Proofreaders Will Show You How to Find Time for Everything

Royal Editing specializes in writing and editing services affordable for everyone. On this website, students can find a way to simplify their lives by ordering quality services from professionals. These include expert editing and proofreading (our bestselling services) as well as revision and rewriting. We encourage everyone to try them out because this will change your student life completely: from a situation when you have no time for either studies or socializing to the stage when you become a time-management expert.

Although we already have a post devoted to time management tips, it was meant for writers for the most part. In this article, we will dwell on how professional services help students to be on time. In addition, we will spill the beans and tell our readers how everybody can find enough time for everything. It is possible to spare an hour or two every day simply by saving several minutes here and there, but this time can give you an opportunity to discover really important or interesting things. So, here are our pieces of professional advice.

Proofreaders from Royal Editing recommend having a list of vital to-do things at hand

When you keep reminding yourself of big goals, it keeps you motivated to achieve them. The first step towards allocating time for different tasks reasonably is to have a list of priorities. What are your goals for the next year? Maybe, some of these?

  • Learn a foreign language (if it is English, make use of the article where we recommend the best grammar books).
  • Practice a musical instrument (which means having to find enough time it in the busy schedule).
  • Get a beautiful body (the matter of time and motivation, too).
  • Work on a relationship with a boyfriend, girlfriend or just friend (then you need time for reading psychological books and also time to spend with this person).
  • Write a thesis or dissertation (did you know that you could save hours on editing by choosing to cooperate with Royal Editing? Get to know the details of our offer by clicking on this link:

All these goals can be accomplished by means of clever time-management. And it begins with finding out which activities during the day are not so important after all. If your problem has to do specifically with academic writing, start with reading these posts:

Track your time-spending habits over a week

A week is enough time to understand your habits. Some people have no idea how many hours they spend watching TV, browsing through ads and meaningless articles, reading their news feed and so on. The first step in eliminating the unhealthy habit of wasting one’s time is to acknowledge that the problem exists and to what extent it is present.

What we suggest is keeping a diary for a week, in which by the end of each day you should write down all your activities that occupied you during the day but had to impact on the quality of your life. In other words, ask yourself a question, what unnecessary things did I do during the day? The list might include, but not limited to:

  • watching talk shows and commercials;
  • killing time on Twitter, Facebook or other social media for no particular reason (we do not mean that people should not chat with their friends, but in most cases time spent on such websites is not productive);
  • having empty conversations, especially the ones that leave you feel drained;
  • excessive computer gaming (taking a half-hour break for relaxing is OK, but a day in front of the monitor is a completely different story).

Once you know your enemies by sight, it becomes possible to think of ways how to fight them. Instead of talk shows, you can always watch educational programs. Social media can be replaced with reading good self-help books. People who have nothing more to talk about than weather and crises are not great friends, to tell the truth. Finally, computer games devour a great deal of your time, which could otherwise be spent on physical exercises or even professional development. Consider these possibilities carefully, while we move on to options how else one can spare some time for essential things.

Combine activities that do not require concentration with other things

One more key to efficient time-management is the ability to spot those activities that do not need your 100% presence. For instance, when you are standing in line, nothing bad will happen if you get distracted from the outside world and plunge into an audio book.

Here is the list of things that do not require much attention and concentration:

  • Physical activities (you can combine them with listening to books, motivational speeches on YouTube or thinking of a thesis statement for your essay – physical exercises do not prevent the brain from functioning, therefore we are able to train our muscles and at the same time use the power of our mind).
  • Cooking (you can watch educational programs in the background, speak with your friends and family using a hands-free headset or do any types of listening: starting with foreign audio books and ending with favorite music just to please the soul).
  • Driving a car (suitable for listening, too; some people managed to learn a language over a year or so simply by downloading and turning on audio lessons in their car instead of listening to the radio).
  • Standing in line or simply waiting for somebody or something (read a book on the smartphone or go to an educational app / online resource:; alternatively, do anything from the list above – there are already enough ideas for spending extra time wisely).

Delegate tasks to other people

We have two important resources in life, which are time and money. What is more, we can use time for getting money, but money will never buy us time, although if we come to think about it… A wise thing to do would be to invest money in something that saves our own time, and this is what Royal Editing calls effective task delegation.

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