Our Academic Editing Services

Royal Editing offers academic editing services on a whole new level. With our help you will be able to forget about tedious revision procedures that you have to go through every time before submitting your works. We deal with all kinds of academic writing, bringing to perfection every paper that comes in for editing. Let us describe you in what ways we will enhance your work, depending on its type.

Essay editing

A perfect academic essay is an argumentative, usually short text that comprises from 1,500 to 6,000 words. You may think that it must be easy to edit such a concise text on your own. However, do you know that even essay editing has its pitfalls?

What Royal Editing offers is comprehensive editing. Such a small paper as an essay should be polished up from start to finish. It means paying attention not only to basic grammar rules, but also to the choice of words, based on the analysis of their style and connotative meanings, to the structure of sentences and to the flow of the main idea. Working on all that, we, nevertheless, assure you that we will keep all the crucial logical points of your essay untouched because in this work you literally reveal yourself. Royal Editing respects your point of view and corrects only those parts of your paper that really must be corrected.

Research paper editing

A research paper can be described as a bit longer essay that includes library research. But you can keep it within the limits of 6,000 words, too, as it was with a regular essay. And here is how we check research papers.

  • First of all, our editors focus on the subject of your paper. We make sure that the introductory part corresponds to your conclusions because otherwise it presents a gross logical error in your research.
  • Second, Royal Editing analyzes your vocabulary, ensuring that all unnecessary words and so called tautologies are eliminated. It is especially important in academic writing of small scale as you must squeeze your research in only several thousand words. Why clutter your work with irrelevant ones?
  • Last but not least, we correct grammar mistakes and also misprints, which may have accidentally sprung out in the process of typing.

Technical report editing

In a technical report you must describe the process, progress and result of a scientific research. You may think if it is not a research itself, so why bother with technical report editing? Such works can contain a lot of glaring errors, too, so read on to get familiar with our approach to editing them.

One of the main features of a technical report is its ultimate consistency in style and language. Royal Editing checks the formatting of your report to apply necessary changes. We also make sure that the body of your work is well-organized, which means it follows one of these basic sequences:

  • topic order,
  • chronological order,
  • problem solving order.

Surely, we take into consideration the purpose of your report as well. That is why you can attach any specific instructions for editing when you ask for our services.

Article editing

Research articles are your first chance to try yourself as a scientist. These works eventually get published in scholarly journals or online periodicals. If you want to accelerate the process of publishing, you had better submit an article without any imperfections. Of course, we are always ready to help you with it.

Royal Editing offers quality article editing, which includes various corrections.

  • Our editors carefully check spelling because editors of scientific magazines hate dealing with an abundance of misprints themselves. An article without them looks much more appealing and ready to be published.
  • Specialists from Royal Editing provide you with thorough grammar check. We ensure that your sentences have the right structure and that it is easy to understand them. If necessary, we divide a sentence into several parts so that a reader grasps the idea better.
  • Our editors also track down your references, making sure that you cite the right person at the right moment.

Dissertation editing

A dissertation is a long work that includes study and research. It may contain up to 20,000 words, which makes dissertation editing really exhausting. Royal Editing will perfect your dissertation and bring your research to a whole new level.

Our editors will perform check for style, tone, organization, clarity, concision and word choice. If there are abstracts lacking for arguments or examples, we will let you know it. Our main advantage is that we not only revise your grammar and spelling, but also analyze the content, suggesting the ways in which you can polish up your work even more. Your dissertation will be a huge success if you follow our advice. We send you back a document in which you can trace all the corrections and make a final decision yourself.

Thesis editing

A thesis is a paper to which you devote several years of your life. A thesis is your original contribution to the area of your research. It must come out as a full and comprehensive study of a certain issue without any discrepancies in style and contents. Thesis editing takes a long time, especially if you decide to do it on your own. But our professionals will do their best to deliver your edited thesis on time. You can indicate the desired deadline in the form when placing an order at Royal Editing.

To ensure the consistency of your thesis structure, we will follow general rules of arranging informational blocks in such a paper. But it does not mean that we will overlook details! Our editors work in both directions: they structure your thesis as a whole and also apply minor corrections on the level of micro-context. The results are the following:

  • a thesis becomes perfectly structured;
  • each word, including specific terms, are appropriate in your work;
  • all the phrases are logically interconnected.

Now you know for sure what result you will get after placing an order at Royal Editing. Feel free to contact us even if you need academic editing for a different kind of paper. We guarantee that our editors will follow general writing requirements for each type of incoming work. Moreover, they will stick with the instructions that you personally provide when uploading your file. It ensures double confidence in making your paper right because every tiny nuance will be noticed. Our money back policy is another proof that we know what we are doing – it is delivering only the best result possible.