Our Principles of Rendering Professional Editing Services

Royal Editing is one of the most reliable and professional editing services that you can find on the web. We have the goal of delivering quick and high-quality language services at reasonable prices. We are not beginners in this sphere. Our numerous clients have already experienced what reliable editing looks like, so we are here to continue working on our mission.

Our mission

We offer editing and proofreading services, which may sound easy enough for you to perform it on your own. However, it has to do with much more difficulties than mere language correction. Your edited work can become a start of your whole career, while several overlooked mistakes may spoil your image and grades for years to come. Our editing is all about bringing you closer to your personal success.

While proofreading an academic essay, we focus on its subject matter. It often happens so that when the right idea finally comes, you do not want to waste your enthusiasm on selecting proper terms. You simply put down word after word by the light of nature until you get a finished essay. There is no need for you to reorganize it over and over again until you polish it to perfection. Royal Editing specialists will gladly do it for you. Apart from working on formal grammar and spelling mistakes, we will establish the logical sequence of your arguments and make your ideas well-organized.

While working on personal statement essays, we try to put on the shoes of the admission committee members. Our editors will make your candidacy desirable for the establishment of your choice by making your arguments clear and logically structured. We do not make up a new story for you, we simply work on the one that you already have.

While editing a doctoral dissertation, we take the responsibility for your PhD degree. Be sure that our professionals will point out every minor mistake, let alone crucial ones, that may become obstacles on your way to ultimate academic success. We think it is important to remind you that the majority of our editors have their own doctoral degrees, and, of course, only these editors will be allowed to edit your dissertation.

As you see, our mission is to make your statements clear, so that higher academic circles accept your research and your way of thinking. Polishing your works, we open up new vistas for your future academic activity.

Our editors

Our staff comprises hundreds of English professionals, including people with master’s and doctor’s degrees. It means that the editors have solid theoretical background on how educational system works and what professors are willing to see in your papers. It makes it possible for us to offer you the exact help you need.

Royal Editing employs only those candidates who are able to prove their knowledge and skills during a test task. Such screening always precedes signing a contract.

We believe it is really important that we hire not strictly philologists, but also those candidates who specialize in different fields of academic knowledge, while at the same time being proficient at editing and proofreading. The reason for this is that our test check ensures their language skills, and recruiting professionals in a vast array of subjects makes it possible for us to undertake your manuscripts on various topics. Thus, a philosophical essay will go to either a linguist or a person with a philosophy degree. Both of them are devoted specialists who are eager to improve your work.

Still hesitating? Let us present you a short resume of Royal Editing specialists.

  • Our editors are native English speakers, specializing in either British or American variant of the language. You can choose the appropriate variant for you when filling out an order form and uploading a file.
  • Our editors are university graduated professionals with all the required skills.
  • Our specialists are on good terms with deadlines, which means that your work will not be late, and you will not lose your precious points because of that.
  • Our editors are aimed at result, so they will not return your work until it is perfect. Moreover, we established money-back guarantee for you to be sure about getting back a decent piece of writing.
  • Our editors have experience in academic writing, including the process of working on their own papers. They know the system of scoring such tasks, and many of them have lectured to university students themselves and graded similar essays.
  • Our editors are experienced in editing and proofreading per se. They are experts at English grammar and spelling difficulties, which allows them to spot such mistakes immediately.
  • Our professionals have dealt with scientific works from all over the world, and they can adjust to numerous technical requirements established in different countries.
  • Our editors can quickly adapt themselves to your specific instructions on style and language.
  • Our editors regularly take part in training courses to improve their editing skills because here, at Royal Editing, we believe that there is no limit to perfection.
  • Many of our editors have already published their own scientific researches or other printed matter on various subjects.

It makes the professionals from Royal Editing a great option for you. We are ready to edit everything you need, charging only reasonable editing rates.

Our managers

Customer service of a very high standard has been one of our principles since our inception. Our management team works without holidays and days off to monitor new incoming projects and hand them over to available editors at the proper time for you to get professional editing help whenever you need it.

Our managers thoroughly sort your manuscripts in view of such circumstances as when you need the job done and how many words there are. It enables us to distribute the work flow between those editors who are the most suitable for a particular task. Moreover, we offer you the possibility of choosing your specialist on your own! You may follow your friend’s recommendation, for example, and entrust your paper to a specific editor.

Customer relationship specialists from Royal Editing are ready to answer your questions 24/7. Feel free to use our contact form or online chat to enquire all the details you need.

This post embodies Royal Editing’s credo. We do our best to provide you with language services of the highest quality possible. Thoroughly checking your essays, papers, reviews, dissertations and other kinds of works is our top priority. In addition to brilliant editing standards, the delivery of our services is also based on professional management team. We are always ready for productive cooperation.