Proofreading Essay: What Most Companies Would Not Tell You

Finding just the right English editing services at the beginning of your studies can change the whole course of your academic performance dramatically. All online companies promise only the best results. But can anyone be sure before placing an order and getting the paper back? Most students admit that experience shows there are much fewer reliable companies than it seems at first. Some of them will add additional taxes to your price, while others may let their clients down with the deadlines. What else can quick essay proofreading services hide from their potential customers? We conducted a whole study on this subject, and here are the results.

Essay proofreading: what is the final price for the service?

This is the most popular way of delusion, although it is hard to understand the thinking behind at first. The algorithm is quite simple:

  1. A client can get familiar with the price list on the website and plan finances according to it.
  2. The person places an order and proceeds to payment.
  3. Then, when the forms are filled, it suddenly becomes obvious that the price is not the one the client initially expected. At this point he finds out about additional fees, taxes and gets a price calculated by a totally different formula.

This situation is already unpleasant, but some companies go even further and ask for additional payments before letting the customer download his document. Such cases undermine the reputation of online services in general. Will you want to hire professional copyeditors online later on if such a scenario happened to you once? We hugely doubt it.

Royal Editing has a very strict pricing policy in order to avoid any situations mentioned above. First of all, we let everyone know that our prices are based on the number of words, not pages in the document. This approach is the only fair way to estimate the real amount of work.

Then, all additional fees that we charge are clearly indicated in the order form. When a customer decides to use one of our premium paid services – such as choosing a writer from Great Britain or working with a member of top 10 team – the percent adds up automatically to the final cost, and you can see the price for it right away. It is convenient, and at the same time it saves our clients from frauds and misunderstandings.

Here are more articles in this section that describe and illustrate the principles that our company adheres to:

Who works on your order

There is only one way to save some money on essay editors and proofreaders at an online company, which is to hire people who ask little for their work. Obviously, this kind of employees are mostly students themselves who want to find a part time job to cover their expenses. It provides a seemingly perfect strategy that uses cheap workforce, but it is high time people thought about the quality of such work.

Undergraduates are not the type of specialists who should be entrusted with college editing tasks. Yes, they have been in this sphere for a while, but they do not have necessary qualifications to perform academic assignments for others. Undergraduates only learn how to cope with this workload, so the only suitable option here is to hire somebody who already has a higher education degree. If you still wonder if professional proofreading differs from amateurish in any way, this article will dispel all the doubts:

At Royal Editing our HR managers handpick professionals with degrees and experience who are surely to manage all orders that you, our dear customers, decide to place on this website. This is the only way we can make you trust our proofreading company. To rely on facts rather than abstract promises, we have prepared a list of requirements that each member of our team meets:

  • Proofreaders from Royal Editing are holders of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in different areas of studies. For the most part, we give preference to graduates from linguistic departments, but if an applicant with a different diploma shows perfect knowledge of English grammar – what it is and how to use it properly – then why not?
  • All writers who are currently employed had to pass a writing test before being accepted. In this way we could check their knowledge in practice, so that our clients will not be disappointed on receiving their documents.
  • We make sure that writers improve their competence by way of training. They keep up to date with the requirements of different academic citation styles (here you will find a quick overview of citation styles for English college writing) and regularly take part in grammar courses as well. There is no limit to perfection; at least this is what we believe in at this company.

We have one more special feature that other websites are unlikely to offer. It is the ability to request a particular writer from the whole group of our professionals. This option is helpful in several cases:

  • There is a heavy project that is better dealt with in parts. This mostly concerns theses and term papers because nobody can manage to write them at one go. (By the way, we have an article with lots of practical advice that explains how to prepare yourself for such a tremendous amount of work as thesis writing – It is natural that you would want one person to edit this text all along, so Royal Editing suggests working with a certain writer. After submitting the first part, note what ID your writer has, and simply opt for this very professional every next time.
  • When your experience with our company is worth sharing with friends, it is better to recommend them a particular writer rather that the website in general. This way both you and your friends will be 100% sure that proofreading and editing will be nothing but the top-notch job.
  • Finally, if a friend of yours recommends Royal Editing for academic purposes, specify the writer’s ID to work with the same specialist.

Thus, it is extremely easy to use this option on our website, and we surely have no intention to hide the best professionals from our clients.

Refund options

Another aspect that can turn out to be a pitfall at editing companies is the conditions for a refund. Always look for official terms and conditions in order not to make a floater. Our refund cases are the following:

  • Clients are eligible to get their money back if we fail to deliver the order through our fault. You know that it is up to every individual customer to pick out a deadline, while our concern is to stick with it. That is why we are ready to pay a fair price for the failure to do it.
  • We are also ready to solve any problems that have to do with double payments for the same order. If you accidentally did this, get in touch with our managers as quickly as possible to get the money back. Note that the maximum delay in this case is only 12 hours, so be attentive at checkouts.
  • Our customers are also free to change their mind and retract their orders, while we will be willing to return the money, but only if the order is not finished yet and there is more than 50% time left to the deadline.

As you see, refunds are not a problem at Royal Editing, and your rights will not be violated in any way on this website. If further questions about refunds remain, support managers are available around the clock to clarify any details.

Do you have any other ideas what companies that offer proofreading essay may hide from their customers? Or maybe you happened to become a cheatee on some other online website? Share your story with us so that we can suggest further tips how to be the gainer all the time when ordering proofreading services. We have much more life hacks for you, so stay tuned for our updates. Also look through our previous posts to learn more what is going on at the company once you decide to pass on some academic assignment to our professionals: