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In the last post on proofreading essays online free we started discussing different types of discursive essays. We began with for and against argumentative essay, its free sample and ways to proofread essay online for free. In today’s article on proofreading essays online free we will continue reviewing discursive essays and, to be exact, opinion essay. This is one of the easiest types of essays, because all you need is to express your opinion on a particular subject matter. If you still hesitate about proofreading essays online free, we advise you to find out more about our professional editing servicesfrom our blog. There, in addition to proofreading essays online free, you will have a chance to improve your grammar and writing skills. When you look for a way to proofread essay online for free, just visit Royal Editing website and you will find all the answers.

How to Write an Opinion Essay

Opinion essay is one of the types of discursive essay, which is used to presents the author’s opinion on a certain subject. As a rule, opinion essay uses classic five-paragraph structure that is great for presenting writer’s opinion and subsequent arguments to support it. In case you forgot, a classic five-paragraph essay comprises an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph.

In the introductory paragraph you must clearly state what you think about the topic. It will become your thesis or topic sentence. Therefore your opinion should not be elusive or somewhere at the middle. You have to pick your point and stay with it until the end.

In body of the essay you will be able to use three different arguments to support your opinion. As a rule, opinion essay doesn’t require any extensive research or special knowledge. Nevertheless, some scientific data, real life examples, cause and effect reasons will only strengthen your arguments. Thus, if you have some time and opportunity, it is better if you conduct some research, especially if you are not very familiar with the subject you have to write about.

And lastly, in your concluding paragraph all you need to do is t restate your opinion and shortly remind the readers of your three supporting arguments. You can end your opinion essay with a balanced conclusion of the topic, or some other way, such as offering a solution to the issue.

Sample Opinion Essay

Topic: Should schools replace paper textbooks and notebooks with computers?

Nowadays, computer is no more a luxurious device that is accessible only to scientists and employees of large corporations. Computer has become an inherent part of our daily lives and is used for multiple purposes, such as working, playing video games, creating art and studying. Modern technologies hold many advantages and can greatly benefit the educational process. However, computers should be used sparingly and wisely during the classes. Computers and personal laptops cannot replace paper text and notebooks for the number of reasons.

First of all, use of computers in classrooms might degrade the learning effect. It is true that computers create new possibilities and ways to study. For example, computers give access to interactive visual learning, such as 3d models, educational videos, fair and truthful tests, etc. However the predominant use of computers might worsen the academic results of the students due to the fact that human brain perceives and memorizes the information differently on the computer screen than on paper. The studies have shown that people comprehend the text better when it appears on the paper, and not on an electronic screen. The same statement is true for writing. Handwriting, in contrast to typing on the keyboard, helps us to remember and analyze the information in a more efficient and long-term way. In other words, what we learn from working with a paper textbook and writing shorthand is better perceived by our brain and stays in our memory for much longer time.

Moreover, the use of computers in classrooms creates a risk of distraction. Unlike paper textbooks and notebooks, computers contain much more than a particular studying course, which the students must focus on during the class. A computer or a personal laptop has various programs, or even video games, that a person might divert his or her attention to. The Internet that is now accessible in many classrooms through wireless connection is almost sure, at some point, to distract the students from the lecture. Various websites, social networks, online games and chats can be used during the class without the professor ever being aware of that.

In addition, the classroom use of personal laptops can put some students at disadvantage. Despite the fact, that computer technologies become an inherent part of our daily lives, there are still many people who cannot afford to buy a laptop or computer. Moreover, there are different brands of personal laptops, some of which are very expensive and often used to demonstrate the owner’s financial status. Therefore, seemingly useful educational device can turn a classroom into a battlefield of brands. Some students, who have cheap computers or don’t have one at all, might feel inferior to others. Such situation can create unnecessary tension in the group and negatively affect the educational process.

To sum up, computers can serve as great educational tools, when used sparingly; however, they cannot substitute paper text and copybooks. The predominant use of computer can degrade the effect of learning because human mind perceives the information differently on the screen than on paper. We learn, analyze and memorize the information better when we read it from paper and write it shorthand, instead of typing on the keyboard. Furthermore, computers, and particularly one with the Internet connection, pose a great risk of distraction for students. And lastly, the use of personal laptops during class hours might trigger some issues of financial inequality and emotional tension among students. Therefore, the students should be allowed to use only school owned computers and only during the classes when interactive learning is prescribed.

Edit Opinion Essay Online

Opinion essay is a type of discursive essay, which is easy to compose, because you don’t need to do much research or have any special knowledge. All you need is to have firm opinions and ability to state them clearly. Moreover, any essay gets easier to write when you have an appealing topic. So when you have a chance to chose a topic for your opinion essay, don’t rush with making a decision; think for a while what subject is the most interesting for you, because this will determine how strong your supporting arguments will be. However, even if you have clear opinion and strong arguments, your essay might fail because of weak structure, poor grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Thus, if you are not certain about your grammar and style, you should order certified editor to revise your writing. Royal Editing works with all kinds of academic papers and will be happy to assist you in composing yours. Moreover, our prices are very moderate and we offer generous discount for your first order.