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Hello, dear visitor of! Our team of professional editors, proofreaders, and rewriters, who are here to facilitate your study life, welcomes you to find out a little bit more about our timely and quality services, available to every student, and the lowest rates for editing and proofreading that you can find only at We create the best conditions for every customer, as we highly appreciate the fruitful cooperation between you and us. Your study success, convenience, and peace of mind are our main objectives, thus by choosing, you opt for the great academic achievements!

Uninterrupted access to the Internet opens truly great opportunities for every young person and increases the chances of being the brilliant student. «How? » - You want probably to ask. First, it is the quickest and the easiest way to find the necessary for your task/assignment/paper information, not to mention good and not so good examples that you can find just googling type and title of your task. Second, you may find thousands of fresh tips from the real professionals in writing with the rich experience, thus, taking a page from them is the wise decision. Third, even if you aren’t a great specialist in writing, you always have an opportunity to confide in one of the numerous paper editing services that can be easily found on the Internet. The only advice we can give you: choose wisely! Just as in any other sphere, there are two kinds of online companies, ready to take your papers: the ones that will guarantee the high-quality result and the ones who won’t. Lucky you are if you choose the right service! Therefore, to make this choice easier, let us tell you about our editing and proofreading company, called royalediting.

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First Things First, What Are Your Editing and Proofreading Rates per Word?

The essential question bothering every young person is, of course, money, thus, the price you are going to pay for professional paper editing services does matter. Our company consists of the ex-students, who got their academic degrees in English language and literature and still remember that rough time of studying. Endless sleepless nights, constant stresses and nervous breakdowns marked this period. That’s why, we know better than somebody else how difficult it is: to be a student, and how hard should ones work to reach the academic success or, at least stay afloat. We aren’t the volunteers but our pricing policy is honest and modest so that every student can afford using our services. The never-ending enthusiasm of our experts aimed at bringing perfection to your papers. The low prices confirm that.

Before going any further, we are supposed to inform you of the mechanism of price calculating, as it is more difficult than it seems to be. To reveal the total price for the service of editing, for example, it is not enough to look at the minimal price, mentioned on the main page of – 0.04 per word. There is a number of several factors capable of changing it: deadline (our professionals are able to execute your order for a maximum of 7 days and minimum of 12 hours), academic level (High School, College, University, Master's or Ph.D.), and additional options (make sure you check it on the order form). Therefore, you should take these issues into account while trying to calculate the final price. Of course, you don’t have to calculate it on your own, we will do it for you at the bottom of the order form, thus it would be more convenient to enter your requirements there and see the total.

Incidentally, the survey hold by our experts at has shown that most of the young people see no difference between editing and proofreading. If you also are the part of this «ignorant» group, we advise you to spend 3 minutes on reading the helpful post ( that put things back together. This knowledge will do a good job for you, as if you are about to make an order, it is the must-know things about editing and proofreading not to be left behind.

It is pretty obvious, nevertheless worth mentioning that filling in the order form to see the price doesn’t oblige you to place this order. A significant proportion of young people who visit our site are quite sure that if they do no matter what action at, they will have obligations. Kindly note that to confirm your order, you should click on proceed to purchase button. In any other case, you can continue to examine the site to discover the various posts with grammar tips from professionals, such as this guide to determining parts of speech (

In general, this example works for every type of service, whether it is editing, proofreading, rewriting or revision to choose, you shouldn’t forget the rule, mentioned above. Fill in the order form first, see the total second.

If you insist on revealing the initial prices for our services, you may figure it out on our main page or just be patient, as we are going to mention them right now!

The minimum amount of money one should pay to get the proficient proofreading services is 0.04 per word. Rewriting (complete paraphrasing of the initial text, however keeping its meaning) and revision (adjustment of your paper according to prof’s or tutor’s requirements) are more expensive: the price starts from 0.05 per page and also depends on urgency and academic level.

Of course, not to pay at all is better than pay even a little money, thus you always can try your hand in proofreading and master these skills on your own. Google the information, find some tips from experienced proofreaders, polish up your grammar, use prompts from the blog posts at Nonetheless, even all these means don’t guarantee you will succeed, as except for knowledge, a good editor or proofreader should have the qualities of accuracy, ability to focus on writing, attention to detail, patience, etc. If at least one of these qualities is missing, it will be hard to force yourself to proofread.

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Last Things Last, Welcome to the Royalediting Family!

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