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In the previous post we discussed some features of composing a literary analysis essay. Hopefully since then you had a chance to practice writing that type of academic paper, especially considering the fact that literary essays are not hard to compose. They also wake the creative part of your mind making you look at literature from another perspective. In that article you were also offered a free sample of a literary analysis essay about one famous story. Today we will take a closer look at writing discursive essay, including some theoretical knowledge and practice.

Discursive Essays: Types and Characteristics

Discursive essay is a type of academic paper, which is focused on discussing some particular problem, issue or notion. There are three types of discursive essays:

  • For-and-against argumentative essay;
  • Opinion essay;
  • Problem solution essay.

We will review each of the types in separate articles, but today our main focus is a for-and-against argumentative essay. It is a complex type of essay that considers both sides of a problem. In it you must present arguments in favor of the issue and those that are against it. All of your arguments have to be supported either by examples, reasons or justified in any other convincing way. The author’s personal opinion about the subject is allowed to appear only in the very last paragraph. It is better to choose some controversial subjects, for which you would be easily able to find opposing views. Even though you will disagree with some of the arguments and opinions, your goal is to demonstrate all sides of the issue and only then you can shortly express your own opinion. The purpose of this essay is not to tell what you think, but to show that you are able to perceive and understand different point of views.

Discursive Essay Free Sample

Arranged marriages remain to be a very controversial matter. Scientist, sociologist, other scholars and regular citizens keep debating over this topic. There are myriads of opinions and personal experiences, some of which argue for arranged marriages and others against it. Despite the fact that arranged marriages are very uncommon, frowned upon and even banned in many European counties and America, there are still many countries and cultures, who actively practice the tradition of arranged or forced marriages.

Many argue that the practice of arranged marriages directly violets human rights, thus should be made illegal. During such arrangements the parents or other relatives choose a future partner and very often the couple sees each other for the first time at the wedding. It disregards person’s feelings and forces them to lead their live side by side with someone they might strongly dislike or who can even harm them. It has been reported that families that were formed due to arranged marriage have very high rates of physical abuse. It may be caused by a fact that two people were involuntary pushed into cohabitation with no mutual interest or sympathy.

Arranged or forced marriages do not guarantee a happy living or a properly functioning family. In fact, happiness of both partners is not the main purpose of arranged marriages. Such practice rather concentrates on more material advantages of a marriage. One family, often a girl’s family, seeks to improve their financial and social status by marrying away their child to a richer, more powerful family. Therefore, during choosing a mate, family rarely pays attention to the couple’s compatibility, either in age or interests, what often compels two completely different people to lead a life of one family.

However, another side of the arguments states that arranged marriages turn to be more successful and create a stable environment for raising children. The supporters of this assertion perceive the fact of a marriage as a social institution from another point of view. They think that since the relatives choose a mate, basing on the financial, social, cultural, religious, and other factors, it guarantees a good safe match. In contrast, if a person makes such a crucial decision while blinded by emotions, he or she will very much likely make a wrong choice.

The statistical data also informs us that arranged marriages have much lower divorce rates in comparison to autonomous ones. The supporters of arranged marriages see this data as a proof that this type of marriage is more stable and overall successful, because the decision to marry was based on many factors and not solely on feelings. However, such low divorce rates can also be a signal of difficulties to divorce, the cultural or religious casting off of such individuals. Thus, most of them fear the public shaming and complications that might arise, and instead choose to keep living in dysfunctional families.

In most cases arranged marriages are driven by poverty. Therefore, this practice is very common in many African and Asian countries, where finding a financially secure mate for a person is a chance for a better life of the whole family. However, even in more developed countries many families still arrange marriages for their children, in some cases even before the child is born, what is a part of their culture, religion or a long-standing tradition. There are some elements or arranged marriages that can be considered helpful. For example, when your adult relatives survey many mates, analyze their background basing on many factors, and later assist in introducing you to a chosen person, although without any pressure or obligations. However the decision to marry must be only made mutually and independently by two individuals. Such combination of wise family assistance and personal choice might help someone to create a happy, stable marriage that would last a life time.

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