Ignorance of English Punctuation: Serious Consequences

Proper punctuation is crucial for successful communication. Despite the fact that many people use the informal ways of communicating, such as messages, chats and emails, where punctuation is almost never of consideration, the proper usage of punctuation still plays a vital role in professional world. The way we use punctuation often determines the way people perceive us. Moreover, it helps them to make an important decision whether they want to deal with us, either on professional or on personal levels.

You are right to guess that today we are going to discuss the role of punctuation in our lives, and how the ignorance of proper punctuation can have serious consequences. If you want to read more about rules of English punctuation, you can find some informative articles on our blog. For quite a while Royal Editing has been helping students and professionals to improve their writing, and proper punctuation is always the key element that our expertly editors focus on. If you want to learn, improve your style, grammar and punctuation, to turn your writing into the medium for achieving success in life, then Royal Editing is the right place for you.

How Much Bad Punctuation Can Cost You

We rarely think how much our usage of punctuation can tell about ourselves and our attitude. However, to other people, the way we punctuate, often gives some ideas about our cultural background, education level, intelligence and many other things. If you still have doubts about the importance of punctuation, read this list below, which will explain what punctuation stands for and how much the ignorance of it can cost you.

Punctuation means:

  • Style. What do you think style is? It is the way you dress, the way you talk, the way you hold yourself in front of other people. Your style is what creates the impression about you. And guess what? Writing is also the part of your style. The way you use words, grammar, spelling and punctuation is your writing style. And it decides what your readers will think about you. So what is your writing style? If you write carelessly, ignoring the basic rules of punctuation, people will decide you are careless in all other areas in your life. If you are precise, clear and attentive to details in your writing, this will also put a positive reflection on your image as a person and a professional. Poor punctuation can negatively affect all areas of your life, from romantic to professional;
  • Respect for the reader. Proper punctuation is so much more than just knowledge of grammar rules. It is also an expression of respect. When you write correctly and clearly it shows that you care about people who will read your paper and letter, it shows your respect to them. On the other hand, if you write sloppily, missing commas, ignoring the spelling, it will show your attitude towards your readers. It will mean if you don’t care about writing properly, you don’t care about them. And if you disregard their precious time they spend on reading your paper, why should they care about you and your writing. Thus, poor punctuation can cause serious problems in your academic and professional life and become a huge obstacle on your way to success. If you want to improve your writing and punctuation, contact us and we will find the ways that work the best for you;
  • Professionalism. Can you imagine a CEO of a large company who writes his corporate letters without using punctuation properly? Of course you cannot, because a person like that would never achieve such position. Good punctuation and correct usage of words is the sign of professionalism. All powerful people in any kind of business are good writers. They use the written words as tool to achieve the desirable results. If you disregard the punctuation you would never be able to convince people with your writing. Treat your punctuation marks the way you want your readers to treat you, with attention and care;
  • Clarity. The main purpose of proper punctuation is not to show that you are a well educated, professional person, who knows the rules. First of all, punctuation is needed to convey the ideas in a clear and precise way. If you misuse punctuation marks or completely ignore them, it can affect the meaning of the message you want to deliver to your readers. They might get a wrong idea and it can subsequently cause great troubles for you or your company. A misplaced comma in a business agreement can cost a company millions of dollars. Therefore, before you submit an important paper, make sure that all punctuation marks are at their proper place, and Royal Editing can help you with that;
  • Success. It often happens that writing is your only way to achieve a desirable success. It can be good grades for high school essays that would eventually land you in a college of your dream. It can be a dissertation or thesis that could help you to obtain the master’s or doctorate degree. It can also be a resume, a cover or a business letter. The examples are innumerable and they all prove what an important role written word plays in our lives. And sometimes, it can be that your punctuation is what stands between you and your success. Thus treat it seriously, if you want your writing to work for your success.

Improve Your Punctuation Today

It is clear now that punctuation plays a crucial role in our educational, professional and personal life. But what can you do, if you think that you have troubles in that section of English grammar? Here are a few things that can help you to improve your punctuation today:

Use online grammar checkers. Thanks to the modern computer technologies, you can try to fix your grammar and punctuation without browsing through thick volumes of grammar guides. When you write some paper, check it with an online tool of your choice. These machine checkers are not always correct, because they cannot perceive the meaning of your text. However, it is better than no punctuation at all.

Order professional editing service. This is the safest and the most secure way to make sure that your paper is free of stylistic, structural, grammar and punctuation mistakes. It is also fast and easily available. All you need is to upload your paper on our website and it will be edited within a day or sooner. Moreover, the prices are very moderate, that even high school student can afford first-rate editing services from Royal Editing.

Consult grammar guides and read articles on the blog. Even though learning can be time consuming, it will pay you off in the future. You can buy a grammar guide to have it always at your hand. If you don’t know how to choose a good one among so many, here is the list of grammar books that could become your Bible of English. Surely, you shall find one that would meet all your requirements. If you think grammar books are boring, you can read free articles on our blog. They cover various aspects of grammar, editing services and are written in easy, informative style.

Whichever way you choose, remember that proper punctuation is crucial for your success and its ignorance can have serious negative consequences in your life.