English Proofreading: In What Cases Students Need It


Our most devoted readers already know how to tell a respectable and reliable proofreading company from a newly opened one with no reputation as yet. Now it is time to figure out in what cases exactly students may need English proofreading online. Here we will outline several of them for everyone to see whether proofreading is a must right now. We will mention both generic situations and the specific ones. If you recognize yourself in at least one of them, it is time to seriously consider taking professional proofreading editing help.

English Proofreading Compensates For Poor Writing Skills

Poor writing skills can mean anything starting from lack of concentration when a person misses typos and going as far as inability to put thoughts down on paper. Each of these cases will benefit from asking for professional assistance, and let us show you why.

  • If an essay has only minor misprints that a spelling checker cannot distinguish, going through the whole document on your own is rather tedious. Nobody can be sure that they will spot the mistakes at first glance, while checking the paper twice or more will be even more undesirable since you already spent too much time on it. The solution is to order proofreading or editing services online (for correcting typos proofreading will suit best). It spares some time to relax after essay writing.
  • The second stage of writing poorly is making grammar mistakes here and there. These include missing punctuation marks, lack of subject/verb agreement and the presence of words used out of the context (idioms, colloquial phrases and inappropriate terms). But this is not the end of the world either; a proofreader or editor from Royal Editing can tackle this issue for less than 12 hours if the situation is urgent.
  • Then, when grammar mistakes are abundant and even structural ones start penetrating into an essay, this work will surely fail without profound editing. We do not recommend ordering proofreading in this case since it does not include improving structure. But our paper editing service will save the essay from failure because our specialists will polish it up to the best condition possible.
  • The last and the most serious problem can be described as a document that completely lacks structure and starts bearing a resemblance to a stream of consciousness (for those who are eager to avoid it, we advise reading our previous post on using transitions in academic works: http://royalediting.com/advanced-guide-to-english-transitions). Nobody will notice grammar mistakes even if there are some because it becomes too difficult for a reader to grasp the general idea, let alone to pay attention to separate words. Here we offer two options: the first one being editing which was already mentioned above in terms of ameliorating paper structure, while the second variant is rewriting which guarantees that your work will look nothing like we described above. Rewriting preserves the ideas of the essay, but completely changes its wording to create a new, clear and well-structured paper.

As you see, there are not such poor writing skills that Royal Editing cannot manage (we can even help you learn grammar to become an expert yourself in the nearest future: http://royalediting.com/useful-tips-how-to-practice-grammar-all-by-yourself). Our principle as a proofreading company presupposes taking up any academicals projects to make them better for our clients, and their satisfaction is our ultimate goal. If you want to get to know more about our company, feel free to browse through these articles devoted to our services:

Lack Of Time To Deal With Editing By Yourself

Creating an essay from scratch is already time-consuming, so proofreading it afterwards may be viewed as a further waste of time. However, it is not the reason to leave an essay without editing at all; it is only an occasion to reflect on delegating your duties to other people. Sending a paper for editing to us after having written it gives at least 5 benefits in terms of time saving.

  1. You can get the edited version of the document back as fast as it is necessary. Our deadlines start from 12 hours and can be prolonged to a week. Of course, the important point is that during this time you do absolutely nothing that is connected with the work.
  2. Our website is equipped with a chat window that enables to solve all urgent issues on the go. Want to receive answers within minutes? Then go to Royal Editing and enjoy the speed!
  3. Once the time that was meant for proofreading and editing frees up, you can fill it with other college subjects or give yourself precious moments of relaxation that we cherish so much in student years.
  4. Our customers can place several orders simultaneously, each with its own deadline. If you did the job yourself, you would not be able to achieve this productivity (unless you are as good at multitasking as Julius Caesar was, which we seriously doubt). But if we dig deeper, everyone indeed can improve their productivity to some extent by implementing time management techniques for students.
  5. Once the essay is ready, you will instantly get a notification. There is no need to spend time on your personal page waiting for the editing job to be completed.

Our customers really claim that with discovering our website they solved their problems connected with lack of time. The services are able to improve the quality of life by taking unnecessary burden off your shoulders. Try Royal Editing and see for yourself; we promise that every new customer will get a discount for choosing our company.

Lack Of Desire To Work On This Particular Topic

We always make a point of reminding that in order to create a flawless essay its author must be absorbed in the topic. All the efforts will yield much less results if a student does a research without enthusiasm. Thus, writing an essay on literature will be boring and unproductive for a student who is interested in the history of language rather than literary works. But educational systems can be cruel sometimes, and each of us who has a higher education at least once had to devote time to a project we did not like.

If it is absolutely impossible to change the subject, and, moreover, when an essay is already finished but you have no desire to check it for mistakes, proofreading services from Royal Editing come to the rescue. We have a group of professionals in different academic fields, so be sure that at least one of them will be willing to work on your project and will do it successfully. Success in college often depends on how enthusiastic we are about a certain job (find out how to be a successful student), so if you are not passionate at all about yours, pass it on to someone from our company. High results or a 100% refund in all other cases are guaranteed by our terms.

We have described three cases that indicate a student needs proofreading for an essay. If now you understand that ordering it will make your life easier and the grades higher, simply place an order. If you have any questions, or something in this article was not clear enough, our managers work around-the-clock to provide the best customer support service. Feel free to contact us any time to disperse any doubts and prove that that our company is worthwhile. Here are some other posts from our blog for students that show it: