Complete Guide to Thesis Editing

People who don’t use thesis editing services are very likely to fail at passing with the examination committee. And there are many reasons for that, which we are going to discuss today. First of all, everyone must know that using thesis editing service is not a privilege for rich. Today, every student or candidate for a degree can afford thesis editing services offered by Royal Editing. Our pricing policy is transparent and very friendly. Second of all, using thesis editing service is not a sign of your incompetence or inability to write well. It is rather an absolute necessity for those who care about their degree and future success it ensures. Thesis editing services from Royal Editing are both affordable and accessible. To place an order for professional and timely thesis editing service, you just need to upload your paper on our website.

To give you a clear idea of how thesis editing is done, we will guide you through all types of errors and problems Royal Editing can help you to fix.

Thesis vs. Dissertation

Wherever you go or whoever you ask, people will have different ideas of what a thesis is. And in fact, a clear definition of what thesis is cannot be given due to many factors. The thing is that every country and every educational establishment have their own understanding of thesis. But there is no need to worry, because if you have to write a thesis, your college or university will provide you with many pages of instructions and guides on how to compose a thesis.

Thesis is often confused with dissertation. These are both academic papers that are written in order to receive a certain degree. As a rule, thesis is more often used in regard of getting a bachelor’s or master’s degree, while a dissertation is linked to a doctorate degree. However, these standards vary from country to country.

Nevertheless, when you order a thesis editing service from Royal Editing, you don’t need to worry about different standards and approaches. All our editors are certified professionals, who have many years of experience editing academic papers, including theses and dissertations, from all over the world. They will know what is expected from your paper and will make sure to meet all requirements that your university or college presents.

Thesis Errors Royal Editing Can Fix

Each type of paper tends to have its own problems. So does thesis paper. It often has certain problems, which arise from the nature and purpose of the paper. Royal Editing is a first-rate professional at dealing with such problems and errors. Let’s take a closer look at them and learn how Royal Editing can help.

  • Structure. In academic writing, structure is the key word. A wrongly structured thesis can reduce your efforts to zero. However, Royal Editing is much familiar with structuring such papers and can help you to fix this problem in your thesis. Typical thesis must include: title page, abstract, table of contents, introduction, literature review, findings, and bibliography or reference list. It is quiet a big number of chapters, which involves days of structuring and organizing. You would need to spent a lot of time or have a previous experience, if you want to get the structure perfectly right. But there is always another option available for you. Just send your thesis to Royal Editing and we will take care of its structure;
  • Style is another crucial element of every academic paper, and thesis is among them. Royal Editing knows everything about proper style for each kind of paper. You can always rely on our editors when you are not so sure what the style is and how to apply it to your thesis. Style is often confused with register, which we will also discuss later in this article. In the case of academic writing, style is not about the language you use, but more about the visual presentation of your thesis. There exist various international, national and house (university or college) standards of styles, for example ISO, which give recommendations regarding the representation of numbers, quantities and units in the thesis, bibliographical references, layout, etc. There is no need for you to waste your time studying all these guides, because our editors already know all those requirements and can organize your thesis paper according to them;
  • Grammar. Of course, what kind of editing is possible without fixing grammar mistakes? Royal Editing is a real specialist on grammar. Our editors can help you to eliminate all sorts of typos, misspellings, such as misused homophones, to correct your punctuation and other grammar aspects. If you are not a native English speaker this option is a must for you, because you might use a lot of word constructions, which could be grammatically correct, but not natural to English language. Contact us and we will revise your thesis for language issues and send you the paper back with track changes, so you could learn from your own mistakes;
  • Academic register. In fiction and other kinds of writing it is called style, however in academic world it is to be called register. In contrast to informal of literary writing, academic writing must strictly follow a particular academic register. To put it in other words, academic register refers to the type of language you use in your paper. And since Royal Editing specializes on academic papers, you can be sure that our editors will get the words right for you;
  • Formatting is the last stage of organizing a paper and academic writing is particularly fastidious about it. Formatting involves everything connected to technical, visual organization of a thesis, for example, such aspects as line spacing, margins, font, etc. There is no universal formatting rule for every thesis. As a rule, you would receive a formatting guide from your university or college with particular instructions regarding every aspect of organizing your thesis. Flawless formatting is another element of editing process, which Royal Editing can do for you. For that you will only need to send us the formatting guide you got from your college and we will do all the tedious work for you.

To sum up, Royal Editing is an expert in revision, editing and proofreading of academic papers, and thesis in particular. As you were able to see from this short guide, thesis editing involves much more than just fixing grammar errors. Moreover, Royal Editing can also help you to edit your dissertation or any other long and complex academic paper. In addition, on our blog you will be able to find a lot of useful methods and information for improving your grammar and writing skills, as well as free essay samples. If you have any questions or suggestions, we would be happy to hear from you, just feel the contact us form at the bottom of the page.