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Professional Proof Reading UK Presents the Guide to Variants of English

English is second the most common world language after Chinese, it is spoken all around the globe. This language is considered being the «lingua franca», the international communication means of today as millions of people have it as their second one or are trying to master. If you are among those eager beavers to learn English, maybe these habits for learners will be useful to do it in the shortest possible terms:

It is quite obvious that the classic or standard English pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar rules have changed regarding the region it is spoken, exactly this gave rise to the numerous English variants or simply put «Englishes» that became the main topic of this post.

Let us start from the origins and mention British English first as the English language spoken in the U.K., however, mostly in England. From time to time, it is considered as being classic version of English, spoken by the middle and upper classes. Probably, the most famous British English accent is Cockney, inherent to the London’s working class, on which another one accent was formed in the late ’90s – Estuary English, characterized by the mixture of the upper and middle classes features. It became the peculiar manifestation of attempts to build the classless society.

Standard English originates in the British version of this language and set the strict vocabulary and grammar rules that are taught at the educational institutions and to foreign students. Incidentally, the key points of orthography and grammar (reveal them in this article if you are interested in are kept throughout the majority of English variants, the difference between them lays mostly in the vocabulary and pronunciation. In written resources, you can bump into the Standard English under the name of BBC English or Queen’s/King’s English.

American English is, evidently, the varieties of the English languages, used throughout the territory of the U.S. It strengthened its positions after the World War II and isn’t going to cede the ground. Due to the enormous area, it has plenty of dialects that, nevertheless, have the standardized writing, except the African American English, accompanied by the numerous violations of the English language structure itself. It should be mentioned that even the native American English speakers, including the experts from the best essay proofreading service, can barely understand this English variant together with the world's best linguists.

Canadian English, spoken widely in Canada, except Quebec, is a marvelous mixture of French and English. The particular set of idioms and semi-French pronunciation may characterize this language variant. It is interesting to know that the French language of Quebec, for its part, is influenced by English, so this process is reciprocating and two languages coexist peacefully in the same territory.

Spanglish can hardly be placed among the variants of English language, it is a bizarre mix of English words, pronounced in Spanish style and adapted to its orthography. Spanglish has no rules at all, so the bilingual habitants of Spain can start the sentence in Spanish, end it in English and vice versa. Accompanied by the chaos, this «language» exists only in the oral form.

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Australian and New Zealand English. As Australia and New Zealand are united both by the colonial past, the English spoken there takes British one as a paragon. Again, the main difference between them lays in the pronunciation and set of specific idioms. What is more, English of New Zealand is characterized by the presence of numerous words, borrowed from The Maori language. It is the young people, who tend to use them in their everyday speech.

Singlish – the Singapore English-based language, spoken by the majority of its inhabitants. The skillful essay proofreader from is eager to emphasize the fact that the government of Singapore does its best to encourage the locals to speak Standard English, keeping its pureness and correctness. While Standard English is given an advantage, Singlish is considered being the «language of the streets» and has the great popularity among the inhabitants.

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