Rewriting, Editing and Proofreading: Main Distinction

Having to write an essay or any other written assignment means you have to do it correctly and the more the better. You can waste your time looking through and through your work, but never find a single mistake, but you can also use our services and have it do in minimum time for minimum pay, but with high quality. However, not everyone understands what they need. That’s why this article is devoted to clarifying the difference between rewriting and editing, and it also tells you what it means to proofread a written assignment.

Rewrite Your Essay to the Level of the Original

Rewriting means you rewrite the original text with your own words, it is like retelling a story, but you must be careful not to use the same words, so the rewritten version has some originality, otherwise it is just be a plagiarism. The professionals who do this kind of writing are called rewriters and they are really good at what they do. This trick is used so that no one could blame you in breaking the law and using someone else’s thoughts as your own. This service is mostly provided to fill webpages that are only evolving or to add something new to the already existing ones.

Among the main principles of rewriting are substitution of words with their synonyms, change of the direct speech into the indirect and moving the paragraphs, which is multiplying or diminishing their quantity. You can also simplify the text by deleting the unnecessary information that does not carry any connotation or meaning, reducing the length of the sentences and changing the grammatical structure of the sentences, for example, from active into passive voice.

On the Internet, rewriting means making the webpage article more optimized for the display. In this case, the text is undoubtedly useful and interesting, but the key words are being outlines and accented, so that the article would be easier to find in the search engines. After the articles of the webpage have been rewritten, the ratings of the webpage rise extremely, which is actually the main goal of the rewriting.

Editing Your Essay: Simple at the First Sight

Editing your essay means giving it more style, making it more appealing for the reader, but most of all, it means correcting your mistakes, however insufficient they may be. Impeccable text without any slightest mistakes and stylistically well-defined is the work of the true professional. When we edit your work we may fix your misprints, make the text grammatically correct, clean up the unnecessary meaningless expressions that litter your work. Even when your text looks more like a list of items than a really full-blown essay, we can do our best and make it into a perfect paper.

If you would like to create a text for a search engine, than here you can find help inserting the key words in to the context, without distorting the main idea and structure. Editing it is first of all the check of grammar, spelling and punctuation. By editing, some words can be substituted for the more appropriate ones, but the sentence constructions are always preserved. It absolutely includes lexicological analysis and stylistic unification of the text. After the editing is complete, the text looks structured and logical, the idea it carries is totally up to date.

Proofreading includes editing, but only slightly. If the amount of mistakes is insufficient, the editing may be dome while proofreading, but in case the mistakes are abundant, the editor does not have to correct them. The role of an editor in this process is to point out the author’s mistakes so that the author can fix them. Proofreading proceeds editing, and is by far the most difficult task of the three. It requires undivided attention and concentration to find and mark all the mistakes so they can be corrected and the final draft of the text can be created.

Without this latest process no good writing is possible and it is very important that an essay should be proof-read by a competent and knowledgeable editor, who would be able to spot every grammatical or stylistic slip of the pen. In some cases the editor may not do the reading, but only help with the correcting part, as they say –two heads are always better than one. And when two people read a text, they are bound to see the mistakes that the other ones missed.

Sometimes you may be offered a couple of choices after the proofreading is complete, but it does not always mean that your variant was wrong, it only means that you have so many more possibilities to make your work better. More often than not everything depends on the style, because if you are writing your paper in scientific style, but use neutral language, it is not a mistake, but it would be desirable that you used the scientific terms instead of the daily spoken language.

Well-done proofreading means that the written assignment looks perfect and there is not a single flaw. There are no things that should be omitted: general impression after the reading, appropriate division into paragraphs, and every kind of mistakes, misprints and also the originality of the written text. Generally it can be done with the help of a computer program or manually, but in every case it must be done. As it is said: better to be safe than sorry. Proofreading saves time and assures that we won’t have to do the same twice.

You can always ask a friend to check your essay for you. Although not everyone has the proofreading potential, some mistakes may still be found and corrected. You may try one of the many proofreading computer programs that are so popular, they may as well be found online. If your written assignment is quite serious, however, entrust yourself into the hands of professionals and rest assured that your work is perfect. After we are done with your essay, you may await only positive outcome.