Proofreading Prices – How To Pay The Right Price


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How to choose the proofreader and how to know about proofreading fees?

However, which advice and steps should follow the people, that are looking for the proofreader? Which qualities should he/she have? A lot of people ask their friends and relatives in order to get any feedback about this kind of service. There are a lot of accidents when people paid their money, but they did not get the result, which they wanted to get. Here, in this article, you can find all needed advice about how to choose the right proofreader, the price you should pay and for what. It is important to pay only for the needed service and the paper, which are well-checked.

Who is the proofreader?

The proofreader is the person, who checks the translation of the paper from foreign language to the native one. The proofreader should check the paper very attentively. You should remember that not all proofreaders can do their job perfectly. Some of them can say that even “every word” of the translator is not correct. Because of this fact, the proofreader should tell the translator that this option is not correct in the paper and how it is required to change it. Also, the great work of the translator should be highly rated. It will show that the proofreader is qualified and can honestly rate the work of the translator. The detailed information about the different prices of our services you can find here:

Which qualities should have the proofreader?

If you wish to work as a proofreader, you should be flexible enough. It is needed to understand that every person is unique and everyone has his/her own style of explanation, translation and so on. The proofreader should change the paper only in the case, it the quality of the paper will be increased a lot. In all other cases, there is not any need for the proofreader to change the paper only if he/she has another point of view of the translation. The main point of the different papers is the quality. The proofreader should do all possible to provide the client with the high-quality paper.

Here you can find the list of different qualities of proofreader, which can help you to understand if the person is qualified and have all needed knowledge to do the job well.

So, the qualities of the ideal proofreader are below:

  • The proofreader should always check the whole text. Even if you work with the special translator for a long time, you should always check the paper from the beginning to the ending in order not to miss some important detail because of your inattention the quality of the paper can be decreased. In case, if the paper is translated great, the proofreader should just admire it and you will be able to see, that this person is really qualified in this sphere and can rate the work of another person.
  • If the proofreader finds, that the translation is not good, it is better to give the translator the second chance for editing the paper and only after that to check it on his/her end.
  • Do not criticize a lot. It is important to understand that the proofreader can criticize only those translators that do not understand their job and do not do it well and he/she can find a lot of different mistakes in the paper. The proofreaders for essay checking should not translate the paper instead of translator and because of it, the paper should be returned to translator for additional checking and editing.
  • It is required to understand the position of the translator. If there is the strict deadline and the translator got only a few hours or days for the huge part of work, it should be understandable that the quality of the paper cannot be the ideal one. And it does not mean that the translator does not know how to work properly, it means that for the translation of different complicated themes he/she should have more time. The translator is the same human as you and because of it, you should understand him/her. Also, if you are interested in the price of service, you can check it any time you wish on our site.
  • All critic should be explained. It is not enough when the proofreader says that something is not correct. He/she should explain what exactly and why. Also, he/she can suggest some examples how it is possible to be done, but it should be changed on the translator’s side. If it happens for the first of second time – it is ok, but if you notice that the same translator makes the same mistakes for a long period of time, you should tell the client about it because it will be better to change the translator in this case and increase the quality of the paper or the essay. Also, if you wish to proofread the dissertation, for example, this paper will be helpful for you:
  • The proofreading gives the great chance to share the experience as with the proofreader as with the translator. The proofreader can find a lot of different important things and moments in the translation, which can be used in the future in other papers. If you want to reach the success, you should be able to analyze every paper and take all important moments for your experience.

The paper without proofreading is just the technical translation. If you wish to get the quality paper, which is the same as the original one, please feel free to contact us and our professional proofreader online will be glad to check the paper for you. The main focus of our specialists in to make the client satisfied. You can be sure that our team is:

  • Attentive;
  • Responsible;
  • Qualified
  • Punctuative;
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If you wish to find the proofreading company to place order, you should visit our site. Also, if you wish to find more detailed information about proofreading, you can check some of the articles below, which you can find on our site: