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Writing a contemplative essay

Contemplative essay is often confused with philosophical essay, but in fact they are different. Contemplative essay has nothing to do with actual philosophical studies or schools of philosophy. But people tend to call everything that involves contemplating and musing on an abstract subject philosophy. Contemplative essay doesn’t involve arguing your point of view and presenting evidence. Its main purpose is to express the personality of the writer, his believes and values. That’s why the topics of contemplating essay often revolve around abstract subjects, such as feelings, morals and ethics. You will understand better what it is after reading the following sample of contemplative essay. When you revise your own essay don’t forget that good grammar is as important as what you write about. Refresh your grammar knowledge reading this article.

Free sample of contemplative essay

Why people lie? Philosophers, psychologists, neurologists and many more scientists and thinkers have been asking that question for centuries and all came up with different answers. Psychologists might say it is inherent part of our psyche and we need lies to stay sane. Sociologists could say that we need lies because the society would not be able to function if we only spoke the truth. But they all agree on one thing, everybody lies. Religions tell us that we will be punished for our lies and so do the schools, though in a little different words. But is it even possible to live without telling lies? And are lies really so bad?

In our mind liar equals a bad person. When we catch ourselves on lying we feel guilty. At least, most of us do. Apart from obvious reasons to lie, such as to cover some crime or mistake, there are other subtler and more sophisticated reasons which we are not always aware of. From early years of our lives our parents and teachers tell us that we must never lie; only bad people lie. But then you witness how your father tells someone on the phone that he must go because he is called to dinner, when in fact there is no dinner. Or your mother tells some woman that, of course, your whole family would visit them at their country house, and then at home you excitedly ask your mother when you are going to go there, she tells you never. It turns out your parents lied to you when they said it was bad to lie, because they do it themselves and quite a lot.

In most of the cases, people lie not to cover some evil, but for very opposite reason: to please. It is simply impossible to be polite without telling a few lies. The sociologists are right when they say that we need to lie to keep the society functioning. If we always told what we think or did we would never be able to stay at the relationship or keep a job. Some people might argue that those are not real lies, but just little things we decide to keep in secret. But very often it is hard to distinguish the line that separates real lies that harm people from little secrets.

It is very human to lie and some people do it more than others. They do it not for harm but to impress the listener and again to please. If a man tells a woman how many places he had to travel to, and how the weather and all the events were against him, but nonetheless he found that particular antique ring she wanted so much, she would be ten times more pleased than if he told her he bought it in that store behind the corner. Is it a bad lie or a harmless one? Should we tell the hostess that the cake she served is inedible and ruin the whole evening and maybe friendships as well?

In his essay about lies, famous Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote that people lied because they were ashamed of themselves. And psychologists say there is a lot of truth in that statement. There are two kinds of lies people tell when they feel self-conscious and unconfident. The first kind is a fantastic lie. A person uses such lie when she wants to seem better than she is. In this case she makes up her achievements and creates flourishing stories about her life. The second kind is covering lie. It is used by shy people, who want to protect their private inner lives. These are people who are afraid to seem too peculiar to others, so they would rather picture their activities before other people as ordinary.

It seems that the matter of lies will stay for many more generations a bottomless well for philosophical and scientific speculations. And it is doubtful that in any of those generations would be born a person who never lies. You should never trust a man who says that he never lies, because most of our lies we tell unconsciously to be polite and please each other.

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