Dissertation Editing Service

Let us clearly show you why a doctoral dissertation editing service of your choice may influence the outcome of the defense process. Your PhD dissertation will probably become the most profound piece of academic writing in your whole career, which also makes it the most exhausting for you. The average length of such a treatise varies from 100 up to 300 pages. Your scientific field does not necessarily border grammar; what is more, working on a thesis, you focus on treating your subject thoroughly. Therefore, turning to professionals will spare you from additional headache caused by numerous revisions; you will be able to devote yourself fully to the research issue.

Why us


Our staff includes certified specialists with a PhD degree, which signifies they have already defended their dissertation. You entrust your work to the hands of qualified academicians with next set of skills:

  • brilliant written language (academic version of English);
  • attention to details;
  • experience in writing, editing and publishing scientific matter;
  • ability to work with firm deadlines.

Our staff comprises more than 1500 professionals, each of them being an expert in linguistics and some additionally specializing in a particular academic field. You get a chance to pick out an editor with the same major as yours! Our expertise makes your experience with Royal Editing worth recommending to friends.

Client support

24/7 customer support simplifies the process of communication in case you want to know more. We will gladly reply to you in chat, regarding the issues of editing rates, discounts, available editors, delivery time, order details and many more. Royal Editing is always there for you, right at your fingertips, both literally and figuratively.

Discount system

We offer a versatile discount system to encourage our customers in further work with us. Did you know that being our new client you are entitled to 15% discount for the first order? Please write to us to learn more about our price reductions, which may go up as high as 50%!

What you will get

Formatting according to standards

Consistency in formatting is one of the compulsory conditions on which your dissertation will be considered. It makes the paper readable and presentable. Formatting includes the choice of fonts, including their type and size, consistency in headings and lists (both numbered and bulleted), means of highlighting examples and essential terminology, indentation and spacing adjustment and other minor aspects. We will check the formatting across your whole document and, if necessary, change it to meet the requirements.

References check

References make your treatise a reliable source of research. To get your doctoral dissertation right, you need to enumerate at the very least 50 sources in the bibliography (although in some dissertations this number goes up to 200) and cite all of them in your work, sticking to certain formalities in doing so.

Our editors will check the existing references present in your document, paying attention to the right edition, page number and general reference structure, and add more references in case you have inserted quotations without them. Thus you will avoid problems with plagiarism and submit a trustworthy paper.

Grammar check

This part is probably the most versatile and controversial. English grammar varies a lot depending on the language variant, stylistic properties of the text, its purpose and other factors. Royal Editing sticks with either American or British English (you are the one to indicate it) and academic stylistic requirements.

Our grammar check includes tenses and articles revision; provides accuracy and consistency in flexible English punctuation; ensures the right choice of prepositions; deals with emending sentences with principal and subordinate clauses and many more. In the end your dissertation will look like it has come from the pen of a true Grammar Nazi.

Spelling check

English spelling presents a lot of difficulties due to the abundance of homophones, contronyms and simply words that are spelled not in the way they are pronounced. Each of them must be checked in special dictionaries, including those of professional terminology. Our editors are extremely competent when it comes to spelling. They always check controversial words using reliable sources and correct them according to current English spelling rules.

One more difficulty arising in terms of spelling has to do with differences in British and American variants. That is why you should choose which one you need when placing your order. Royal Editing will do its best to ensure correct and consistent English spelling.

Dissertation structure

You must include more than 10 elements in your dissertation, such as title, contents, introduction, main part, conclusion and more. We will make sure all of them are present, come in the right order and contain all the necessary features.

The main part of your dissertation must include multiple paragraphs and subparagraphs, each of them devoted to a certain aspect of your general subject. We will thoroughly check the correspondence between paragraph titles and their content and the presence of necessary introductory and concluding parts for each paragraph. Royal Editing specialists will return you a perfectly structured work with clear logical sequence of arguments.

Work on content

When checking your dissertation, we pay attention not only to the above mentioned formal criteria, but also to the essence. Being in haste, you could have used a wrong term, omitted negation, mixed up some dates or names or produced other discrepancies based on human factor. All these will be thoroughly corrected. Moreover, if our editors come to the conclusion that your dissertation lacks an excerpt (or has an inappropriate one), they will rewrite this fragment until reaching perfection in expressing the idea.

Human approach is our best policy, which has proved its efficiency many times. While you can get more or less competent grammar and spelling check by visiting websites with such online services, they will never offer suggestions on the contents. Only qualified experts are able to analyze the meaning and make the decision to touch up the text.

Taking into account how significant a PhD dissertation is in all respects, we strongly advise you to get professional help from dissertation editing services. Only certified specialists in this field, who have worked with piles of similar works, know the nuances of editing such a paper inside out. If you are after a quality dissertation, it is up to you to take the right choice.