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Incidentally, this post won’t be an exception, as today we are eager to discuss the urgent for every person issue:

How to develop one’s cognitive abilities?

Our team of editors who participated in this post writing didn’t want to make up the new tips and rules, we decided to heed the advice of the theoretical physics scientific degree holder, Steve Denton. Thus, we are going to give you the techniques of cognitive abilities development, according to the mentioned-above scientist that were checked by the royal team members, and proved their efficiency, as we just can’t give you unchecked information concerning such an important issue.

If you are interested in developing your cognitive abilities, here is the effective memorization techniques that will definitely help you remember a great deal of information: https://royalediting.com/effective-memorization-techniques-from-royaleditingcom.

So, are you ready? Here we go with the facts that shouldn’t be ignored while developing your cognitive abilities from Steve Danton!

The brain needs intellectual challenges

In the course of solving complex problems, such as learning a new language, mastering a field of mathematics or an unfamiliar musical instrument, the brain becomes more plastic and flexible. According to Denton, one of the win-win options is to study the various areas of mathematics, as this science offers great opportunities for brain development. Mathematics classes allow you to train logical, numerical, and visual abstract thinking while improving concentration skills and “mental endurance”.

You should communicate with well-educated people

Meetings and conversations with highly intelligent people allow you to improve your own brain. During such conversations, it is possible to learn a lot of new things, besides, it’s extremely useful to understand the line of thought of really clever people. We don’t want to boast of our intellectual abilities, nevertheless, the professional online editor & proofreader from royalediting.com can be one of those people who boost your cognitive skills, as by communicating with us, you will find out a plethora of useful tips and tricks concerning writing and editing.

Computer games can be used to train intelligence

We used to be skeptical about the video games, and their questionable positive impact on our minds. Isn’t the intelligence training only the excuse to justify the nights spent in front of the screen, forgetting about the college or university assignments? However, the games are different: shooters and sports simulators allow you to spend a good time and train the reaction, but in terms of developing intelligence, they are not particularly useful. Denton recommends choosing games, during which you need to solve complex problems and take numerous decisions. The physicist himself is a fan of the game EVE. In his opinion, it is the most complex and versatile of all computer games (the gaming system functions on the most powerful supercomputer game called Tranquility). Nevertheless, those who aren’t the great fans of gaming can find hundreds of other ways to develop their cognitive abilities so that they shouldn’t force themselves to discover the virtual world.

You must read at least one serious book a week

Denton advises not only to read serious books regularly, but also to choose authors of different genres. Reading allows you to expand your vocabulary and positively affects verbal intelligence and promotes the erudition development as well. By the way, it doesn’t have to be fiction all the time, you may choose all kinds of tutorials or manuals to diversify your reading list. Our royal editors’ team advises you to start from these classic books of English grammar that will help you develop both your cognitive abilities and grammar skills.

Train your brain using special software

Denton advises using a special software for brain development, with the only remark: it is necessary to apply only the services that have proven their effectiveness. Most of these projects do not allow you to achieve the results that their creators promise in reality, as most often with their help you can only learn how to play well a certain game that does not redirect into improving the overall cognitive abilities of a person. Of course, before downloading such a software, it’s highly recommended to double check the customer’s feedback to find out if it is effective.

A healthy lifestyle is important

Sports activities have a positive effect on a brain, a long and healthy sleep increases productivity as well (however, oversleeping can be even more harmful than a lack of sleep, thus, we advise you to find a middle ground by calculating your ideal number of hours to sleep). It is important to be careful about the alcohol consumption, as in small quantities it helps to relax and communicate more freely, and, as mentioned above, communication with other people is useful for the brain. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t forget that an excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages (heavy smoking as well) causes obvious damage to the body and mind. In addition, the brain needs proper nutrition for the most effective work. Human’s body can get the necessary amount of nutrients only with a balanced diet: a person should eat fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat.

It is necessary to get rid of the limiting ideas about one's own intellectual level

The experts from the proofreading and editing services at a cheap rate are sure that this tip is the essential one, as many people are actually smarter than they think. Yes, such a paradox frequently occurs. To give you an example, students often contact as with the demand to edit their “poor” (to their opinion) text, however, when we start working on it, we are impressed by the brilliant ideas it contains. Often such a modest attitude toward one's mental abilities does not allow him or her to achieve more in life. This phenomenon was called the “Dunning-Krueger effect”, according to it, people who have a lower intelligence level often overestimate their intelligence, while people who have an intelligent level above the average often underestimate their abilities. You can get rid of this attitude towards yourself with the help of a simple logical refutation of the myths about your own insolvency.

Curious to read:

Denton cites his acquaintance as an example. The girl has always very modestly assessed her intellectual level and worked as an ordinary secretary. However, once she passed the IQ test of the Mensa organization, which unites people with an extremely high level of intelligence (her members pass IQ tests better than 98% of the population, even the author of the mentioned-above tips Steve Denton is in the organization). Later, she received a degree of professor of astrophysics and started leading a much happier life.

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