Professional Editing Company

Royal Editing is a professional editing company that deals with various types of works. We have vast experience in this field, so each task that we perform looks like it was initially written by a competent writer. Our editors, apart from editing services, also offer professional proofreading, revision and rewriting. This post will give you detailed information on our range of services and guarantees, which you automatically get when choosing to cooperate with Royal Editing.

Our range of services


Editing is our top-ordered service. It is the most comprehensive correction of your work, which includes eliminating both typical mistakes and not so common ones. We will make your text correspond to the highest standards of academic writing:

  • Our editors will check your spelling and grammatical correctness.
  • We will find missing transitions between different ideas and add them.
  • Royal Editing ensures that all the references in your work are appropriate and presented in a right way.
  • We make sure that your formatting matches standard academic criteria (unless you indicate different ones).
  • Our editors may also offer slight changes to the structure of your paper in two cases. First, if it has unnecessary extracts that do not contribute to the development of your ideas. Second, if it is insufficient in arguments.


When performing proofreading, our editors keep structure of your work untouched. You should order proofreading only if you do not have complaints regarding your style of expressing thoughts and ideas. What we will do is correcting grammar, including punctuation, and spelling, including all kinds misprints. Royal Editing will ensure that your work is free from any minor errors, which would otherwise spoil the general impression your paper produces on its reader.


We also offer the service of revising academic papers. It means that we adjust them to the specific requirements of your professor. Most of the times your paper needs revision when you have not expressed the main idea properly. For example, a work may lack for clarity or explanations. Royal Editing makes sure that your paper complies with your supervisor's demands because otherwise you simply would not be able to get a good mark for it.


Writers from Royal Editing also provide you with rewriting services. Rewriting is the process of paraphrasing what you have already written. Why would you need it? Sometimes, when expressing themselves, people tend to beat about the bush. It will not do for an academic research. We can organize your work in such a way that all your statements appear clear and comprehensive. After our rewriting you will never have to answer questions like, what did you mean by this or that?

Our guarantees

Top-quality result

The result you get from an editing service in the first place depends on its staff. Let us show you why you can put your trust in Royal Editing.

  • We send your projects only to the most reliable editors. We have our base of specialists, comprising more than 1500 experienced writers, who are ready to check your works.
  • You can be sure in our professionalism because every editor we hire has been offered a test to show his skills. Of course, we work only with those who have completed it.
  • Ordering from Royal Editing, you have the right to request one of our top-10 employees. You have never been so sure in quality before!

Accordance with your personal instructions

When you upload a file for editing, you can include your personal instructions for our specialists. They will take them into consideration while working on your project. It enables you to meet the requirements of your academic supervisor, for example, if these requirements differ from the established rules.

Dealing with Royal Editing, you are also free to choose the professional who you want to work on your writing. In this way you can follow recommendations from you friends who have already made use of our services. It also helps you in the process of placing another order because you will be able to pick out the editor you have dealt with previously.

Money return policy

This policy guarantees you a complete refund in case you find imperfections in your edited work. It does not mean that we doubt our expertise. On the contrary, we want you to be sure that you get the best result. Therefore, you no longer need to hesitate before starting to work with our company.

Steady prices

Royal Editing gives you only transparent price lists! We are strictly against pulling the wool over our clients’ eyes. That is why you can get familiarized with our rates at any time, even before placing an order. If you need to know the specific price for your project, please address our manager, indicating the amount of work and the deadline. Alternatively, fill out the order form to get to know the total cost.

We emphasize that Royal Editing does not charge you per page. We calculate the cost depending on the number of words. It makes our prices transparent and eliminates any underhand dealing that you may have come across at other companies.

Completion before a deadline

We guarantee that your document will be delivered strictly on time. You have the opportunity to select your own deadline, starting with only 6 hours. It means that you can get the job done in 6 hours after the payment! Of course, you would have to choose a more remote option when it comes to a large amount of work, such as editing a PhD dissertation. But even here you can keep calm because your paper will be with you before the deadline comes.

As you can see, Royal Editing is not just another website in a series of online editing companies. We are devoted professionals, and we do our best to meet all your requirements. Our services include not only editing, but also proofreading, revision and rewriting of the highest quality possible. If anything is still left unclear after you have read this post, feel free to contact our managers, using our special form. We are always ready to provide answers to any questions in live chat.