Choosing a Proofreading Site

When you choose what proofreading site to trust, you should remember that your choice determines your own academic future. At educational institutions, people follow the rule “beauty is but skin deep”. They do not care about your physical look, within reasonable limits of course, but they judge you by your papers. It is only fair, but you should get ready for it. Let Royal Editing help with final preparations (that is proofreading) and guide you towards academic success.

When do you need a proofreading service?

That is the first question to come to your mind once you have a paper that seems completed. Maybe you feel uncertain whether you can do without any proofreading at all. We will help you decide. Look through these statements, and if at least one of them is true for you, make up your mind to use proofreading services.

  • Your supervisor complains about grammar mistakes that pop up in your papers here and there. You are told that apart from this, one cannot find faults with your works.
  • You have a brilliant flow of thoughts, and your works are always well-structured, but sometimes spelling errors occur.
  • You doubt whether you get homophones right. Even after reading proper guides, you cannot be sure you know them all now.
  • You are on the point of falling into depression at the amount of proofreading you must perform. This mostly applies to vast projects, such as writing a dissertation or a thesis.
  • Large amount of proofreading itself does not scare you, but you run short on time. You are not sure you can make it to the deadline.

If these statements apply to you, below we will explain what you should pay attention to when deciding upon a proofreading company.

Signs of a successful proofreading service

Certified personnel

Who wants their papers to be proofread by students like themselves? The best way to avoid this is to choose services with certified personnel. You have to be confident that your work will be passed on to professionals, otherwise it is not worth paying. Here is a practical guide:

  • Look for any references to the personnel on company’s website.
  • Learn how many professionals work for the company.
  • Make sure that the experts are native speakers.
  • Check out proofreaders’ academic degrees.
  • Find out if it is possible to request a certain specialist.

This done, you can proceed to ordering with peace of mind. However, if you are unsure that the company is frank with you, be cautious. Unqualified personnel lead to the only possible outcome – slapdash work.

Royal Editing presents information about the writers openly. You can know for sure how many experts we have and which one undertakes your task. It makes it easier for you to recommend our service to your friends, and of course it helps us protect and promote our reputation.

Well-designed website

What does the site design have to do with the professionalism of editors and proofreaders, you may wonder. Royal Editing has the answer. When a company does not have enough money and respect for customers, it settles for less in everything. Such proofreading sites may have problems with layout on different devices, buttons may not work, and general impression from their design leaves much to be desired. For instance, you can come across gaudy colors that make it uneasy for your eyesight. The question arises: do they economize on proofreaders as well?

Royal Editing has a well-designed website with intuitive interface. The pages are logically interconnected, and all the information you need is right at your fingertips. We do not save money when it comes to your comfort and satisfaction. So you can trust us in meeting your proofreading requirements, too.

Informative website

Once we are done with the design, let us introduce another problem: a website without vital information. All these watery arguments about providing good proofreading services mean nothing without real facts and figures. You have the right to know for sure who you will work with, what amount of services you will get and what guarantees you have. Otherwise reading a website will be like pouring water into a sieve.

Royal Editing has included all the crucial details right on the home page. You straight away get to know our range of services and principles of rendering them, guarantees and other essential information. We are open to our clients, and, most importantly, we have nothing to conceal.

Open price lists

Price often turns out a determinant when you need proofreading services. Sure, you do not wat to pay for essay proofreading the sum of money sufficient to order a whole essay. Prices must be reasonable, and you must be able to find them. Companies that hide their rates evoke suspicion, they are most likely to hide different additional payments and taxes. It is especially annoying when even support team cannot tell you the price for sure. The only wish, and the most reasonable one, is to avoid such services.

At Royal Editing, it is all different. We make a point of presenting our price list conspicuously. You can get to know our general rates before ordering and the specific cost in the process of ordering. Slight differences are inevitable because the final price will depend on the deadline and will also include any additional services you request. But Royal Editing never charges you for what you do not order! And we always tell our prices openly.

Customer testimonials

Only companies with experience can boast positive customer testimonials, so when you find these about the service of your choice, you kill two birds with one stone. First, you check the company’s experience; second, you find out the impressions of its previous clients. Such reviews can be helpful in understanding what exactly you will finally get. Look for client testimonials both on the company’s website and using search engines. Thus you ensure that nothing escapes your notice.

Royal Editing never hides reviews from the clientele. You can find them on our site. They are not testimonials from faceless and nameless people. On the contrary, you can see client’s details right under their comments. It is also important that we publish only those reviews that you permit us to publish. If you do not want everyone to know that you use our service, we will respect your choice and keep your testimonial away from people’s eyes.

So, this guide will be your ultimate helper in the world of numerous proofreading services. You should remember that not all such websites offer really good services, some of them only pretend and promise they do. Check their basic characteristics, such as personnel, quality of the website, prices and testimonials. This information will help you decide who is worth trusting your paper. Here, at Royal Editing, we implement customer-open policy. It means that all the important information is already presented on our site. We have nothing to hide from you, and we are eager to start proofreading your work right now. We do everything to make our company your final choice.