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With, the question where to find qualified writer and editor able to cope with the avalanche of your college tasks isn’t pressing anymore! The leading сompany provides the timely and quality study assistance to any student who really needs it. The only thing you need to do is to let us know what challenges are you facing at the moment, thus we can choose the right expert for you. The request: «Edit my essay» will «activate» careful editors, the words: «Proof my paper» is the wake-up call for accurate proofreaders, and your appeal for rewriting services makes us find the best rewriter. Anyway, we encourage every website visitor to start the conversation via the live chat with the experienced online support representative, who knows our services like the back of his/her hand. Therefore, royal support agents will surely make clear the type of work you are interested in (you can ask to edit, proofread, revise, or rewrite your paper), resolve any problem (including your current order’s issues) or dissipate the doubts about our editing company. Our company works around the clock, thus, don’t be afraid to disturb us, for our team it’s always a great pleasure to help you!

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Why Is Our Online Editing & Proofreading Company Trust Worthy?

Every student, who turns out to be at, starts to evaluate whether this company is worth being trusted, as the trust issues are crucial before paying for one or another service. If you explore site pages trying to find out more information about us, kindly take the valuable advice from our team: the easiest way to do this is to refer to the blog section where the online writing editors publish the posts on different subjects, including «Services», «Samples», and «How to» categories to make the site navigation easier. What does it get you? You will have the opportunity to see the examples of our writing first, you may use the information on our company taken from the posts to get to know us better second, and you are welcome to learn from the experience of royal editors third, as we do not hide our desire to share it with you. Feel free to click on the «How to» category to see the list of available posts that address the various topics starting from editing, proofreading or rewriting secrets to the tricky rules of English grammar. Want to see an example immediately? How about learning to construct the perfect paragraphs with the help of Hence, obviously, it’s not recommended to neglect the blog section, as you may find a plethora of informative and instructive content there!

Returning to the trust issues, according to the royal editing team, it is better to give you the chance to read the necessary information below, than seek it yourself on the expanse of our site. Of course, that doesn't preclude the possibility to find out the additional information. However, we have prepared the seven reasons why relying on royalediting is the wise decision and explained the details of our work at the same time for your convenience.

1. You can get your money back in every instance. Add this fact about our editing service to the list of facts every student should know. We are supposed to say that in our experience, there were almost no cases of dissatisfied clients, who demanded a refund. In general, a disgruntled customer is a nonsense for the royal editors’ team, as we are here to meet your requirements fully, and kill your teacher with a flawless writing. Our main purpose is to deliver your excellent paper on time, thus, we do our best not to let you down.

2. Free revisions go without saying. After the paper delivery, every customer has a legitimate right to get an unlimited number of free revisions, if the writer missed a thing in the initial instructions or done his work poorly (that is not acceptable for our company!) As much as our college essay editor would like to be ideal for you, we are all humans, so from time to time even the most experienced members of our team can make mistakes. We assume the full responsibility for the quality of your paper, thus, even if we make the mistake, we stand ready to correct it 24 hours a day, hence don’t judge us severely. Kindly take for a spin that you may ask for the revision in the period of 14 days after the paper delivery, thus, don’t forget to check the writing right after you have downloaded the file from your e-mail to reveal the possible problems.

3. Plagiarism-free rewriting is guaranteed. Every paper that we rewrite has 100% originality. It is an unbreakable rule of royalediting service. The main purpose of these services is to ensure the absence of plagiarism, our rewriters’ team easily deal with it, as they mastered the secrets of rewriting long ago, and don’t stop practicing day in and day out to meet the highest standards of essay quality you. What is more, together with the affordable rewriting service you may get the plagiarism report absolutely free to make sure your paper is original! The brilliant offer from our company to every student who is in need for such type of work.

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4. Feel free to track the order’s progress. Frequently, customers place an order and forget about it until the deadline comes. However, it’s quite normal that a client is eager to know the order’s progress. At they have such possibility: they may use the message box integrated to the order to ask his editor directly or contact the support via the live chat as they also have an access to the system. Please, note that usually, it takes some time to get the writers’ answer, meanwhile, there is always a support team in the workplace to process your requests in no time.

5. Diversity of services are waiting for you. We can do everything except for writing from scratch, thus, don’t ask us: «Can you do this for me», the answer will be yes! Rewriting, editing, proofreading, and revision are at your services at If you see no difference between these, please familiarize yourself with this post (, where one of our editors compares the editing and proofreading services. Furthermore, you always can refer to support agent as a last resort, and we will be glad to help. Also, find the section «Plans and Pricing» on the main page of royalediting, where you can click on the service you require to see its detailed description. Our company offers many opportunities to clarify the issues you are interested in and pose the questions crucial to understand our policy.

6. Friendly support is online 24/7. In this post, we have said much about support. Maybe even more than is required. Nevertheless, royalediting support representatives are, in fact, the first people you should address if any issues. Don’t forget about it. We, in our turn, try our best to streamline the work, to become better every day. For the regular clients, our advantages are so obvious that they come back to us again and again, excited about the quality we give to every customer. The support crew, who is aware of the possibilities given by and your order’s details, will explain you everything you want to know in simple words. They would contact you if something went wrong during placing an order and inform you of the paper progress. Start the live chat to ask your questions and be pleasantly surprised by the quick and informative response!

7. Discounts are available! One of the basic principles of our company is to find a personal approach to every client, that affects the pricing policy as well. We have the rule: if a customer asks for a discount, we will give it to him/her! Ask our support about the special offers available for you to get disposable, reusable and even lifetime discount for the order!

To sum up, it’s understood that this list isn’t complete as the plethora of other merits can come to mind when we think about the reasons to be trusted. However, our services speak for themselves! The quick essay editing & proofreading company opens the great possibilities for you. They will literary blow your mind by the profitable prices and superb quality of any service you order. Get your perfect service at!

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