Editing College Admissions Essays with Our Company


Some colleges make admissions essays an obligatory requirement for applicants, while others see them as a supplementary task or refuse from such forms of assessment at all. When you face the necessity to write a personal statement, which is just another term for the same type of text, it does not really matter how other colleges look into their applicants’ profiles. And if you are reading this article, it is most likely you need to write an admissions essay yourself, so you landed on the right page. Our company knows the ropes used in the editing of such documents, and we are ready to share our experience and offer professional help.

College admission essay editing as a separate service

If you need personal statement editing services, what should interest you in the range of our services is the editing option. Then, when filling out the order form, please specify in the field for personal instructions what amendments exactly you wish to see in the essay, and our professionals will bend over backwards to meet your requirements.

If standard editing will do for you, it is OK to skip the above-mentioned step. In this case you will get a text that is:

Now we will discuss what should be done on your side if you want your admissions essay to be perfect.

How to start writing

Admissions essays are a bit easier to organize than other types of texts because colleges normally provide their applicants with all the requirements and even a list of questions that need to be answered along the way. It allows you to skip the step of planning and to start writing straight away.

For instance, here is the list of application essay requirements from Stanford University. They claim to be interested in your own experience and opinion; therefore, we encourage everyone to write their essays by themselves. Who else knows your story? Who else can tell the committee who you are as a person? But be sure to avoid popular mistakes that we mentioned previously in this article: https://royalediting.com/popular-mistakes-you-can-make-in-personal-statement-essay.

However, editing is a whole different story because it has little to do with the contents, focusing instead on the way the text is presented. Here such formal criteria as punctuation, grammar and spelling begin to matter and have effect on the result. It makes editing college admissions essays an important stage of entering the establishment, and we surely can help you with it. In these articles, you can read about other types of editing that this website offers:

Which aspects matter in application essay editing

First and foremost, pay attention to the structure of the essay. Apart from sticking with the ready plan, you should be careful in splitting sentences into paragraphs and using transitional words where needed. This will help the admission committee focus on the text, without having to reread it several times in order to follow your thoughts. Do not forget that our perfect paper editing service can deal with structural mistakes with ease in case your skills fail.

Secondly, analyze the vocabulary. Do not aim at making it complicated and intricate because, once again, the focus must be on the contents. But some vocabulary failures are simply inadmissible:

  • writing in conversational language: using lots of idioms, slang and contractions;
  • repeating the same words over and over again – it gives the impression that you have an idiolect of a 10-year-old child (to break this habit, read our post on how to enhance writing vocabulary);
  • using polysemantic words (the ones that have various meanings) without a context – you do not want to confuse anyone.

Thirdly, check spelling. Sometimes it is not even a matter of knowing or not knowing how to spell words. We may make mistakes simply because thoughts rush through our brain so fast there is no time to pay attention to spelling at this point. Then, at the editing stage, these errors come as a surprise and seem silly. Correcting them before submitting the essay prevents you from depreciating your credentials in front of the applications committee. Here are some ways to deal with spelling efficiently:

  • Read our post devoted to the differences between homophones, homonyms and homographs. It will shed light on tricky words in English that have similarities in spelling or pronunciation but convey different meanings.
  • When you are stuck with inconsistencies between British and American spelling variants, online dictionaries will help you out.
  • Turn on the checking option in the editor that you use for typing. That is the reason why we do not recommend writing essays in notepads that have no additional functions (you will not be able to adjust the formatting either).
  • If you are looking for further practical tips, use our guide on correcting spelling mistakes.

Finally, make sure there are no mistakes in punctuation and grammar. We all tend to forget about sequence of tenses and commas from time to time, but editing is supposed to correct it. Do not overlook this aspect because an essay with a poor grammar is difficult to read, which means it has less chance to appeal to the committee.

The only way to be 100% sure in your essay grammar is to entrust editing to specialists. At Royal Editing you will find cheap yet quality editing and proofreading that will pave your way to the college of your dreams.

How professional help can determine the outcome

We offer admissions essays editing for college – a service that focuses on improving the essay that you already wrote. Different options allow everyone to customize our proofreading and editing services and make them flexible. Only in this way we can meet the demands of different groups of clients and help everyone succeed.

Thus, on the Royal Editing website you are the one to adjust these options for every single order:

  • the type of needed service – editing or proofreading, revision or rewriting service;
  • the document that needs amendments – simply upload the file from your hard drive;
  • the deadline – from 12 hours up to 7 days;
  • additional services – a top-10 writer or an editor from Great Britain.

You can enter further personal instructions after paying for the order. These notes and details will go to the editor directly. We hope we made it all clear how to use this website. If some of your questions remain unanswered, feel free to write our managers or read the next posts that will tell you even more about our services: