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If you experience the difficulties with your writing, stop here and read this post attentively, as you have found the top-notch online grammar editor service that is able to eliminate your mistakes. We don’t provide writing services, as our team opts for developing your writing skills yourself, however, we can bring your written paper to perfection, indicating the mistakes and teaching you to avoid them. Even the most proficient writers need the services of online English editor, therefore, ignoring the opportunity to get a professional look at your paper is almost a crime! Be sure that no mistake will be left without our attention, as the masters of editing who work for our company have a great experience in checking any papers starting from all kinds of essay to theses and dissertations. Every assignment type is under our control, thus, you shouldn’t worry about it: the qualification of our team is enough to polish any paper in the shortest possible time, as a deadline varies from two months to twelve hours! In addition to accurate editing, you may get the number of other services on this website:

Proofreading. Quick and cheap service that will help eliminate the slight errors. So, if you need to detect and correct the grammar, punctuation, spelling, and typos, you are welcome to place an order for proofreading!

Revision. This service will greatly adjust the written paper according to the teacher’s, prof’s, tutor’s requirements. We may also expand, clarify, specify, or explain in details some concepts, theories, and meaning if it is required.

Rewriting. The plagiarism issues are severely punished, therefore, if your paper isn’t as original as you want it to be, it’s better not to take risks and choose rewriting services that will make your paper plagiarism-free!

Now, it’s almost in the bag, only three points left: to reveal how our site works, ask the additional questions via the live chat that is available 24/7, and place your first order to make your life easier!

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Professional English Editing Service Teaches You to Be Attentive!

Except for the first-rate services, on royalediting.com you may also get valuable tips concerning improving your academic performance, and on today’s blog, we are eager to discuss one of the most important personal qualities, sometimes underestimated by students. If we ask you what is the set of qualities crucial for a professional editor, the attentiveness will be definitely named. It is extremely important not only while writing an essay, passing a study test, or answering the teacher’s question but for your everyday activities as well. However, the question is how attentive are you in everyday life and during coping with your assignments? If you are puzzled by this question, this attentiveness increasing tips, composed by the best online editing & proofreading service are exactly for you!

Keep a diary. We are supposed to clarify that this diary isn’t intended to whine or describe your terrible unrequited love feelings. You should put down descriptions of events that happened to you, portraits of people you are acquainted with, buildings that impressed you, etc. You may also mention the locations of good shops and the items you can buy there, if you bump into something by chance, therefore, you will get a ready shopping guide, and facilitate your life, as you shouldn’t break your head about where to buy one or another good. The more details you can remember, the better it is for developing your attentiveness skills. From time to time, re-read the written and make changes, if you remember some more details.

Create lists. If you have problems not only with attentiveness but with memory as well (in most cases, they go hand in hand), then make lists! From the detailed to-do lists to various shopping lists, or even lists of people! For example, you may write down the names of people you have recently met (you can even add a small characteristic), addresses and telephones, birth dates and occupation. However, make sure the people you write about won’t take a look at these files, as we definitely don’t want to turn your acquaintances into paranoids. In the future, find time to work on your records, making changes if required. This way, you will train both memory and attentiveness.

Be present. How many times have you found your thoughts drifting away, disconnecting from what the interlocutor says, or hidden behind sunglasses and headphones from the big city noise, and completely withdrawn? Stop doing this. As soon as you caught yourself drifting away thinking about something, go back immediately. The only exception is if you try to remember the rules of determining the parts of speech (https://royalediting.com/tips-on-determining-parts-of-sentence-in-english), in this case, it's quite alright. In all other cases, bring yourself to focus on reality, otherwise, you risk getting involved in the accident provoked by the lack of attention.

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Special Exercises to Improve Your Attentiveness Skills from English Paper Editor

1. Look around at the objects that surround you in your daily life. Choose one of them and examine it carefully. Let’s take for an example a table lamp. Pay attention to its shape, color, lines. Try to determine its surface (smooth, dusty, scratched) without touching it. You can even take a lamp in your hands, turn it around, study a tripod to answer the question what is it. Determine how the light is distributed to the work surface. Assess your need for this table lamp, and consider other items in your apartment. You’ve probably noticed that this exercise will not only help you become more attentive to details but also get rid of your old stuff, and put your life in order.

2. Frequently, in children's books there are plenty of tasks for the development of memory, creativeness, and attention. A picture is given, and children have a couple of minutes to memorize it, then the book is closed, and the baby reproduces everything he/she has memorized. Alternatively, the games «find differences» are also popular. Don’t afraid to feel childish spirit again, and test your attention skills starting from easy pictures to the most difficult ones. Then you may complicate your task by trying to memorize patterns on furniture items, their colors, or learning the map of an unfamiliar terrain, meanwhile shortening the time given for memorizing. By the way, our editing site can suggest you one more game: find mistakes in the text, armed by this mistakes detection guide from the professional editors: https://royalediting.com/practical-tips-how-to-correct-spelling-mistakes. You will kill two birds with one stone by this game: train your skills and improve your writing!

3. The following exercise will help you develop attention and observation skills, visual memory. Prepare a bag for the players, where you need to put at least 5-7 items, for example an oval eraser, striped scrunchy, and colored crayons. The players have two minute to memorize not only the objects themselves but the details as well (colors, sizes, patterns, etc.), then everything is put into a bag again. After it, the players tell about the details of the things they have seen. The winner is the one who will name the biggest number of details. Of course, you may complicate the task by choosing the items with lots of details, you may increase their number, or reduce the time for memorizing.

In general, you are welcome to google the games for improving your attention skills to find the most appropriate one, as the professional dissertation proofreading company is sure that exactly the games help make the process of skills developing more interesting, thus, more effective. Therefore, feel free to experiment searching for your personal ideal way to increase your attention, and royal editors will be glad to help you and support any your endeavors.

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