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The fact that you are scrolling this page of essay edit company online may be the indicator either of your natural curiosity or study difficulties. If it is the second case, which service do you exactly need? The deep editing, intended to correct not only spelling and grammar mistakes but also the phrases order, sentences structure, and makes sure the message is conveyed appropriately. Or maybe, the proofreading, that guarantees to make any paper free from slight mistakes in the shortest terms. Are you in search of a good service to order the complete revision and improvement of your draft? Or you have already written your essay but it has not enough originality to please your teacher? Than the assistance of professional rewriter will do a good job for you! If at least something of the diversity of services, mentioned above, is right for you, you are welcome to have a closer look at our professional papers editing performed only by the qualified specialists in this sphere. The perfect paper is not a dream but a reality every student can get with the help of! Say goodbye to the long evening or sleepless nights spent with the written paper in attempts to check it. Say goodbye to the mistakes, made during the writing and not checked as the majority of students, frankly, pay not enough attention to this process or even neglect it at all. Not to mention the vision problems – that can't always be fixed with the help of simple tips to protect your vision – because of constant peering in the monitor of your laptop as near all young people ignore the necessity to print the paper out for their own convenience and better proofreading quality. Our service is the real lifeline to save you from the vortex of study tasks and give the opportunity to take a breath.

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The Best Paper Editing Presents the Things We Never Do

After such a brilliant introduction, probably you expect to see the list of our merits or the detailed description of our advantages, the benefits a client can have from accepting our study assistance, at least the others editing companies will present these points anyway. But another «marvelous» story about the merits is banal and boring. If you still want to know more about the benefits of the editing and proofreading company, check this article:, however in this post we want to emphasize our «don’ts», the thing you won’t definitely get by using the services of our experts.

We don’t allow the mistakes to slip. It goes without saying that the essential task of our students' helper is to edit or proofread your paper, not to pretend we have done it. That's why the quality always goes first. Whatever deadline we have, whatever is the paper length and difficulty, whatever subject – it will be free from mistakes at any rate. If we have to work at night to complete your order, we will do it without hesitations! If we have any issue during checking your paper, we will get the best English grammar books whatever it takes to ensure the editing of your work is impeccable.

We don’t edit your paper single-handedly. Two pairs of eyes are obviously better than one thus we make this statement work for us. The editors aren’t the machines hence nobody is safe from making a mistake. To nullify the possibility to skip the mistake or inaccuracy, we prefer to check it twice by two editors. Such correction ensures the absolute absence of errors. One more innovation, we are starting to practice, is a kind of editors’ brainstorm, where they organize a roundtable to correct the paper, rewarding the most active one, who will input all discussed edits and refine your work. The main advantage of this way to edit or proofread your grammar is in its rapidity and high effectiveness as every editor presents his or her opinion about how it is better to improve the paper and only the best ideas are left. In addition, this brainstorm helps to have a really objective look at your work, so you can't be afraid that somebody will delete the phrase or paragraph just because he or she haven't gotten it.

We don’t hire incompetent workers. One more time – the quality is our priority so it’s evident that recruiting unskillful employees is not in our best interests. The most of the people working in the company have the strong competence in English language and literature in addition to the wealth of experience. On the other side, we are always pleased to welcome the novices with the potential and strong desire to make students works better and facilitate their life! So if you feel you are crazy about the grammar and want everyone to follow its rules, probably you are the true grammar Nazi and the job in the sphere of editing, proofreading and revision will be your golden ticket (but don’t forget to weigh the pros and cons of proofreading work online)!

We don’t use proofreading tools to proofread. Some young people are sure for some reasons that all the employees of editing and proofreading services do is to upload their paper into one or another proofreader online, make a few mouse clicks, download it and send to a client. The most common students’ misconception that makes them think: «Why to pay for proofreading if I can get it for free?». Of course, you are free to use the different online grammar tools or programs, some of them can be really helpful if to know where and how to use it relevantly. But you should understand that, unfortunately, the progress of humanity in this sphere leaves much to be desired and your proofreader online lacks an understanding of content meaning, it can perceive only the form that is not enough to perform the qualitative proofreading, not to mention editing. In the present situation, you can use the numerous online grammar tools (find the helpful list of them here: only as the additional helpful resources, but without the competent editor, they don't mean anything.

We don’t deliver the paper after the deadlines. It doesn't mean that in the case if we miss the deadline we won't send your paper at all, it means that such situation is out of the question! We guarantee accurate on-time delivery to every customer, so you won't be supposed to worry whether your paper will be ready or not in time set. The only thing you should do is to indicate the terms in the online order form and entrust your paper to the hands of professionals with a clear conscience. That's all! You can spend your free time in a great but useful way without stressing about grades while we will be improving your work! Isn’t it a gift of fortune?

We don’t leave the messages without response. Every person without exception wants to receive a quick response to his or her request, including the support agents from study assistants. To our greatest regret, far not every company provides a constant interaction with the potential clients, but it is not we! is the paragon of communication with customers as if the experts from your service are sleeping with one eye open, we don't sleep at all! Our agents of support are always at their posts to give you the immediate response to any your question or clarify any detail of our company functioning to easy an order. The study success of our clients is too valuable for us, to leave your messages without quick and informative response.

We don’t overcharge. To make this point as clear as possible, we propose you to check our proofreader and editor rates first to form an idea about our prices and how to calculate it. In a few words, it depends directly on the kind of service required, type of paper, its length, deadlines and additional services (not obligatory!). So, we will be able to calculate your price only after filling in all spaces in the order form. And yes, we will ask you for prepayment. You shouldn't worry about it as our papers editing and proofreading website has been functioning for 5 years already, has thousands of content clients who don't hesitate to leave the feedback that can be examined if you still have some doubts. In addition to the affordable pricing policy, every client gets a discount after his or her first order, so it is the real chance to save up money!

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To conclude, to use or not to use the papers editing services to improve your paper is a private matter of every student. There is nothing wrong if you feel you can manage it on your own, even if the result isn’t an ideal. And there is also nothing wrong when you feel you need to ask for help from the experts. Each student deserves once to take a break and see the life further the university or college walls. We are all only humans, so don’t consider you weakness as something extremely bad, our weaknesses help to know ourselves better and choose our own life path. Luckily, the proficient editors and proofreaders from our company found their vocation, and now stand ready to help you in the search of yours!

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