Anyway, you will be rewarded for improving your memory in the future, it is the thing we are sure about!

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