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How often do you write essays? If you are a high school or college student you probably do that a lot. Then you also must know how hard it can be to find a good place to edit essay online free. If you still ask yourself a question, «where can I edit my essay for free online?» then you are at the right place. Royal Editing will not only edit essay online free, but will also offer you free samples of essays. Moreover on our blog you can read many grammar articles and learn a lot about how to edit essay online free. In today’s edit essay online free post you will be able to read an example of a literary essay analyzing a short story The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen by Graham Green. To have a well organized essay, without grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes, don’t forget before submitting it, to edit essay online free.

Composing a Literary Essay

An assignment to write a literary analysis essay frightens many students, because of the misconception that literary essays are more complicated than other types. However, literary analysis essay can be very easy to write, taking into account that you have actually read a story or a novel you are going to write about. Such essay is simple to conceive when you know what to focus on. A lot of students fail at this task because they try to describe a general impression of what they read. When in fact, writing a literary analysis essay requires you to concentrate on particular elements of the story such as, plot, characters development, theme, topic, settings and symbolism. It is up to you which element you choose to focus on. You can either choose one element and open it up or more, and spend less time on each of them. However don’t go overboard; three elements would be an optimal maximum of elements. Also, don’t waste your time on writing a summary of the story, unless it was your assigned task. Your high school or colleges expect from their students a higher level of analyzing than simply retelling the story in fewer words.

Free Sample of a Literary Analysis Essay

The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen is a famous short story written in 1965 by Graham Green, a British novelist and short story writer. The story focuses on a relationship of a young engaged couple and on one conversation between them in particular. The story can be considered to be a canonical type of short stories because it has strong linear plot, which follows classical story arc structure: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and denouement. Moreover the main elements of the story, such as point of view, setting and theme, are also easy to distinguish.

The story is narrated from a first person and gives a strong sense of narrator’s personality. Unlike so much popular omniscient type of narration, in which an author knows all thoughts and motives of his characters, the author of The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen decided to choose a perspective of an observer. From the story we can assume that the narrator is Graham Green himself because he tells us that he is a writer himself. The active use of ‘I’ and unveiled expression of his opinion creates an impression that the story had indeed happened to the author, that he witnessed the conversation between the couple while having a lunch in one of London’s restaurants, and later wrote it down. The story setting is one more element that makes story seem more realistic and believable.

The story is set in a downtown of London, in a restaurant called Bentley’s. There are not many characters, in fact only two of them, except for the narrator himself who cannot be considered a major character because he doesn’t influence the story in any way, but only observes. Other people who are mentioned more than once during the course of the story are eight Japanese gentlemen. They sit at the table that separates the narrator from the two main characters, a young couple. The Japanese eat fish meals and fruit salad for desert. They talk in unintelligible language, smile a lot and bow their heads. They are exotic for the place and in the story they rather act as a part of the setting. They are like a static decoration on the background of the stage. The author brings up the subject of the Japanese gentlemen a few times during the story to show how unusual and out of place they look. They are a prop the writer used to make his main point about one of the major characters. Those Japanese are something that is impossible not to notice or to ignore, yet the girl, who claimed to possess the great power of observation, simply did not see them at all. This is author’s literary method can serve as an excellent example of how the setting can participate in a story along with other characters.

Discovering the theme of any story is always a very personal matter because everybody perceives what was written in a very different subjective way. Nonetheless, it is possible to distinguish more or less uniform manner, the theme elements which are on the surface. The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen story tells us about a young girl, who naively believes that with little effort she is going to become a bestselling author. She brags about her proclaimed power of observance, but she fails to notice the highly unusual event taking place right in front of her, a group of Japanese men, all talking loudly in peculiar foreign language. Therefore, it can be concluded that arrogance is the theme of this story by Graham Green.

The story is also widely criticized for its misogynistic theme. Since it was written in 1965, such author’s attitude towards female can hardly be excused by the influence of that times social standards and morals. Green describes the main character as a pretty blond girl with petite aristocratic features. When he expresses his hope that she will not try to pursue her writing career, we can assume that he says it because of her obvious arrogance and naiveté. She will fail as a writer because in fact she has no observational powers whatsoever. But later that assumption is not supported when he makes a reference to a novelist Mrs. Humphrey Ward. He says he would not like her to become like a Mrs. Humphrey Ward of her generation. And a reader can suppose he dislikes the idea because the mentioned female author was incredibly prolific and wrote up to hundred fiction and non-fiction pieces, which Green considered to be of inferior quality. Further he states his hope that the girl rather takes a photo-modeling career instead of writing. All these facts give a strong ground for many people to believe that The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen has a veiled misogynistic theme.

An Important Rule

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