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No good writing has ever appeared without a throughout decent editing. All of the great literary masterpieces did not originally look the same in their first draft. They all underwent at least three rounds of editing. So if someone tells you it’s normal to submit your essay without using essay editing service, he makes a big mistake that could cost him a good grade. Royal Editing offers the best essay editing service that is available online. You can use our college essay editing service for any type or size of essays. Using essay editing services online has many advantages. You can upload your text document anytime and anywhere you like. Our essay editing services are available round the clock and for people all over the globe. If you decide to order our essay editing service you can be sure that the best professional editors and proofreaders will take good care of your paper, making it stand out among others.

The definition of editing

Before you decide whether you want your essay to be edited, you need to understand what editing is. Editing is one of the concluding parts of writing process during which writer or professional editor tries to improve the written material. It involves revision of the text, rearranging of the sentence structure, cutting out unnecessary and excessive details, fixing grammatical and punctuation mistakes, improving word usage. Good editing makes writing more concise, comprehensive, it makes the ideas more clear. The requirements for editing service can vary depending on the type of the paper, which needs editing. Academic papers such as dissertations and essays need a different approach than fiction or newspaper articles. Academic writing requires the use of formal, sometimes scientific language, particular structure and formatting. Royal Editing can fulfill all those requirements and make your essay or another academic paper meet all the highest standards of your college or university. You also can read free samples of essays on our blog if you want to get some essay writing tips and inspiration. Today we are going to talk about people who help to make your writing shine, about editors, and in particular a legendary one and his editing rules.

The legend of editing world

Editing as any other profession has its legends. Gardner Botsford was one of these legends, well-educated, witty and sharp-minded editor of the New Yorker magazine. Many writers and journalist held their success due to his invaluable editing help and writing advice. He could edit three pages long journalistic report into concise half a page one. And afterwards the reporter would write him a note, thanking that Botsford made him look like a writer. Editor is an extremely important person in a writing process, but he always remains in the shadow allowing the writer gather all the praise and awards. The public readers mostly don’t realize what a crucial part an editor plays in shaping the final text. They only see the final material having no idea how terrible it might have looked in the first draft. The editors from Royal Editing team are also there for you, to make your writing as perfect as it can be, to help you achieve the success you deserve for a very reasonable price.

Botsford’s editing rules

During his long career as an editor Gardner Botsford saw a lot of texts and worked with many writers. He shared his captivating life story as well as insightful recommendations for writers and editors in his memoir “A Life of Privilege, Mostly”. The essence of his editing wisdom you can catch from the following editing rules.

Rule #1: Time investment. Any good piece of writing requires a significant amount of time investment. Some writers rush out their first drafts without troubling themselves too much. In this case the editor has to sweat over it all day and night long to make it readable. Other writers spend a lot of time on their writing. In this case an editor can fix it during a one cup of coffee. The point is that any piece of writing need time investment, either from a writer or an editor. The writer can do little, but then the editor will have to balance out the time investment. Royal Editing services are there for you to save your time. We understand that we all live in a very busy world. We believe that everyone should do the work they can do best. So while you are busy with your work, we will do for you the part we are good at — editing your essay;

Rule #2: Ignorant protests. The more ignorant the writer the more he will oppose to the editing. In his opinion it is best to leave it as it is without editing, that it is already as clear and readable as it could be. But such writers who don’t trust their editors don’t stay long in this career and never become wealthy and successful. An editor is there to help you to be better at your work and not to make it worse. The editors who work in Royal Editing are well educated and very experienced professionals of their business. You can fully rely on their assistance and trust their expertise;

Rule #3: The first reading. The first reading is the most truthful. When you read a text for the fist time you notice a boring passage, an abrupt transition, a loose and illogical paragraph. This first impression is always the right one. When you read the text for the second, third time you get used to the mistakes and the flow of the writing, you cease to notice the problems. You stop thinking like a reader and start perceiving it as a writer. But most people will read this text only one time and will notice the same problems you noticed during your first reading. So if something seems wrong to you during the first reading, it means it is wrong and needs to be fixed;

Rule #4: Craftsmanship. Writing and editing are completely different crafts. And both craftsmen should try to do their part of work the best they can. An editor is the last person who works on the text before it is published, who adds the final streaks to the painting. So if something goes wrong the editor will be held responsible for the bad quality of the material. Bad editor will lose his job faster than a bad writer, because the writer doesn’t make the final changes and decisions. Thus an editor cannot be mediocre at his job, he must only be excellent and not less. You can find such editors in our team, who are a true enthusiasts and savvies of their craft. To edit your paper perfectly is not just a job for them, but a matter of honor.

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