Best Online Tools for Improving Grammar

Is there any person in this world, who could honestly say that their grammar knowledge is perfect? Despite the person’s confidence, it would do everyone good to refresh their grammar. Besides, nowadays there are so many different interactive ways to do it. It doesn’t matter what type of learner you are, there is definitely some online tool that would satisfy your tastes. For beginning you can start with Royal Editing blog, where you can find a lot of helpful grammar tips. In addition, our professional editors and proofreaders can fix the errors in your writing, while you improve your grammar. It is very easy to do because our editing services are available online, any time of the day. All you need to do is to upload your paper online and our customer support will contact you promptly.

Reasons to Use Online Grammar Tools

What do you imagine when you hear about grammar learning? Most likely you would think about thick books with many tables, long paragraphs of boring incomprehensible text that makes you sleepy, no pictures, and no fun. Well, some years ago this would be true, but luckily not anymore. Modern technologies and scientific progress have turned grammar learning into engaging, fun and pleasurable experience. Now grammar is preserved not only in books, but in audios, videos, Internet tools and even smartphone applications, which you can use on the go. Furthermore, there are online grammar tools that can satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated and fastidious learner. Learning grammar online and not just from paper books has many advantages: it is fun, free, and available anywhere and anytime, engaging, very practical, interactive, and simple. Ultimately, there are no reasons not to improve your grammar online. There are only pros, and no cons to it.

Best Online Grammar Tools

The list of online tools for improving grammar includes only the best resources, which have been personally tested and approved. The collection consists of different types of tools, so learners with various tastes and preferences could find something for themselves. There are video lessons for visual learners and audio podcasts for those who perceive the information better while listening. Students who want more practical approach will also find in the list online tools that offer grammar tests and exercises.

Grammar Girl is a friendly guide into the world of English grammar. The creator of this resource wanted to destroy the myth that grammar is complicated and boring. At this website you will find a lot of little tips and tricks on grammar, word usage, punctuation and other language aspects. All the advices are written in an easy conversational manner, which would be understood even by foreign students at the beginning level. These grammar tips are often funny and peppered with many witty examples, all of which makes it easy to memorize new grammar rules and words. There is a regular email newsletter you can subscribe to and never miss a new grammar tip. Moreover, Grammar Girl offers a free audio podcast, which you can download on your player and enjoy improving your grammar on the go.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) is the most extensive resource for improving grammar and writing skills you will find on the web. It covers great range of topics, everything that related to writing, grammar, and language learning, for example business letter and resume writing, style guides, research techniques. It is a priceless resource for those who seek to improve their writing skills and academic writing ones, in particular. The information is organized in a very comprehensible way and written in an easy accessible manner. Anyone, who ever writes will find something interesting and useful for themselves on the OWL. In addition, they offer free video lessons for visual learners.

6 Minute Grammar is a podcast from BBC World Service. A new 6 minute audio episode gets aired every Tuesday. Each episode is focused on one key area of grammar. The great advantage of this podcast is the short time of each episode. You can learn something new in a very simple comprehensible way and in such short time. The lessons are always fun and engaging. You can download them on your player or smartphone and listen to on your way to work or college. It is guaranteed that you will never get bored.

British Council Learn English is a fabulous place to learn grammar for free. The website offers hundreds of various resources, including interactive ones like games, quizzes, videos and audio lessons. When you visit the website for the first time you will be offered to take a free test to find out your English level, and based on the results of the test British Council will suggest what kind of activities are the most fitting for you level of knowledge. You can use the website just as a reference guide to learn about a particular grammar aspect or as a full English learning course, with lessons of different kind and exercises. Furthermore, British Council offers amazing educational videos, that will not only teach you grammar and new vocabulary, but will also inform you about the British culture. It is a fantastic resource to improve your grammar, especially if you want to learn a British version of English.

English Grammar Test is an application which you can download absolutely for free and install into your smartphone or tablet. It must be the best English grammar application which you can find. It combines very simple, attractive design, user friendly interface plus 60 tests and 1200 grammar exercises. Each test covers 20 different grammar units. If you answered a question wrong, at the end of the test you will be given short comprehensible explanation why it was wrong and what the correct answer would be. Moreover, the application allows you to track your progress, so later you could see which areas of English grammar you need to focus on more. It is very engaging way to learn English. Instead of wasting your time on games, you can improve your grammar and still have fun. If you want to go even further with your English, then you can install another awesome application from creators of English Grammar Test, which is called English Idioms and Phrases. It works by the same principle, except that now you will be able to master your knowledge of idioms and different phrases. If you don’t like to spend your time over grammar books, reading the theory, then this application is a perfect choice for you.

Fix Your Grammar Mistakes Online

Our generation is lucky to live in modern times, because technological progress made English grammar learning easier and more fun than ever. You don’t have to spend hours over thick volumes of grammar theory; you can just go online and learn English interactively. There are online resources that would suit to any taste and preferences: videos, audios, games, quizzes and even smartphone applications. Royal Editing blog is also a good place to start improving your grammar knowledge. In addition, you can read free samples of essays that could give you ideas and inspiration for your own essays. Meanwhile, our experience editors will fix the grammatical, punctuation, style and other types of errors you might make in your writing. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Royal Editing services are very affordable, fast and also a good way to improve your grammar.