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Free essay editing service provided by Royal Editing works with all types of academic papers including college admission essays. In today’s post on free essay editing service we will focus on writing a college admission essay. The blog of our free essay editing service also offers you free samples of essays, one of which you will be able to read in the following post. In previous post on free essay editing service we talked about writing observational or descriptive essay. Writing an admission essay is an extremely important part in the life of every young person, because it decides whether you will be accepted into college. Thus it is strongly advised that you use essay editing service free before submitting your essay to fix all grammar and punctuation mistakes, misspellings and typos. You can order essay editing service free online to save your time and make sure your admission essay will get you into the college you want.

The importance of college admission essay

A perfectly written admission essay is a must if you want get into a college. The admission officers who review the essays and applications have very little time to devote to each paper; therefore you need to be special to catch their attention. Your admission essay must be authentic and impress them from the very first sentence.

Before you start composing your admission essay you must carefully study the guidelines and understand what the admission officers want to learn from your essay. It all very much depends on the major you apply for. If you apply for social studies the college will probably want to hear about your motivation to work with people, your empathy, volunteer experience or social skills. If your goal is to become an artist or a writer they will want you to reveal your creative side.

How to write an admission essay?

First of all, when you begin writing your admission essay you should remember that admission officers want to see a real person behind all the papers, grades and scores they receive. Be honest and true; don’t be afraid to reveal your personal story and unique worldview. There are three elements of admission essay that you have to consider: guidelines, topic and grammar.

  • Guidelines. On the college website or by some other way you need to find out what the guidelines for admission essays are. They may include: style, tone, formatting, spacing, word count, prompts, deadline, etc.;
  • Topic. How well your essay will be written a lot depends in the right choice of the subject. The college guidelines may give you some writing prompts, otherwise you can choose your own topic. Remember that the subject of your admission essay has to be relevant in some ways to your future studies. You can write about what motivates you to study for that major; which events shaped you as a person; about a famous person you admire; how you see your future;
  • Grammar. Good grammar and writing style are essential in this case. Refresh your grammar knowledge from this article. The admission officers will form their opinion about you and whether you fit into their college based on your writing skills and the knowledge of grammar. Thus it is very important that your essay is not only appealing but well written as well. As the practice shows, professionally edited essays have bigger chances to land the person into the college. You can receive such professional editing and proofreading services at Royal Editing for a very moderate price.

Free admission essay sample

Writing prompt: What motivates you?

When I tell people that I want to become a teacher their faces acquire sorry expressions and the fists thing they tell me is: “But you want make any money.” These days we hear only negative things about teaching: low salary, no free time and a lot of paper work. It seems that people forgot how important and noble that occupation is for humanity as a whole. Money became the biggest motivation for most of the young people when they choose their future professions, but not so for me. You might call me too young, inexperienced and romantic and tell me that I will change my mind after a few years of poor teaching life, but I still believe that teaching is the most important occupation on the planet and teachers are the most important people. They are even more important than presidents.

I think I partly owe this dream to my first teacher. After so many years I still can hear her voice and remember some of the things she said exactly word by word. I believed she shaped me as a person and showed me the right direction in life. In my memory my first teacher was like some kind of fairy. She didn’t just teach us reading and counting, she taught us to love our country and language, to appreciate the beauty of the nature. She did it not through formal lessons but through telling the stories of her life. I can still imagine the things she described as if they happened to me. I think this teacher made a significant impact in my own motivation to become a teacher. She set an excellent example for me of what kind of teacher I would like to be.

My volunteer experience also made a major impact in my motivation to become a teacher. Once I worked as a volunteer in a summer camp for children. I had to help the adults to organize interesting lessons and activities for kids. Then I discovered that I really liked planning and structuring the learning materials and coming up with new ideas that could teach children something new. Even though other girls said it exhausted them, I enjoyed the lively atmosphere of the class and it rather energized me. I could easily connect with younger children and keep the attention of the whole class.

Since then I did a lot of tutoring and it only confirmed my wish to become a teacher. When I see the sparkle in the student’s eyes after he understood something new, it is the best reward for me. It makes me feel that the day was worth living. It is very important for me to feel that I contribute into the common good, that I make a change. I am so happy when I find out that my student was able to achieve something thanks to my lectures. I really believe that a good teacher can set a child for a happy path in the future. In my opinion a good teacher is as important in a child’s life as good parents.

My personal experience and my beliefs motivated me to apply for this course. My first teacher set a perfect example for me as well as high standards to aim for. And my teaching experienced convinced me that the teaching job is for me. I truly believe that the world could be a much better and happier place if every child had a good teacher. For me teaching is a way to contribute into the global good. I dream to spread knowledge as well as right values.

Professional assistance in editing your admission essay

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