Reword My Essay for College

We often hear from students something like, “Rewrite my essay because for me it’s a time-consuming process, and I’m tired of doing it over and over again.” We know for sure that making a paper unique is a hard task, especially when the study is based on material from the Internet. Nevertheless, the task is utterly important because it determines the grade for the assignment and your reputation as a student in general. That is why rewording is one of the services from our online essay editing company. Here you will learn such details as how to order it, who needs this service and when exactly.

Rewording my assignment: what is the point?

As we mentioned in the introduction, the main reason for rewording is to gain more uniqueness. Therefore, the text itself must have enough meaning and present a valid study, otherwise rewording will not help. Here is the list of criteria by which you can determine if the paper is suitable for rewriting:

  • You finished working on it, and now the text has three main parts, which are introduction, main body and conclusion.
  • The study itself corresponds to the title; you never move away from the main subject and develop it throughout the paper (this aspect is closely connected with the notion of coherence, which was the key point of this post:
  • You included enough references and examples to gain academic reliability.
  • In your opinion, there is no need to change anything in the structure.

If the essay seems OK according to these items, here is another checklist to find out whether rewording is the right service to improve it:

  • You get low plagiarism results when using online checkers.
  • Some information got in the text by means of simple copy/pasting.
  • It seems that there is not enough special terminology used; simple words that do not meet academic requirements prevail in the study.
  • Tautology is all over the place (in this case our tips for writing vocabulary can be of help).
  • You do not like the way the sentences sound.

Rewording will solve all these issues, and, of course, while performing the task, our writers will do their best to use only proper English grammar. It improves the paper even more, considering that normally students are not grammar Nazis, and mistakes do occur from time to time in their texts (as a way of entertaining yourself, try to detect a true grammar Nazi among your friends using our comic guide). Learn more about how we achieve faultless grammar in academic essays:

Who will reword my essay if I place an order?

Many clients display a healthy interest in our staff before choosing the company. We find it reasonable, and that is why are willing to share the details of how we recruit.

There are several hundreds of professionals employed on this website, and they work different shifts to cover all the time zones and ensure the maximum efficiency of this editorial service online. It allows everyone to ask for delivery within 12 hours from the moment of payment. This option makes ordering here more convenient than on other websites, but it is just the beginning. We pay special attention to the qualifications of our specialists. Thus, each of them shows great knowledge of English grammar, which reveals itself in the next features:

  • They spot English grammar mistakes at first sight and have several ideas how to eliminate them right away. While rewriting the document, they will choose one of the correct variants, making sure that it suits your paper best.
  • Spelling is not a problem either. Rewriters from Great Britain, for instance, will always stick with British spelling rules, while specialists from the US will amend the essay according to American spelling. It is up to every individual customer to choose between British and American spelling while filling out all the order details. The result of rewording will satisfy you in any case.
  • We use as few clichés as possible because they have a horrible impact on the uniqueness of academic texts. By using varied sentences and vocabulary, our specialists will improve the plagiarism figures of the paper without ruining its sense. That is the main object of rewriting, and we do it with flying colors.

It becomes easy to guess that only prominent graduates can show such a level of expertise. And this is one of the principles of the Royal Editing recruiting campaign: we say no to non-qualified students, picking out only holders of bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degrees. These three groups of our professionals have different tasks assigned to them, just to make sure they can cope with the workload. Careful management allows us to come up to your expectations on a regular basis.

What guarantees do I get?

Royal Editing has a detailed description of all terms and conditions that apply to every single order placed on this website. It guarantees the highest level of services by outlining our main rights and duties.

We require minimum efforts on client’s side: it comes down to selecting the service you need and describing personal preferences for it. Then, after the company receives the payment, all responsibilities become ours, and here is how we cope with them:

  • The order gets assigned to a suitable available writer (if you preferred to work with a specific one, then this step is skipped over).
  • The writer works on the paper, organizing his time in a way to meet the required deadline.
  • The paper undergoes final editing and then appears on your personal page, available for downloading.

The failure to stick with any of these stages makes us owing a refund to a customer. Having this policy to rely on, you can always stay sure that professionals from Royal Editing will strain every nerve to be on time and to be helpful because the company image depends on it. Our management team can answer further questions about guarantees, while we move on to other important things everyone should know before ordering a rewriting service.

Is there anything else I should know before placing an order?

We have a range of principles that seem obvious to everyone working in editing for a long time, but here we will have them enumerated just in case somebody does not know these details. You can call it a list of summing-up particulars for anyone who wants to order rewriting at Royal Editing.

  • Here the price for each order is based on the number of words in the document, not pages, which makes the system of calculating more transparent and fair.
  • Every new client can get a discount if he or she was attentive enough while browsing on this website.
  • According to our privacy policy, no third party will ever receive any data about your personality or payment details. It makes working with the company extremely safe in all respects.
  • If after reading information about rewriting services, you understand it is not what you need, we have three more options to offer: editing, proofreading and revision. Our blog has a bunch of articles devoted to their detailed descriptions (try, for example, this one:
  • It is possible to recommend a specific writer from this website to a friend of yours. Copy his ID from your personal page and share with anyone. Suggesting a worthy professional has never been so easy before!
  • Support managers on this website are supportive 24 hours a day. Everyone can reach a consultant even in the dead of night by entering a message in the pop-up window.
  • We are against the policy of making everyone fit into the same pattern; that is why our clients can submit their personal demands to the rewriter. These may be the professor’s requirements or just the way you see the essay as its author.

Now you see that our website that will reword sentences is the best chose for those who have little experience in rewriting or little time for it. Ordering this service is quite simple: opt for rewriting when filling out the order form on this website and specify other details, such as the deadline and whether you want additional services. Keep in mind that new customers can make use of our 15% discount for the first order, so do not hesitate, order quality services now! These articles shed more light on our principles of work in case something is still unclear: