10 Signs Of True Grammar Nazi

If your written and spoken language is fluent. If you really feel good enough correcting grammar mistakes on the Internet and in real life. Sometimes, it may seem that you respect the language and its rules more than your speaking opponents. Moreover, you found yourself reading this article on our proofreading service. Then you are likely to be a real grammar Nazi.

1. You never snatch the opportunity to use bookish and elaborate words instead of their simple and usual equivalents.

And this is actually not about just showing off. Few people know, that usually you spend several hours per day improving your vocabulary and mastering grammar skills. It would be fair to say that you always learn something new and never stop to elevate your mind in respect to literacy almost on a daily basis. The sky is the limit and you know it very well. As for the usage of bookish and somehow elevated words, every single time you feel the necessity set the example for other people. You are pretty sure that by permanent demonstrating of your knowledge, you enormously encourage them to alter their literacy in terms of the language they speak.

2. If you see even a few of grammar mistakes in posts or articles you are more likely to stop reading them.

That’s definitely about a true grammar Nazi. At times, one may ask oneself why should I give up reading such an interesting information which is by the way useful for me just because I found several little mistakes there? If the question itself makes you feel indignant and wild with anger then you certainly have a reason to ponder over your grammar Nazi nature. However, the one who is considered to be a true grammar Nazi never put the word ‘little’ with the word mistake. Such word combination is regarded to be an oxymoron because any mistake is significant as a default and immediately strike one’s eye.

3. You are more likely to be a true grammar Nazi if you are an introvert.

According to the recent research carried out by American scientists, it was revealed that there is a deep connection between the type of personality and desire to correct mistakes. So, if you find this information is right for you, you have a reason to think it over.

4. You do know the ropes.

If nothing else, you are interested in any information as for grammar Nazis. In addition, you are familiar with that numerous jokes related to the topic and try to use them among your friends. You are eager to find out something new about grammar Nazis and discuss it with your friends, even though your social environment do not share your great interest as for the ideology.

5. You put correct grammar before the actual sense of conversation.

A true grammar Nazi can read their opponents like the book, taking into account only grammar mistakes which were made by them. That’s why correcting someone’s grammar mistakes has become so familiar to you. Eventually, it fell into the habit and now it is beyond your control. Therefore, you always try to correct your opponent if see some mistakes in his speech. Of course, finally, it turns out that you speak about grammar even more often than your opponent speaks about his problems. Although you think that you have not done bad things, your opponent went mad. But that’s okay. One way or another, you simply do your duty.

6. Often you take a dim view of any changes in your native languages.

We all know, that any language is always in constant changing. As a matter of fact, a lot of people take it for granted, however, such a philosophy does not apply to a true grammar Nazi. They perceive the fact about changes and simplification of the language very badly. You do not appreciate double negation or variations both in spelling and meaning.

7. You cannot teach the language.

According to the paragraph 5, you keep on correcting people and cannot bare any single mistake they make. What’s more, you are not able to change your attitude to this despite everything. So, first-timers in terms of language is, unfortunately, your nightmare.

8. You always check everything several times before posting or sending it via a certain social network.

Generally, you feel bad and insecure when posting something without proofreading it less than at least two times. Often you cannot go without taking a deep breath before you press the send button. Moreover, now and then you feel anxiety about that e-mail you have sent two hours ago because you think you could write it much better. Your reputation is vital and language always matters, that’s why you should do your best all the time without any exception. In case you have found a mistake in your post you delete it right off the bat so that no none of the readers could be able to notice that. By the way, this procedure is usually truly stressful and frustrating for you.

9. Dictionaries and grammar books have become your Bible.

Do you often consult the dictionary during the day? Do you think is essential to prove certain word when you are not sure in its spelling? Usually, you feel impatient when you are not able to reach some of these sources. These facts show your real nature in terms of grammar.

10 You always use proofreading and editing services.

Those who underestimate the value of grammar rules don’t know how it sometimes influences general impression of the of the sentence or even the whole text. As a true grammar Nazi, you always keep in mind that proofreading should not be neglected. However, you know that one must always give papers to other people because it is actually a big deal to be able to proofread it yourself. Taking this into account, you never do without proofreading and editing services. Moreover, you are familiar with several proofreading services and know how to chose the best one for you and your friends. You think it is obvious that grammar is vital in the truest sense of the word, so proofreading of your papers is an important stage.

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