Why It Is Easy to Use Our Proofreading Service

Looking for the best proofreading service on the web, you may come to the distressing conclusion that many websites require a lot of information from you before actually undertaking your project. It really annoys clients because their top priority is getting the job done, not subscribing to various newsletters and filling out forms with personal details. At Royal Editing, we understand your needs, so we have created an intuitive site, which allows you to order academic proofreading services without signing up and specifying personal data. But this is just the beginning.

Our principles of rendering easy-to-use services

Orders without signing up. One of our crucial advantages, which are meant to simplify the process of ordering, is the ability to use our services without a registration. While other proofreading websites may require your personal information, such as your phone number, social media accounts or even your address, Royal Editing needs nothing of the sort to start proofreading your paper right now. The only relevant information is your e-mail address, and it is only to notify you about a completed job. We will forward your login and password to you so that you can access the page with your orders.

Fixed prices. According to our corporate policy, we calculate the cost taking into account the number of words. Royal Editing does not support charging per page because it leads to various disparities that depend on the font size and line spacing. Our fixed prices, presented openly on our website, apply to any order, which enables you to expect a certain cost and avoid unpleasant surprises. You will also find the rates for editing, rewriting and revision near the rates for proofreading, just in case you still hesitate what exact service you need.

The most popular file formats. In what format does the most part of academic writing come? We can tell you for sure that it is doc and docx, which support formatting essential for academic papers. However, at Royal Editing we additionally accept rtf and txt to cover more of your needs. But even taking this into account, you can forget about tedious conversion between several file formats in case you use another one. Why should you try to meet the requirements of a proofreading site? We are the ones who have provided for every eventuality, and now you can simply copy and paste your text into our special form!

Different ways to effect payment. When you find out the exact sum of money for your order, proceed to purchase so that we can start to work on your task sooner. It is important that our payment system has a high level of security. Moreover, we accept various payment methods, so you can select the one to suit you better: it can be a credit card or a PayPal account, for example. Our payment flexibility brings us ever closer to fulfilling your needs.

Notifications on completion. We will be honest with you: we like it when you eventually become a frequent visitor on our website. That is why we are working on our blog, posting vital information for your studies. However, Royal Editing does not consider it very impressive to constantly refresh the page with your orders for the sake of checking their statuses. Hence we ask for your valid e-mail address where we will send you a notification on your order completion. Royal Editing really cares about making your life easier.

Online chat for your questions. We try to display all important information about our proofread service prominently. Browsing through our site, you come across a lot of details on what we offer and what you get. But if this information is not enough, or you simply do not have time to look for specifics, our support team works 24/7 to answer all your questions. You can enjoy communicating with us with the help of live chat. Alternatively, complete our contact form, and we will write you back on the fly.

How to place an order

Press the Order now button to get to the point. Then follow these instructions:

1. Select a service. Click proofreading to submit your file to one of our proofreaders. It may come in handy in the future that here you can also order editing, rewriting and revision. Mouse over these options to learn more about what we offer.

2. Attach a file. Choose the necessary file on your hard drive and upload it, using our form. The bubble help will enumerate the file formats that we work with.

3. Enter your e-mail. This step is important for you to get a notification when your work is completed. It helps you avoid any waste of time.

4. Indicate a deadline. You can select from 7 options, starting with only 6 hours. You should bear in mind that a chosen deadline may influence the final cost.

5. Choose additional services. You can skip this step if you are totally satisfied with our basic service package, meaning you prefer any writer from the States. However, you can opt for one of our 10 best professionals or an editor from the UK. If you want to work with a specific person from our staff, enter his ID in the fitting form. And do not forget about our range of discounts! It includes first order discount and also others, which you can request from our manager.

6. Pay for your order. Press the Proceed to purchase button when all the fields above have been completed. After we get your payment, we will immediately set to work on your project.

7. Download a ready file. After receiving a notification via e-mail, go to our site to download the document. And that is all!

We hope we managed to prove to you that using our proofreading services online is as easy as pie. Royal Editing never requests your personal information that is irrelevant for actual proofreading. Working with us, you will experience top-class services and, most likely, will be willing to order from us again. Start working with Royal Editing now, and get your 15% discount right away.