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There are many free essay editing tools on the Internet, but all of them use generalized mechanical approach to texts. Essay editing free offered by Royal Editing team uses personalized approach to every written work. Our free essay editing service is conducted by people and not machines. In a previous article on essay editing free we talked about writing persuasive essay. The subject of today’s free essay editing post will be writing a descriptive essay. You will be able to learn some techniques on how to write a descriptive essay as well as read a free sample of such essay. We hope that after reading it you will feel sure to place your order for free essay editing.

Writing a descriptive essay

Descriptive essay is one of the four major types of essays. The other three include: a persuasive/argumentative, expository and narrative essay. In our articles in Essay Samples category you will have a chance to learn about each type and read a free sample of it. Descriptive essay sometimes also called observational. As you may see from the name this essay mainly focuses on describing something you were able to observe or experience.

Descriptive essay can be very easy to write because it relies mostly on your personal experience and requires little or no research at all. The most important part is to choose the right topic that would inspire ideas and images in your mind. The rule of the thumb in this case — if it is interesting for you, it will be interesting for your readers. You can come up with the topic by yourself, it may be assigned to you by a teacher or you can choose one from this list online. Some of the things that you can write about in your descriptive essay include:

  • Places. It can be some place you visited, like a country, park, museum, or dream about visiting; the house of your dream or the house you grew up in;
  • People. You can write about a famous person you met or whom you admire; your close friend, relative; it can even be a character from a fiction novel;
  • Objects. There is ultimately endless variety of objects you could describe: paintings, statues, clothes, books, movies, landscape, the sun going down over the sea, etc.
  • Memory, experience, emotion. Describe some memorable moment of your life, the happiest or the saddest one, one that changed your life or influenced your personality;

One of the most famous writing rules says “show, don’t tell”. It perfectly illustrates what you have to do in your descriptive essay — with words create a picture of the subject you are writing about. Don’t just say the weather was bad, say the pavements were grey from rain, your coat soaked through and the air was cold and humid. Every descriptive essay heavily relies of the use of sensory details. When you craft your paper try to apply as many of the five human senses as you can: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. It will make your narrative more vivid and alive.

Free essay sample

Living in another country may seem as a blessing especially if you move from poor Western European country to developed rich Europe. You look forward to your new life, but what you don’t realize is that in fact your new life might become much harder than the old one in your homeland. I was desperate to leave the country I was born and grew up in and move to perfect Europe where everyone had it easy. I imagined the bright future ahead, but what I faced instead was very grim on one side and almost too bright on the other. It was completely different than I had imagined and the experienced changed me forever.

When I turned 23 I moved to Germany. It was a real cultural shock for me. Everything was different. It looked beautiful and colorful: vast fruit gardens, yellow fields of raps, little doll-like werkhouses, friendly but reserved people. There were many things that made me feel lost. After you pass through the initial rounds of burocratic procedures, get used to the new city landscape and finally settle down, routine life begins. The one you longed for so much. What was the most striking about that period was not money struggle but the feeling of loneliness. Even though I was there with my boyfriend I felt utterly lonely, no family, no friends. When you move to a different place in your home country you family would help you out with furniture, at the very least you could borrow a pot and a pen. The first six months of my life in Germany we had nothing but a bare mattress on the floor and a few cups and plates in the kitchen. The job and money issues can be overcome but you never stop missing your family and friends back home.

Another obstacle to your happiness in another country is the fact that you will never become local. Even after you master the language, get a job and pay taxes regularly, you cannot get rid of the sense of strangeness. You make friends, celebrate their holidays, and shop in their supermarkets but all that time you feel out of place. You realize that you will never be able to become a part of their culture, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to appreciate their cuisine, history and humor properly, because your country’s culture is wired in your brain. You think and perceive things differently.

But my experience of living abroad was not a sad one despite all the complications I had to face. It was full of happy memories. One of the most valuable things you get from living in another country is how much you learn. You learn new language, new culture, new way of thinking, tolerance, but the most important is survivability. Moving abroad gives you an opportunity to start your life anew, to have a fresh start and become who you want to be. It is freedom to make your own choices and mistakes. You can be whoever you want to be. The travelling memories, new people, beautiful places it is something that has no price and that nobody can take away from you.

I lived in Germany for two years and then came back home. It was invaluable experience for me that taught me a lot. It made me much stronger, independent and more confident person. Now I know that I can survive on my own and take care of myself. It taught me to appreciate my family and my country much more. I understood what really matters for me in life, what I care for. Another important realization that came to me after living abroad is very well illustrated in the famous saying: “the grass is always greener on the other side”. Nowhere is perfect, it all depends on the state of your inner self. There are plenty of miserable, poor, jobless and homeless people even in rich Europe. I often miss that part of my life, but I don’t know if I will ever do it again. Because now I know that wherever I go, the terrible homesickness would follow.

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What do you think about this descriptive essay? Have you ever lived abroad? Share your thoughts with us filling the form on the bottom of the page. We hope that this sample will help you to compose your own descriptive essay one day. But you should also remember that the way you write is as important as what you write. Correct grammar is crucial for good writing. This article will remind you what grammar mistakes you should avoid. Don’t forget to proofread your essay before you submit it. If you are not sure how to do it, upload it on our website and our editors and proofreaders will fix it for you.