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Dissertation Editing & Proofreading Service: Know Who, Know Where, Know Why

How often do you let yourself to relax and ask for study assistance? While you are trying to count the number of times, you sought for professional advice to fix your studies, our experienced thesis editing service that works on the market of online academic services for almost ten years is eager to draw your attention to our numbers that will speak better than any words. Day in and day out more than one hundred students contact us via the live chat to reveal the details of the Company functioning, ask questions they are interested in or leave the feedback. Many of them appreciate our blog section, where the experts publish a sort of mini-guides to English grammar, spelling, and orthography, in addition to useful habits for learners or secrets of successful editing and proofreading. These instructive posts will do a good job not only for international students who should master the English language but for native speakers too, as the professionals from write about the subtleties and complexities of the language that even native speakers don’t comprehend. To give you an appropriate example, what do you know about transition words? If not much, you must refer to this instructive post with basic rules of their usage: If these grammar tips help you to upgrade your grammar skills, don’t hesitate to explore other blog posts, written just for you.

Now returning to the issue of numbers, more than half of new website visitors stay to place their first order and get the qualified academic help, highly appreciated by our Regular Customers. If you are going to follow their example, we recommend you to find out every detail of your future order first, as the price is influenced by the type of service you need, the length and academic level of your paper and required deadlines, and only after then to fill in the order form. If can't sort out what type of work you really need, feel free to send a message with your question via the live chat, and our support that works around the clock to response rapidly will explain you the difference between the services, presented on our main page, and help to choose the right one. Take it from our experience: it is always easier to spend a few minutes on chatting with support to reveal what you really need instead of changing the initial instructions of your order, recalculating the price and making an additional payment or returning a particular sum of money back to you.

Who Will Proofread Your Articles? (or Whatever You Have There)

When you are about to use the services of editing, proofreading or rewriting, one of the essential questions that rise is will my paper get into the hands of professional? We fully understand the great expectation every Customer places on our site, therefore, only the best from the best editors who went through numerous tests tasks and demonstrated the impeccable knowledge of the English grammar and the flawless English spelling, work on our team. It doesn’t mean we don't hire young people, we welcome them to become the part of the royalediting team in case if they have one passion – language. In this case, the mostly theoretic writing skills acquired during studies will be applied in practice under the diligent leadership of more experienced editors. Thus, you shouldn’t worry about the quality of services, as our qualification, practical skills, ability to work hard and concentrate on subject, accuracy, conscientiousness, industriousness and, all in all, endless love to the English language, are the factors that ensure the highest quality of paper check, and the great success, as a consequence. This way, our Company combines the traditional and innovative work approaches, keeps up to date, not only by enquiring about the latest tendencies of the youth culture but by being its integral part as well, without losing the professional qualities. We will find a personal approach to every Client, anticipate one’s desires, and meet one’s requirements fully!

Where Can You Find Essay, Thesis or Research Paper Proof Reading Services?

Here, of course! If you are in search of professional editing services, you have found the right page to solve your study problems! Short and memorable Internet address is your best option to release from study routine and get your paper checked for grammar and spelling. You fill in the order form: select a required service, enter an e-mail for stay in touch with our team, upload the file (our service will count the words automatically) and stick (or not) the additional options (you may choose an editor either from the US or the UK, and hire one of top 10 best editors). At a prearranged time, you will get a paper checked by the academic essay proofreading service on your e-mail. Yeap, it’s that simple! You don’t even need to get off the cozy couch, this is one of the biggest advantages of living in the 21st century! A few clicks, a few days spent waiting (depend on your deadline), and you get a flawless paper, no questions asked, no unnecessary movements made.

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Why to Choose Royal Editing & Proofreading Service That Work Online?

Some of our Regular Clients have confided to us that before taking a decision of starting to cooperate with, they weighed the pros and cons carefully, as they were simply afraid to entrust their money and personal information to the website administrator. Nevertheless, they made up their mind and chose the only possible way to fix the study situation without paying a heavy price: stresses, fatigue, and exhaustion. Despite, every team member is highly professional mistakes finder, we aren’t the real grammar Nazi who chose the aggressive way of pointing out a person’s grammar weaknesses ( We never judge a person by the number of mistakes he or she makes. For the team of meticulous editors and proofreaders, your peace of mind is above all. So, proceeding to the question why to choose us, let us give you the opinions of our Returning Customers, students just like you, taken from their testimonials left at

So, why to choose

1. Availability. Our service is open 24/7 to meet your requirements timely and quality. At any time of night and day, a team of editors, proofreaders, rewriters, support agents, and administrator are on the guard for your highest grades. Your order will be processed immediately and a professional will start working on it to complete a paper as soon as possible. In addition, you can always request the information on your document progress from the support agents, hence, if you can’t fall asleep without making sure everything is okay, feel free to start a chat with our essay editing and proofreading service.

2. Low prices. We have already mentioned this fact briefly. Now let us stop here to inform you of the possibility to get a good discount on your paperwork. Use discount code mentioned on the main page of and get your first 15% off for the services. Besides, we didn’t stop to surprise our Clients, they have the real chances to get a letter with a hot holiday discount from the specialists of, as we appreciate every our Client and want to do our best to provide the most convenient conditions to you.

3. All types of services except for writing. As it often happens, today we need one service, tomorrow – another, thus, we have gathered editing, proofreading, revision and rewriting, all in one place, to free you from the necessity to use several services on different websites. The best website that fixes grammar is at your disposal. Register once and get all in one!

4. Confidentiality. The issue you shouldn’t be stressed about at all! Your email address is the only thing we need to keep touch with you. We don’t ask the questions, so you can be sure nobody will reveal the secret of your flawless papers and excellent writing style!

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At last, only the big enthusiasts who adore this work may spend hours in front of the screen editing papers. And only the big enthusiasts work for We put our soul into every essay, every thesis, every assignment checked. No wonder we maintain the leader position in the sphere of academic writing. We appreciate every our Client, feedback or comment, as you and only you are able to make us better! In our turn, we will improve your study situation in no time! The only thing you should have done a long time ago is to address the professionals from!