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For those, who are on this page for the first time, we are the leading editing & proofreading service that can make your life easier! Our major customers are English-speaking students from all Earth corners, as they know for sure where they can get a professional assistance of certified editors. We hope, it’s understood that it isn’t a big deal for us to edit paper, same goes for proofreading, rewriting, and revision. Universality, quality, and affordability are the three pillars of royalediting.com that make our services the excellent alternative for the homemade papers check or the absence of the latter. The price is another merit of our Company as cheap but quality editing or proofreading services are at a premium on today’s market of Internet writing services. Of course, it could be hard to navigate through the dozens or even hundreds of similar sites offering you the same services, and claiming they are the best first. However, after reading a few posts about the subtleties of choosing the trustworthy website (for example, this one can be of help: https://royalediting.com/choosing-a-proofreading-site), it becomes easier to make up one’s mind and choose royalediting.com as the most appropriate option. Why? We are not just able to bring your paper to perfection, but share our priceless experience with you as well to ensure every site visitor uses this possibility to become a bit better in editing!

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Learn to Check Your Writing with the Best Professional Proof Reading Service!

After a hard work on the paper content, almost every person (believe me, our experts aren’t an exception) tend to get too cozy: the time is left, the most of work is done (apparently). So, how do you think, what an average student will do? The correct answer is he/she just forget about this assignment until the passing date, and if you gave another answer, you’re probably a kind of studyholic, hence, all you should do is to find the efficient ways to relax.

It was a joke, naturally, and if you always keep in mind your to-do list, good for you! However, from time to time even the most industrious students may be overwhelmed by the great responsibility that studies bring, thus each of us should strive to facilitate the routine tasks we have to do day in and day out. For students, one point of this list definitely consists of editing of school/college/university written assignments. As the ability to correct your own mistakes properly is the real key to success! This is exactly the reason why you should check the blog posts at royalediting.com that contain not only the finest rules of English grammar even native speakers tend to forget about, but also new fresh editing, proofreading, rewriting or revision tips, including this post, as we are about to give you step-by-step strategy of paper check.

Before proceeding with the complex process of paper check, make sure you’ve planned the time rightly, thus, you have enough time to go through each of the phases, mentioned below.

1. Make sure your brain had enough time to rest. After you’ve finished the writing, put your essay down for a day or two (the number of days varies from case to case, but in general, when you stop being sick of your essay is exactly the moment to start editing). It would be perfect, if you completely forget about it, therefore, might be able to take a fresh look at your writing, when the right time comes. Unwind, or change the activity, focusing on the other subjects or assignments. Remember that one of the greatest ways to avoid the overextension is to alternate writing, reading, and learning, to give your mind the chance to «switch». However, don’t try to do everything at once! Numerous studies have proved the destructive effect of multitasking, hence, don’t harm yourself and your brain!

2. Print your essay out. The automatic proofreading programs over the Internet or MS Word that highlight the obvious mistakes, of course, aren’t above the law, you may check your writing through these devices first, nevertheless, every piece of writing just must be thoughtfully and vigorously checked by a human. Therefore, print your essay out, as it is so much easier to see the mistakes on paper, not on a laptop screen.

3. Play teacher. Pretend you see this essay for the first time, and you have no idea what it goes about, what did the author mean by choosing these words, and what he/she wanted to emphasize by this comparison. Do everything possible to get away from the student who wrote this essay yesterday, be strict, be ruthless, stand ready to eliminate the mistakes. Armed with the grammar books (this list will be your helper: https://royalediting.com/these-grammar-books-can-be-your-bible-of-english), you will be able to correct the slightest mistakes or grammatical inaccuracies, as a real teachers/professors do.

4. Make sure your writing flows. This step rather refers to the content of your essay. Read it out loud for several times to make sure it’s flawless, or to identify the problem extracts. Highlight them if you have some (if you haven’t, good job!) to prepare a basis for further work. Don’t ignore constant solution ideas that may come to your mind immediately after the problem’s identification (as a practice shows, they are frequently the best ones), and make notes right there. Highlight the sentences, phrases, or even whole paragraphs that you don’t like. Perhaps, they should be deleted, rewritten, or just moved elsewhere. What is more, our experienced online proofreading company highly recommend you to check whether all ideas or notions are completed, otherwise, you should add more information to expand them. Don’t be afraid of working on your essay a few extra hours, if you are aimed to create an excellent essay, it will do you good!

5. Pay attention to the style. One of the roughest mistakes a student can make (except for orthographical ones in simple words) is violating essay format and style. Remember this unbreakable rule: before embarking on writing, you must have a clear idea of what is expecting from you in this essay. To reveal it, first google everything you can find about your essay type (yep, there is more than one essay kind and you should be familiar with each of them), then, if something is still unclear, don’t hesitate to question your prof showing him/her a certain amount of work you’ve already done. Actually, the 24/7 editors for students know from their experience that this strategy may lead you to success and clarify a plenty of blind spots, as the majority of instructors/supervisors/tutors/professors/teachers can’t help sharing their knowledge with the needy, this is their nature. Therefore, the best solution is to keep your eyes and ears open, listening to the prof’s explanations.

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Returning to style issues after such digression, take a close look at the words’ choice, as they are the main style-forming elements of your essay. Try to avoid the ambiguous terminology, unless it has a stylistic effect. Therefore, don’t forget to replace ambiguous words by appropriate ones (check the dictionary in the long run) while editing. Get rid of the words that violate the chosen style, or are useless in terms of an idea transmission (like the phrase you’ve just read).

Check whether your essay is well structured. Every essay type has its own formatting and structure rules, thus, know them like the back of my hand to write a quality paper.

6. Time to proofread has come! So now you’re sure everything is okay with the content, and it’s time to think about the form. You’ve already used the services of an automatic proofreading machine, and tried to correct the grammar mistakes yourself. This stage is aimed to identify if you’ve missed something. Re-read your essay out loud after a pause paying attention to the spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Is everything in the right place? Read every sentence attentively, make pauses according to the comas placed before, and check their correctness. If you have any doubts about the spelling of some words, spend a few minutes on typing them into your search engine to make sure you wrote them correctly. Double check your writing to avoid typos, as you may get «in» instead of «is», and no proofreading program will highlight it in red.

7. Feel free to ask for help. No one is safe from the emergencies, thus, remember that there is at least one person ready to help you 24/7, the best online essay editor from royalediting.com who provides copy editing and proof reading services. We understand each of you, we involve a personalized approach that is intended to meet the requirements of every customer, we offer only high-quality services for your papers that will surely make you stand out from the crowd. Ask us to edit your writing, and we will gladly polish it!

In the long run, good editing services speak for themselves, and this is the case of royalediting.com. We may remember the dozens of our merits, but it would be only the words, the best way to check the quality of our services is to try them yourself! Still hesitating? Read the testimonials of the students from the US, UK, and Australia, who were brave enough to place their first order and they were right!

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