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What about editing and proofreading, how to choose among them?

If the difference between rewriting and revision service is quite clear, the majority of our customers are still puzzled by the two other services, namely editing and proofreading. Really, rewriting is a complete paraphrasing of a written text, keeping its meaning. This process is aimed at improving the wording, formulating the ideas better, and, all in all, solving the plagiarism issues as they may result not only in a low grade but also in a disciplinary action or even expulsion! Revision is intended to check your paper to make it meet the teacher’s, prof’s, or tutor’s comments. There is nothing complicated about it, and the practice shows that our clients see that difference clearly. However, everything is much more complicated with proofreading and editing services. Despite the fact that there is an article on our blog devoted completely to this issue (, our team is eager to say just a few words about it here.

Editing is a perfect service for those students who aren’t keen on writing at all. In this case, somebody professional enough is needed to check the paper not only for grammar mistakes, typos, or inaccuracies but make sure your wording is strong enough and corresponds to your academic level (school, college, university, Master’s or Ph.D.) as well as guarantee the strict style adherence of your text. We will also check the correctness of the phrase order, and logical coherence of your writing to make it flow. So, roughly speaking, editing is a deep check of your text.

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Proofreading is the best solution for those who are sure in their writing skills but still need an expert pair of eyes to check the form of the text. Here, we will correct only grammar, punctuation, and partly structural mistakes. In addition, we won’t forget about writing inaccuracies and typos, our specialists may even correct the misused words as well. The knowledge and experience of our writers help us to handle even the most urgent orders, and the user-friendly interface makes the cooperation with our company more pleasant! Therefore, it has never been so easy to order grammar proofreading online!

Of course, it’s up to you to decide whether you should choose editing or proofreading service to be sure your paper is flawless, however all our life consists of the difficult choices, thus, it’s high time to learn the art of taking the right decisions! Exactly this is the issue we are eager to discuss with you today!

We want to tell you about the amazing and very simple technique of seven questions that will allow us to evaluate the situation from different points of view, get rid of doubts, and upgrade your ability to make the right choice.

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Warning! We can’t guarantee you will always like your answers, nevertheless, in the end, they will help you take the right decision.

1. What decision would I take if I weren’t afraid?

Unfortunately, too many decisions in our life are taken for us by our own fears and stereotypes. Of course, successful people adopt a deliberate and balanced approach to all the risks they take by making a choice but they approach their fears consciously as well. However, sometimes even the bad decisions and mistakes can lead to the greatest inventions, that’s why make sure you aren’t beating yourself up for every tiny mistake. If you feel the fears inside of you preventing from taking the right decision, put down (in the literal sense of the word) all your fears and doubts to work on them carefully with someone reliable who will help you to be objective. As in most cases, the choice that terrifies us the most is the best.

2. What would I choose if I had enough money?

Are you still thinking that many brilliant ideas have not been realized due to lack of money? Or a one is lack of money because of non-implementation of these ideas? Would you refuse the self-development and progress if you think that you don’t have enough money for it? No matter how fantastic it may sound, but if you make the right choice, it won’t be a great deal to find enough money for it. Learn more about crowd funding, for example. Alternatively, you can also turn to your relatives, friends, acquaintances for assistance or simply let your surroundings know that you are looking for an investor. May not the money, or rather their absence, stop you.

3. What is the worst and the best that can happen?

As a continuation of the previous two points, we recommend you to draw a mental map that will illustrate all the possible consequences of all the possible solutions that you consider. List the positive, negative, tangible, and insignificant results that will entail your choice. In most cases, the best way out will become self-evident due to this mind map.

4. What lesson did I learn from the previous experience?

Any life experience whether it is positive or negative one gives us valuable lessons. Fail in our life happens only when we haven’t learned any lessons from our mistakes. A rise is just as valuable as a fall. The experts from the cheap college paper editing company advise you to remember your previous ups and downs and think on how does the previous experience indicate to you what to do in such a situation that you’re experiencing now?

5. Does this coincide with my world vision?

Ask yourself the question: do you really need this or do you agree due to the necessity or under pressure, although, you feel you’re taking the wrong road that won’t lead you to success? After all, one of the main keys to success is consistency, thus, always try your best to find out whether the decision coincides with your vision of the world and don’t let it take you out of your way.

6. What do my soul and body say to me?

Try to remember your last choice that you’ve regretted of, and demand yourself if your inner voice or body gave you signals of the fallacy of your decision? If you feel physical discomfort when taking a decision or your inner voice quietly discourages you, it’s better to listen to these signals according to our experienced paper editor. They may not coincide with what you are inclined to at the moment, but the subconscious is much more aware of how this choice will affect you in the future.

7. How will I look at myself in the mirror tomorrow?

Finally, we’re going to talk about the future. What will you feel the next day after you make a decision? If you are full of pride, energy, and inspiration, you are on the right track. If you notice a shame or regret, don’t ignore these feelings. If you are experiencing them now, prepare for the worst.

For a complete picture, think about in what your choice will result in a week, month, or year. You can also take five or even ten years for serious decisions that have a significant impact on your entire life. Frankly speaking, it’s definitely hard to imagine what your life will be look like in five years, thus, the last point isn’t an obligatory one. It’s more appropriate to think of your nearest future, and find the ways to make it better.

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