Our English Editing Service

We have already discussed with you why school and college papers need editing work a priori. The general idea is that people cannot be faultless and succeed in all spheres at once. It is not shameful if you do not get grammar right, especially when you work on your mistakes with the intention to fix them in the future. Meanwhile, we are here to help you in two ways. First, we are ready to undertake your editing concerns. Second, we keep our own blog with useful posts on grammar and editing, publishing there life hacks that simplify your academic life. In this article, we will tell you a bit about our English editors and their main tasks.

English editors: who are they?

We cannot vouch for other editing companies on the web, but English editors from Royal Editing are devoted professionals with vast academic achievements to their names. We do not hire people fresh from university with a bachelor’s degree and a confident smile. Royal Editing believes that skills come with experience. This is the reason why we fill our vacancies with PhDs, who know what’s what.

You may find it unbelievable and wonder what they are looking here for, these people with high academic expectations. Well, Royal Editing is a prestigious company, both for the clients and employees. We keep our editors highly motivated to perform only the most competent work, giving them bonuses and other perks apart from the salary. That is why in the end your projects go to people who:

  • have knowledge and experience in writing and publishing academic researches, and editing skills that go along;
  • have felt the importance of academic papers on their own back, and now know the probable cost of a single mistake;
  • are aimed at the result and ready to work harder if something requires greater efforts;

We hope there is no need to mention that we work only with native speakers: either from the USA or the UK. You can decide between these two options when filling out the order form.

Who needs an English editor?

Services from professional editors sound good and persuasive, but here is the question: who needs them? Probably, you are not ready to send in every minor piece of writing for editing as there will be a great pile of them till the end of your studies (although we would not mind dealing with all of them). Royal Editing has prepared two simple guides. The first one will describe who our potential customers are, while the second will show you when exactly you need English editing service most of all.

Our potential customers are:

  • freshmen, who are new in the world of academia; nuances of academic writing are still unclear for such people, so editing will help a lot during the first stages;
  • students who fail to understand grammar, no matter how hard they try – it is mostly true about technicians as compared to humanists;
  • non-native speakers, who use English as a primary language in their studies;
  • busy bees, who are willing to become successful in several fields, and that is why do not have time for proper revisions.

You need editing most when:

  • a vast project comes along, which requires a lot of efforts from you simply to write it, let alone to edit;
  • it is your first task from a particular professor, and you are not sure about his expectations; in this case it is better to prepare for the worst and polish your paper from A to Z;
  • it is your first work of the sort, and you doubt you could meet all the requirements.

If something of the above mentioned is true for your situation, Royal Editing is looking forward to hearing from you. We will help you make your academic opening brilliant, and will support you later on, too.

What does English editing include?

English editing from our company is a complex service, which enables us to produce a decent academic paper based on your work. What we get in the end is an elaborate project, created by your scientific knowledge and our editing professionalism.

When analyzing and improving your paper, our editors perform next checks:

  • Grammar check. There is no academic success with a poor grammar. Higher education suggests not only the ability to conduct researches, but also the ability to present them on a decent level. Grammar makes you work comprehensible and easy to read, while grammar mistakes pollute it considerably. Royal Editing will eliminate these weeds from your papers, giving way to the sprouts of your ideas.
  • Style check. Although the previous sentence seems fine for our blog, it would be unacceptable to include something like this in a paper. Academic style is poor in metaphors, idioms and conversational phrases and goes best without them at all. Our editors will check the style of your work and correct it if necessary.
  • Structure check. It is no secret that school and college papers are written by the plan. You must get used to developing your ideas consistently and with necessary transitions. Otherwise you would not meet one the established criteria. Professionals from Royal Editing know all these requirements by heart, and we quickly find and correct imperfections in your work structure.
  • Reference check. Presenting references in a right way, you avoid plagiarism issues. It is not enough to cite an author in a paper, you must do it as required. We know the nuances of citing other people’s work better than anyone else. Royal Editing will spare you from the problems with references.
  • Formatting check. This is the last formal criterion, which may influence the mark for your paper. Unless you provide us with specific instructions, we will choose the standard academic formatting for your work. Moreover, we will save the final file properly, so that it will be represented identically in different programs.

Our editing company presents a milestone in online editing due to our expertise and willingness to make commitments. The English editing you get here is not a result of our editors hurrying through your work just to get it over with faster. On the contrary, we promote thorough editing, aimed at your academic success. Trusting Royal Editing, you can be sure that all the mistakes will be eliminated, and your professor will not find any faults with your work. It is up to you to start improving the quality of your papers right now.