Ways to Edit Grammar in Academic Papers

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you must have already learned a lot about how to edit grammar. In many posts we shared some tips how you could edit grammar on your own. Hopefully all that information helped you to edit grammar more expertly and to write better papers. However, it is worth to remember that when you edit grammar of an academic paper, you must follow a different set of rules. Academic register requires different approach to grammar, so what would be fine in fiction or articles, may not be acceptable for academic papers. It can be complicated for you to learn and remember all these rules, this is why professional editing services were created. Today we will tell you about the most common academic writing mistakes Royal Editing can fix and edit grammar for you. When you urgently need to edit grammar in your essay, dissertation or another academic paper, just contact us and enjoy quick excellent results.

Grammar Mistakes Royal Editing Can Fix

Since academic writing requires following particular grammar and style rules, it is natural that it also possesses its own characteristic set of errors. In most of other writing styles, those particular mistakes would not be considered to be mistakes at all, for example like the use of contractions. Therefore, let’s review what kind of errors Royal Editing can help you to eliminate from your papers to make them flawless.

  • Contractions. Of course, we start with contractions, because it is the most widespread error. Most of the students when composing their essays or reports don’t even know that using contractions in their writing is a big mistake. Our proofreaders pay attention to such errors right away and make sure to fix them. If you also used contractions in academic papers, you should remember that it is unacceptable and can significantly lower the mark you get;
  • Subject verb agreement. Students often forget to check if verbs agree with their subjects, because they write their papers in a rush, without ever revising them. It is quite understandable, since student’s life is busy and filled with exciting experiences, as well as with a lot of work. Royal Editing works for such active young people, who wish to keep living their lives to the fullest and at the same time keep up with their college assignments. Our editors will save your time and make sure that all subjects agree with their verbs. Moreover, the prices for our editing services are affordable even for students;
  • Apostrophe. Who would have thought that such a tiny mark could cause so many troubles? Nonetheless, it keeps ruining good papers. Apostrophe is commonly misused in possessives and our editors see such errors almost in every paper they edit. The wrong usage of apostrophe can arise from not knowing the rules or simply from inattention, as a mistake made in a rush and left unnoticed. If you are not sure how, where and when to place an apostrophe, you can learn it from one interesting article on our blog. However, whether you know the rules or not, you can always rely on our editors. An apostrophe misusage will never go unnoticed with Royal Editing proofreaders. They can fix this problem for you if you send us your paper;
  • Comma. Generally speaking, English language has one of the easiest punctuation systems. Nevertheless, it still confuses many writers, even native English speakers. For many years Royal Editing has been helping people to fix their punctuation problems and to become more successful through their writing. The most common punctuation error that our editors and proofreaders get to fix is a missing comma. Authors, experienced and new ones, often forget to put commas after introductory elements in the beginning of sentences, in a series of objects and between two independent clauses. Get in touch with Royal Editing and forget to worry about punctuation mistakes;
  • Homophones as well as homographs and homonyms mistakes are made even by the most experienced professional writers. These words easily slip into your writing if you are tired or in rush. The online spellcheckers will also be of little help because homonyms, homographs and homophones are not misspelled or mistyped words, they are simply the words that sound or look alike and used in wrong place. When you rush to finish your paper before a deadline and type quickly on your computer, it is so easy to type ‘though’ instead of ‘thought’ or ‘through’. And your word processor will not underline it as a mistake, because the word is spelled correctly, just in the wrong context. And you will probably miss this error, when all words and letters mix up in front of your eyes. Luckily, you can turn to professional proofreaders from Royal Editing, who have trained eyes for such errors and attention to the tiniest details;
  • Word order. The mistakes connected with wrong word order in sentences are very common for foreign students, because unconsciously they apply the same sentence structure as in their own language. However, this doesn’t always work in English. Our editors will perfect the word order in your writing, no matter if you are a foreign student or a native speaker. You don’t need to be ashamed of such errors, our editors with pleasure will help you to improve and learn from your mistakes;
  • Incomplete sentences. The problem of incomplete sentences is very common for academic papers, because writing in not full sentences can be acceptable for other writing styles. However, many people don’t know this difference and how to benefit from it. For example, in fiction it is absolutely normal to write sentences that consist of one word or have no subject or verb. Nevertheless, it is not appropriate for academic papers. Editors who work in Royal Editing will help you to finish or restructure your sentences, so they would be complete and appropriate for academic style.

All this academic writing mistakes are related to grammar and punctuation. But how about academic writing style? You don’t need to worry about that either, because Royal Editing can help you not only grammatical errors, but stylistic and organizational as well. We will talk about it in more detail in our next posts. However, if you don’t want to miss any new grammar and writing tips, you should subscribe to receive our Free Professional Tips online. Moreover, if you have a shortage of writing ideas, you can get them from reading our free samples of essays. Remember that good writing requires a lot of hard work and Royal Editing is happy to do that work for you.