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How to Write a Good Topic Sentence

Every essay consists of paragraph and every paragraph in its turn must include a topic sentence. By the way, you can find more tips on grammar, writing and editing at our blog. A topic sentence is the essence of your paragraph. It sums up the main idea of the paragraph and informs the readers of what the paragraph is going to be about. As a rule a topic sentence appears close to the beginning of the paragraph, it is a first of second sentence. Rather as an exception, it can also appear closer to the end of the paragraph.

A topic sentence is a full complete sentence that expresses the main idea regarding the limited topic. It should be clear that topic sentence is not a title of your paragraph (e.g. The books in my life) and it doesn’t try to explain to the readers what the authors is going to talk about in his essay (e.g. I am going to tell how books changed my life). It is rather a construction that shows the focus of your paragraph.

Before you start writing your topic sentence you should think about which ideas you want to express in your paragraph and which to omit. And to do that the most effectively you need to find a starting topic at first, and from it to move to your limited topic. To make it clearer, let’s define them. A starting topic can be very broad, connecting many similar ideas. A limited topic is narrow, focused on several chosen ideas. Therefore, a topic sentence is your statement about a limited topic.

These examples can illustrate how that process works:

  • A starting topic: Environmental protection.
  • A limited topic: Recycling helps to protect the environment.
  • A topic sentence: There are many ways in which recycling can significantly improve the state of the environment.

Free Essay Sample

A whole century after the Titanic tragedy, the story of the great liner still fascinates millions of people. Its grandeur inspires awe. As it lies on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean it remains surrounded by mysteries and unanswered questions, which even in our days keep being an inspiration for many books and movies.

In 1912 when Titanic set into its first sail, it was the largest passenger liner ever seen. Its length measured 822 feet and it was the biggest moving object on the planet that was made by humans. The size of the ship can still be considered tremendous considering the fact that it was build more than a century ago when technology was not so advanced and a lot of work had to be done with simple mechanical force and human hands. To understand what an astonishing amount of live energy had to be invested into building this ship and putting it on water, it is worth to look at the few following facts. The power of twenty horses was needed to pull the main anchor. Furthermore, during the construction time, 246 people were injured and two people died. To glide across the ocean the liner had to burn in its furnaces up to 600 hundred tons of coal every day and 176 men were required to shovel it in.

Apart from the ships colossal size and power, it was also a true art masterpiece. The survivors of that tragic night said that it was the most beautiful creation they had ever seen in their lives. The interior of the cruise liner was inspired by one of Ritz hotel in London. There was a gym, pool, a court for playing popular at those times squash. Moreover it ran its own newspaper called the Atlantic Daily Bulletin. There were restaurants, ball rooms and saloons. It was a city in itself that could lead an independent life in the ocean.

The tragedy of the ship still remains one of the biggest in the history, because the great loss of life. Over 1,500 people died when the ship sank. There were many notable people on board, as well as regular passengers, who mostly travelled in the third class. The stories of those people who died there remain surrounded by mysteries and legends. The survivors told stories about the brave musicians that kept playing music when the ship sank to calm down the passengers. Most of the crew went down with the ship as well as Edward Smith, the captain.

The researches and historians still argue if it was possible to prevent Titanic from sinking and the loss of so many lives. There were numerous factors, some of which seem like the hand of fate. In fact, the iceberg that cut through the ship’s core was not the first one the vessel had encountered during its voyage. Six icebergs were noticed on time and were safely passed by Titanic. It is said that only 37 seconds passed between the sighting of the iceberg and the accident. That time was not enough to turn the ship away from the obstacle, but some people speculate that if the ship went straight for the iceberg with its fore, it wouldn’t have sank. A lifeboat drill was another factor that could have prevented the deaths of so many people. It was planned for April 14, just a day before the catastrophe, but it was cancelled for some mysterious reasons.

For current generations of people Titanic is more than just a ship. It is an example of industrious human work, a man-made creation of tremendous power and beauty. It is thousands of ruined families and lost dreams. The story of the greatest cruise liner in history is surrounded by mysteries, speculations and secrets, which will probably forever stay at the bottom the Atlantic Ocean.

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Since an essay is a formal academic paper, it must follow a particular structure. An essay must be divided into paragraphs, each of which covers one topic or idea. Unity of the paragraph is crucial. A good topic sentence can help you to reach that unity, because it focuses your writing on one particular point. It is very important that you learn how to write good topic sentences. In case you are not so skilled in writing and grammar, you can order essay editing services. They are available online for a very moderate price.