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Even if you don’t need our academic help right now, there still is something that we can do for you: discuss an important issue and give you valuable tips that will help you become a better student. Really, who else except for us will take care not only about your grades but about your personality as well? That’s why our best-quality paper editing services are going to share the top tips for developing your brain.

Our brain is like a muscle: if you do not train it day in and day out, it grows old, becomes lazy, and refuses to think. You may ask us “Why should I look for the additional ways to train my brain if I have the numerous homework assignments from my prof?” Meanwhile, the brain is not as primitive as the muscles. The usual brain exercises (such as typing an essay) is not enough for it: sooner or later your brain bored by the routine, will mark it as unnecessary and start simply ignoring it. We'll have to surprise it by the unusual set of exercises we’re going to discuss later.

Before doing it, let us say a few words about the benefits the brain training brings. Simply put, if the regular training occurs, your gray cells literary grow. Scientists describe this process as follows: new synapses between your neurons are formed, new capillaries appear in your brain, the cerebral cortex becomes bigger, the functional connections between the individual structures of the brain become more complicated. If you want to know more, feel free to check out these brain training benefits.

Welcome Neurobics: new methods of brain training to stimulate it and prevent memory loss

This is the relatively new science, aimed at developing activities related to the effective brain training. The American neuroscientist and writer invented this method of training. To perform the awesome exercises that we’re going to discuss, you have to do daily things in an extravagant way, using all the five senses in an unusual combination. Doing the same routine work, it is difficult for us to focus on the new things: the memory weakens (check this post on the best ways to train memory, a concentration of attention falls. Nevertheless, if you do the usual things in an unexpected way, the brain has to build up fresh connections between nerve cells and restore them if they have been lost.

Try to strive for everything unusual at every free minute you have, doing household duties, on the way to the university and to the store, sitting in front of the TV or working on your laptop. Teat to these exercises as to a fun way to relax and with a good mood, the brain really likes positive emotions.

Six useful exercises to train your brain:

1. Do the everyday chores with the help of the left hand (or the right hand if you are left-handed). Use it while brushing your teeth, eating soup, typing your assignment, or putting down the notes.

Why do this? Activation of the motor cortex is transferred from the left hemisphere of the brain to the right, which has a beneficial effect on creativity and non-standard thinking. If you need to boost your non-standard thinking even more, check these tips on increasing the creativity.

2. Discover new sensations and develop new abilities. First, you can take a shower with your eyes closed. Try to master the Braille: a system of reading and writing for the blind people. Communicate with the members of your family in sign language during the day. After it will be done, you’ll form a clear idea of how to do this exercise and will search for other ways yourself.

Why do this? The new sensory areas of the brain, which you usually don’t use, are involved, that is also a good gymnastics for neurons throughout the brain.

3. Do not be afraid to change your appearance. Wear unusual clothes, try a new makeup, experiment with the color of hair. Of course, we don’t mean changing yourself drastically, you may stay in a safe space, and experiment at the same time.

Why do this? The person feels differently, trying on a new look. In addition, it’s an excellent chance for your brain to have a fresh look at the everyday problems. If you need a portion of inspiration before changing something, here we go

4. Find new routes (even if the unusual road will be longer!), travel more often, try to spend every vacation or even weekends in a new place, go to museums and exhibitions. Of course, you shouldn’t go to a new country every Sunday (although, why not if you have a possibility), explore the surrounding to find new inspiring places.

Why do this? This will help you develop the spatial memory and even increase the size of the hippocampus, according to recent studies of physiologists.

5. Redecorate the flat, room, or workplace. It’s recommended to redecorate the places you spend the lion’s share of your time every week or month. Try to cook according to exotic recipes, buy new perfumes. Perform a few minutes’ walk around the apartment, putting a high-heel shoe on the right feet, and a slipper on the left.

Why do this? Stable habits tire the brain, and the novelty stimulates the sensory inputs of the brain, makes life more vivid and memorable.

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6. Learn how to answer routine questions like "How are you doing?", "What's up?" in a non-trivial way. Make up new phrases every time, forget about clichés, remember jokes, invent new ones, and be sure to use them in the conversation.

Why do this? If you perceive everything you say from different sides in a creative way, you thereby stimulate the memory and the center of speech in the brain - the left temporal region of the Wernicke and Broca zones.

The last thing to remember here is that the activity of the brain is influenced by the traditional physical activity. Researchers from the University of Illinois, USA, led by Arthur Cramer, found out that moderate exercises, namely 150 minutes a week (or 75 minutes of high physical activity), plus a daily walk of at least 500 meters, increases the volume of the human cerebral cortex in the frontal and parietal areas. The top professional editors from our website know for sure that they are responsible for a working memory, attention, and switching from one job to another. As evidence, scientists provided a picture obtained by a computer tomography. Therefore, don’t forget about the physical activity: even if you seem to be tired after writing a paper, you should go to the gym or exercise at home to activate your brain again.

Alternatively, college essay editor will take your papers while you will have a quality workout

This is always a win-win option, as you will get a perfectly edited paper together with a free time for your needs! The perfect chance to kill two birds with one stone! If you still aren’t sure how to choose between revision and rewriting, friendly and all-knowing support agents come to the rescue to clarify the details and explain the difference between these services to you. By the way, are you aware of the fact that you may also get a good discount via the live chat? You should only write: “Is there any available discounts?”, and one of the online support representatives will create a personal discount code for you regarding the type of your order, number of pages, and deadline. What is more, if you are our regular customer, you may get special discount offers from our company that we provide via your email used for registration. However, if you are going to place your first order at, don’t rush to be upset, as we have a special discount on the first order as well! We do our best to satisfy the demands of our customers, thus, if you need a good editing company, is the best choice!

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