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Have you ever tried to look at the matter from two opposing points of view? If not, then composing for and against essay will present you an excellent opportunity to do so. Moreover, when you ask your friends, “How can I revise my essay for free?”, they probably tell you that the only way to revise essay online free is to do it by yourself using different grammar and spell-checks. And their answer is partially true. For example, when I want to review my essay for free, I go online and try to learn different editing techniques. You can also try to revise essay online free with the helpful tips, which you can find on Royal Editing blog. However, it is not only way to revise essay online free. You can contact the customer support of Royal Editing and tell them “Revise my essay for free”.

For And Against Essay Tips

As we mentioned in one of the previous articles, for and against essay belongs to the family of discursive essays. In them, you are supposed to give your opinion and consider from different points of view some certain subject. Unlike in opinion essays, for and against type of essay is not about expressing your personal opinion, but to present different, opposing points of view.

While composing for and against essay, try not to take the discussed matter personally. Remember that opposing opinions that you present are not reflecting your own point of view. Even if the topic is very controversial, you have to distance from it and imagine yourself to be two different people: one person who favors the matter and another who criticizes it.

For and against essay is different from classical essay structure, because it has six paragraphs instead of five. Here are some tips, how to make the best of them:

  • Introductory paragraph must identify the topic and give the readers idea what is going to happen in the following paragraphs. Don’t forget to craft a perfect topic sentence, or thesis, because it is a heart of your paragraph. On our blog you can find some advice on how to craft perfect paragraphs that you might find useful;
  • Two body paragraphs that present the supporters’ point of view. Each of these two paragraphs must develop only one main idea. Don’t try to put all the arguments you can come up with in one paragraph, just because you think that they are so great. Chose a couple of strongest ones and stick to them;
  • Two body paragraphs that present the opponents of the subject matter. Here the same rules applied as in the previous two paragraphs. Choose two strongest points to argue against the issue stated in the topic;
  • In concluding paragraph you bring discussion to the end. There are several different ways you can do it: by summarizing what was said before, making a logical conclusion, or offering a solution to the problem. It is also acceptable in the last paragraph of for and against essay to express shortly your own opinion about the topic. You can skip that part, but it can be a good chance for those who don’t want to be wrongly associated with one of the opposing points of view.

For And Against Essay Sample

Topic: Some people say that space exploration is absolutely necessary, while others argue that government should instead spend that money on people in need. Discuss two opposing points of view.

The issue of space exploration and its necessity remains to be a controversial topic, which divides people into two opposing groups. The supporters argue that space exploration is essential for the good of our own planet, whilst the opponents state that it is a misuse of finances, which are urgently needed for humanitarian programs.

Firstly, many scientists acknowledge that exploration of the outer space could allow humans to find the replacement for the Earth diminishing natural resources. For instance, such elements, as europium and tantalum, which are used for the construction of solar panels and used in the electronics, can be found only on the Moon. Therefore, people need to continue exploring the outer space in order to handle the problem of scarce natural resources.

Secondly, it is claimed that space exploration can protect Earth from the danger of cosmic bodies such, as asteroids. Highly developed technology is needed in order to monitor and study the trajectories of the large asteroids that could pose a danger to our planet. Moreover, further progress needs to be made toward the capability to eliminate such asteroids. Thus, it is the duty of national governments to finance space exploration programs beneficial to protecting the humanity from possible cosmic threats.

In contrast, the opponents of the space exploration insist that it is a criminal misuse of the money. Many people think that the finances could be used more effectively, for example to combat the famine and epidemics, which rage in many poor countries.

Moreover, it is believed that the governments should pay more attention to the environmental crisis our planet is in. Environmentalists criticize spending money on the outer space whilst Earth eco-system is in great danger. They argue that such issues as pollution, consumerist approach to natural resources, and global warming must be faced urgently, otherwise, in the near future there will be no one else left to explore the space.

All things considered, it can be concluded that space exploration is necessary for the wellbeing of our own planet. However, the best approach would be to attempt to reach a certain balance in dividing the finances between space exploration and humanitarian purposes. Nevertheless, provision of such basics, as fresh water, food and shelter must become a priority for the governments, because it is crucial for the peace on our planet.

How To Revise For And Against Essay

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