Who Can Proof Read My Essay Cheap?


Students often ask themselves, who can proof read my essay cheap? There are a lot of websites on the Internet that offer paper editing services, but are all of them affordable? Of course not. You have to struggle to find a company which would combine two valuable features: reasonable prices and high quality editing. As for Royal Editing, it exactly meets these criteria. Ordering from our company, you get outstanding results that will not cost you a pretty penny. On the contrary, our clients can benefit from personal discounts and other pleasant surprises. Interested? Then keep reading this post.

How come Royal Editing offers inexpensive services?

A lot of people get suspicious when looking at our editing services rates. Allegedly, a respectable company cannot do quality work charging this little. But we are here to break this myth and to spill the beans how this website can successfully function and cover all its expenses while having affordable prices for customers.

First of all, every writer who works for Royal Editing does it from home. It reduces the cost of renting an office and allows us to have a lot of members in the staff without worrying much about their placement. It is convenient for the editors as well since they do not spend any time on commuting. You as a client get personal benefits from it in the form of cheap prices.

Secondly, we pay our specialists for the amount of work they do, not for the time spent on a project. It provides a source of motivation for proofreaders and editors to correct mistakes in papers quicker and once again reduces the cost of orders. Clients are charged only for the results, while idle time in-between two different orders is not covered for an employee.

Last but not least, we make a point of monitoring personal achievements of every proofreader to distribute work load among people who are really able to cope with it. For example, our managers take into consideration writers’ relevant work experience when allocating orders so that the task of finishing up a PhD thesis will end up with best thesis writing editors, not some holder of a bachelor’s degree. We remind you that each employee here possesses these professional qualities:

  • profound knowledge of English grammar;
  • several years of experience as an editor, a proofreader or a writer;
  • positive feedback from previous employers;
  • willingness to use time management techniques (by the way, here is an article on time management for writers; might be handy for always being on time with paper writing: http://royalediting.com/advanced-guide-time-management-tips-for-writers);
  • great skills of self-organization;
  • interest to professional development.

Our careful management almost reduces to zero the risk of receiving a money back claim from a customer. Since the number of paid orders is close to 100% at our company, we have no need to raise prices. All the expenses can be already covered by the sum we get for successful work. Discover more articles on dealing with our rates by following these links:

How to learn the cost right away?

We talk much about our cheap prices, but these words will mean nothing unless you see for yourself the cost of the services. Therefore, we encourage every reader to go to our order page and play around with the price calculator. Choose the service you would like to order from us, the deadline and upload a document.

Mind you that clients have to neither create an account nor place an order to get to know the price. The calculator works perfectly well for any website visitor and gives only accurate price values. No additional taxes or fees will be charged if you finally decide to place an order with the same options.

How to reduce the cost?

Would you believe that a company offering already low and appealing prices is willing to make them even more juicy? Because we are. If you want to check out these services for the first time, we are ready to provide a 15% discount code that can be found on our website. Enter it when uploading a document, and enjoy editing that becomes more and more affordable with every hint you get from us!

For those clients who want to pay as little as possible, we have prepared this plan of actions:

  1. Be careful about opting for urgency when selecting a deadline. At least try to stick with the remotest deadline that you could handle right now.
  2. Think twice about asking for additional services, such as dealing with top 10 writers. Order it only when you know for sure why it is necessary to choose the best.
  3. Proofreading and editing cost less than revision and rewriting, which is worth considering while picking out the service.
  4. An editor from the US saves 10% more as compared to the one from Great Britain.

Of course, all these tips are applicable when there is a pressing need to tighten your belt. Under normal circumstances, feel free to make use of additional services from Royal Editing that were designed to make a student’s life easier.

What should I do if the results of proofreading do not satisfy me?

It is depressing when having paid for professional services a client gets back editing all done in a slipshod way. To prevent this from happening at our company, we have devised a 100% refund system for those cases when an editor failed to do the job properly. This includes, for example, his inability to make it to the deadline. The money back policy guarantees satisfaction of each client, either by means of quality proofreading or by returning the money paid.

By the by, we have an article to help our customers always stay sure that their editor did a great job. Get familiar with a comprehensive checklist in one of our previous articles: http://royalediting.com/did-your-paper-proofreader-do-a-good-job.

How to recommend a proofreader to friends?

Cheap yet reliable paper editing services are rare nowadays, so no wonder a lot of our customers are eager to tell their friends about this godsend. If you are willing to boast positive experience of collaborating with us, feel free to share the link to our website using your social network accounts.

Moreover, catch the unique opportunity to recommend a specific professional from Royal Editing! Copy the ID of your proofreader who did a really good job, and send this number to a friend who is going to place an order from our online company. This exact editor will take up the order and do the same outstanding job you appreciated that much. With this option, it is extremely easy to make a friend of yours happy and free up some of his or her time. Why not spend it hanging out together since neither of you has to work on an essay?

Now you know the answer to the question who can proofread your essay cheap but without any loss in quality. Royal Editing always aims at the highest level of services, so choosing us again and again you will become convinced of that. It is a statistical fact that 4 customers out of 5 return to our company with further orders, which should give you an impression of how we treat our clients. Start working with us today, and get your portion of quality proofreading, appealing discounts and further insight into English grammar by means of our blog right away.

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