Proofreader Rates: Where the Price Comes From?

Proofreading is intellectual work that requires a variety of skills. In order to become a qualified academic essay proofreader, it is not enough to get formal education. A specialist must take up special training and practice a lot to achieve decent results in this sphere. That is why some proofreading companies feel at ease to charge exorbitant prices, claiming that professional work cannot cost less. But Royal Editing can break this myth within the limits of this article. We will show you where our price comes from and how everyone can order quality proofreading and editing services without overpaying.

Proofreader rates are always based on calculations

First of all, it is important to remember once and for all that nobody can ever tell you the price for proofreading without carrying out at least basic calculations. Do not believe any ads that will promise a steady price for all kinds of work – it cannot be anything but a fraud.

Usually to get the final cost for proofreading, a company must take into account several aspects:

  • what type of academic writing this is;
  • what is its volume;
  • when the client needs it back;
  • what is the year of study for which the text is required;
  • what additional services are requested.

This list may vary a bit, but you got the idea. All these data merge together and only then it is possible to make calculations and to tell the price. Would it be logical, for example, to promise a cost without knowing the amount of work? Only novices in proofreading are likely to follow this strategy, but then again, why would you want a novice to work on a significant project for your college? Our regular readers know in what ways professional proofreading differs from amateurish. Thus, the conclusion is obvious: stay away from those companies and individual proofreaders who offer their services promising to keep the price the same for any order.

The importance of word count

The number of words in the first thing to consider before stating the price for any kind of editing services. How can anyone know the rates without knowing the amount of work? It has always been incomprehensible to our company.

Another pitfall is what unit of measurement is preferable: words or pages. There are instructions according to which one academic page equals 550 words with single spacing. However, some people can tell you that it is 500 or 600 words instead. It obscures the calculations drastically when it comes to setting a price for proofreading.

To avoid any possible misunderstandings, Royal Editing uses the following system of measurement:

  • we have a steady price for the first 275 words in a document;
  • after this limit is reached, each new word is taken into consideration and calculated separately;
  • rates for editing, proofreading (learn the difference between them by following this link:, revision and rewriting differ a bit, but you can get familiar with them all on the order page.

This system of calculations is transparent and understandable for customers, which makes Royal Editing a reliable paper editing service for students. We – or it is better to say our support managers – are ready to clarify whatever unclear payment-related moments you happened to come across on this website or in this post.

How to get a paper quicker

When do you need the essay back? We have all types of customers here, and their demands differ a lot. For example, we learned to differentiate three groups of students. It goes like this:

  • Some undergraduates, especially freshmen, are eager to get it over with as soon as possible, and they start their projects almost immediately after getting the assignment. For us, it is most convenient to work with such clients. They place their orders for proofreading in advance, and we do not have to rush things in order to be on time. Moreover, such an approach helps to save a certain amount of money because there is a strong connection between the price and the deadline. Whenever it is possible to place an order in good time, do it.
  • Then, there are students who do everything at the last moment, and in some cases they cannot even finish the essay itself, let alone its editing. The option to get the document back after 12 hours works only if you have this time. We advise such disorganized students to start taking care about their nerves, budget and peace of mind in general. By learning how to manage time efficiently during college years everyone can become more successful in their studies, save money on editing and proofreading (by choosing remoter deadlines than before) and always stay sure that there is enough time to bring all the tasks to a close.
  • Finally, the third type of students prefer the golden mean: they neither rush into things, nor keep putting their tasks off till another day. This strategy is one of the most efficient ones for students because it leaves just enough time to think through the future essay without having to write it at one stroke overnight. Usually the editing of such works is very resulting too – when we have a beautifully created text at the beginning, we can devote more efforts to bringing it to perfection, not rewriting every single sentence just because they sound extremely awkward.

Answering the key question of this paragraph, we can say that to get a paper quicker, you should select delivery within 12 hours. But to be logical and reasonable about it, consider shifting priorities and getting down to business right away when it comes to writing. Otherwise do not be surprised at higher proofreading rates.

Read more about our price formation here:

Additional services that improve the results

Another factor that influences the final price for an order is whether or not you need additional services from us. These include such tricky details as where the writer comes from, or if you want your professional to be on the list of top Royal Editing employees. Let’s dwell on each case separately.

As you know, the difference between British and American English is modest yet remarkable. Of course, there are some discrepancies in pronunciation, but they do not concern us in writing. What is important here is the spelling (color vs colour, theater vs theatre and so on), and the sentence structure (Has Jack got a new blue bike? vs Does Jack have a new blue bike?)

To be sure that your essay is edited according to the right English variant, feel free to use our option that attributes orders to writers from Great Britain. This service is paid – it will cost 10% more as compared to proofreaders from the US – but only this way you can be sure that the text corresponds to the grammar rules of British English (for those who want to get proficient in grammar themselves, we have a special post that enumerates the best grammar books:

Then, the second paid service of ours offers you to work directly with one of the top 10 writers on our website. To understand who needs this service, read the next cases:

  • If you have a large project, such as a thesis (while our guide to thesis editing somehow does not help), and all your academic future depends on it, then working with top editors is a reasonable step.
  • When the professor is extremely demanding, and you will not stand another revision from him, this service will help to submit a perfect paper from the first.
  • Some our clients are perfectionists themselves who think that every essay should be no less than flawless. If simple editing does not suit your temperament, order premium services that meet even the most severe requirements.

We recommend our clients to visit our proofreading company from time to time to check out new articles. Meanwhile, we promise to keep you up to date using our newsletter, the subscription to which is free of charge! Learn topical rules of English grammar, popular tips for organizing student life and much more – all this on our regularly updated blog. Finally, if there is an essay on your computer that desperately needs editing, feel free to send it in. Whether you decide to order additional services or not, be sure that work from Royal Editing is always above expectations. Read more about our company by following these hyperlinks: