Grammar in Our Life Necessity or Extravagance

Grammar has always been considered the mark of good education and breeding. The modern world has a bit forgotten that the language has its rules, and instead started to make up their own rules, however, the Standard English grammar has been preserved in books and higher classes of society, who refuse to lover their level to spoken English. Literary English exists nowadays only on paper, the correctness of speech is no longer popular among the masses. Every new generation introduces some new rules or diminishes the old ones, by twisting and distorting the original language.

But do not be under the impression that the grammar stays always the same –it constantly change. A hundred years ago certain grammatical rules didn’t even exist. And we certainly do not use all the richness of the Shakespeare’s vocabulary and grammatical construction in every-day communication. We simplify the language to make it more comfortable to use, but we cannot abandon all the rules at once.

If you care about the grammar and want to speak and write only correctly, visit our blog and you will find many useful advice on speaking and writing, which will help you avoid unpleasant mistakes in the future.

Grammatical Correctness Brings Understanding

When you begin to wonder why we need grammar, than just imagine the language without it. How would anyone understand what you want to say? Your lopsided sentences would begin with objects and not subjects and the passive voice would not exist, so the books would write themselves. What would such communication bring? How would you express your ideas so that everyone else understands you? The answer is - you can’t do that without grammar.

But how the people who learn English as a second language are understood even with a mixed word order and the wrong verb endings? Well, they aren’t, at least not always. The native speakers usually know the grammar rules subconsciously and can easily guess what the foreigner means. However, the re happen unpleasant situation where people get into trouble because of a verbal misunderstanding. This is where grammar would come in handy and save the day.

Everyone needs to know the basic spelling and grammar rules, even the cleaning lady and the sales assistant, although they do not work with text and do not make their living writing something. Everyone has to fill out applications and write CVs, therefore grammar is very necessary: buy there are those who pay for their CVs to have them made perfect, which is also a way out, but how can they check whether it is correct or not?

Cupid Loves Good Grammar

Modern dating and love life include texting, chatting, e-mailing and what’s-upping as well as many other apps where you are supposed to write. Your better half would not like it if you texted with mistakes. Most people pay a great deal of attention to grammatical mistakes and on this ground chooses a spouse. Poor grammar is indicative of the lack of education or the bad one too. No one wants to date a dummy. Therefore, before you enter the mysterious world of online dating check your grammar levels and find out whether you stand a chance of surviving there.

Men, naturally, pay more attention to the looks and usually care little about the schooling and depth of knowledge of their chosen women. Women, on the other hand, make sufficient emphasis on the correctness of a man’s writing. Does this mean that women are smarter? Well, fortunately the brains are not granted according to the sex. This only means that they look for an intelligent partner for life and if you do not live up to the expectations, you may as well leave the run now.

The major mistake is using the abbreviations. It looks like you do not have time or do not care enough to write in proper full sentences. When you are dating a long time it is a good and quick way of communication, but at the beginning of the relationship try not to spare some good grammar for your special person. There are some cases when grammar mistakes will make you look downright stupid in the eyes of the other people, which is exceptionally unpleasant.

Grammar for the Social Acceptance

It is very important for a modern person to speak and write correctly, because his social acceptance depends on this. Many people believe that the ability to write without mistakes is a professional necessity of poets and writers. However, this belief is altogether wrong.

People are not ready to spend good money on education, but they are ready to waste it on clothes and other utilities. They do not stop to think that the quality of a job application is the moving factor in getting a desired job. The applicant with grammatical and punctuation mistakes would simply be denied a chance to show his skills.

Apart from being able to write correctly, the ability to talk literary is useful when you want to make a good first impression on your future boss. You will find it much more pleasant to talk to an intelligent and well-educated person, who knows a lot and reads books, than to be in a company of a couch potato, who does not care about the rules and never read a book in his life.

The way we speak is the way we look. If we start polluting and contaminating our language, it would be as if we were walking around covered in dirt. Those, who do not care enough to learn the grammar, have no respect either for themselves or for those they communicate with. It is understandable that not everyone has the talent to perform speeches, but it is certain that everyone can watch their language and make an effort to sound more educated and smart. Perhaps, you do not believe in that, but there is no hurt in trying it, you may be pleasantly surprised.