The Most Reliable Essay Editing Service

At least once in our lives, everybody faces the need of editing essays. It can be your college application essay or a regular term essay. And suddenly you realize that your writing and editing skills are not at their best, but a lot is at stake, for example, your admission into a college. It means it is a time for you to order essay editing services. You go to the Internet and search for online essay editing. To your relief, you see that there are dozens of essay editing services and almost all of them proudly announce themselves to be the best essay editing service. You would be right to doubt the righteousness of such claims. But how can you make sure that among so many, you really chose the best essay editing service? The following tips will help you to assess the quality of online essay editing services without paying for trial edit, and to select the perfect one.

Features Of Reliable Essay Editing Service

So you want to have your essay edited and you would prefer it to be done professionally, quickly and for a reasonable price. How can you select such editing expert service when there are so many available online? Moreover, you probably realize that some companies can write whatever they want on their website and a lot of it might be not true. However, there are some tricks that can help you to tell the honest professional editing service from a fake one.

Real professional editing services have such features:

  • Transparent pricing policy. When you visit the Royal Editing website, you can see a separate page dedicated to pricing. Moreover, we charge not for pages, but for a number of words. So if some service offers you to pay for a number of the pages, it should signalize to you that these people are not professionals, and you’d better try some other place. In addition, you should be able to know exactly how much you pay before you send your paper for editing. The pricing policy must be transparent and clear. It means you should understand what exactly you pay for. The price must vary from the type of editing, e.g. revision, rewriting or proofreading, and from the established deadline and the requirements you set beforehand. Royal Editing has such transparent pricing policy, open to everyone who visits the website. Moreover, the company offers various discounts for first time clients and students;
  • Certified editors. Royal Editing works only with experienced editors who have official certification because the high-quality editing can be done only by a person who was educated in that field. You have to be sure it is not some amateur, who will simply run your essay through online spell-check. You can do that by yourself and for free. Therefore, before you place your order you have a right to request to see an online copy of editor’s certificate or another official document that permits the company to perform editing services;
  • Opportunity to communicate with an editor. Our company offers you unlimited access to all of the editors employed in Royal Editing. You can even request to work with a certain one. Such writer-editor communication is necessary because you might want to give an editor specific instructions regarding referencing style or other details, list some preferences. You also have a right to contact the editor to clarify any additional aspects during the process of revision, as well as to find out about the progress of the work. Moreover, you should be able to agree on the deadline beforehand. Good editing company must offer you such option. It will give you a chance to find out if there is a real professional on the other side of the World Wide Web, who knows his business, or just a machine that runs unconscious mechanical spell-check;
  • Quick and friendly customer support. Royal Editing website guarantees you a round the clock customer support. When you get in touch with them, they have to answer your questions immediately and expertly. If the customer support officer is rude to you or tries to avoid answering some questions, it is a sign that the company is not professional and you risk to lose your money with them. When you contact Royal Editing customer support, you can be sure that all your questions would be answered promptly and professionally. The support officers are always polite and patient, and will do everything possible in helping you to receive the results you want;
  • Ability to track the status of your order. When your paper is being edited by Royal Editing you can easily check the progress of the work. You can do it online on the company’s website. The table will tell you everything you need to know about your essay or another academic paper, to see what editing stage it is at. Thus, you will feel more confident and sure that your work is done on time. Such option is a sigh of reliable editing service that understands the responsibility it has for its customers. You can see how this option looks by visiting Royal Editing website;
  • Money back guarantee. Royal Editing is a one of the few companies that can guarantee you a full refund in case of failing to satisfy a customer.Every reliable editing service is responsible for the success of its customers and therefore, will do everything possible to do the work expertly and on time. However, if for some unforeseen circumstances the company is not able to fulfil the work, then it must provide full refund. Royal Editing is a such responsible company, which can guarantee that if the results of editing for some reason don’t meet your standards then you will receive all your money back;
  • Blog. Royal Editing website offers you to follow the blog, which divides into three different categories: how to, services and samples.In articles tagged ‘how to’ you will be able to learn a lot of helpful tips on improving your grammar, writing and editing. And ‘samples’ category offers you to read free samples of essays, as well as some useful advice on composition. If an editing company has a regularly updated blog, it is a good sign, which can tell you that it is a lively developing service.

Safe Editing Is Transparent

Before you place an order with any editing service, you have to take into an account all of the above features. They will safeguard you from dishonest and unprofessional companies. The most important principle you should remember about when selecting an editing service is transparency. A trustworthy company has clear and open policies, regarding every aspect of its work. We can assure you that Royal Editing is one of such professional, trustworthy companies that values its customers and succeeds in meeting their needs.