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Our professional team learned to be irreplaceable personal assistants for every young people in need. To say even more, we never stop learning, as only this way is right for the members of our team. On today’s post, we are eager to discuss exactly the fast learning methods that helped us and will definitely help you!

Many people are interested in the fast learning methods since in the age of high technologies, every day one has to perceive a lot of information. Frequently, your success in life depends on how quickly and quality you learn this information. By the way, do you know that the good writing skills are also important for any business ( as well as the quick learning skills?

One of the main mistakes of teaching

If a person can’t master one or another subject, then most often refers to innate abilities. This leads to the fact that a person, in the end, gives up trying to deal with it, as we are encouraged and stand ready to continue studying only when we see the real result of our efforts. This is considered being the main mistake during an education. However, in most cases, it happens that we simply don’t know how to benefit from various training techniques, we don’t take into account the basic principles of our brain’s work. That’s why it’s extremely important to consider them in order to find out the most efficient fast learning strategies.

Principles of the brain’s work

There are two fundamentally different types of thinking that gave the name to the modes of learning: focused and diffuse. In the first case, we focus completely on what we are trying to understand and learn. Sounds promising, isn’t it? The focused training that perfectly fits the first type of thinking is well known to us, what is more, we constantly use it. However, the fact is that to develop something new or more complex than you get used to, the focused attention should go along with the diffuse one.

Your mind needs to be able to switch between the two modes of study. A dissipated type of thinking is a relaxed state when we are able to get away from a specific task and consider the problem as a whole, find its analogs in a completely different field of knowledge.

How can we use these two types of thinking at the same time in practice, taking into account the peculiarities of the work of our brain?

Effective distribution of study time

There is a curious and useful Pomodoro Technique developed by Francesco Cirillo to help in time planning ( The method consists of dividing the study time into the 25-minute periods with the 5-minute breaks, during which you need to relax by changing the type of activity. At this time, it is recommended to get up and do some physical exercises to let your brain rest, as during such breaks we unconsciously process the information received earlier, so it’s extremely important not to overload your brain with another activity. In the majority of cases, and if you are lucky enough, the brilliant solutions to your problems should come after a break. You may even resolve an issue that has been buffed you for months!

Introduction of useful practice for educational process

Within the given 25 minutes, full attention and concentration of mind are needed. Our editing and proofreading service to check papers highly recommends you to exclude all kinds of irritants that may disturb you: TV, phone, Internet, social networks, and presence of other people.

The learning process always makes a person feel resistance and unwillingness to do it, and in order to reduce the harmful influence of these feelings, we advise you to develop a certain learning ritual in your everyday life that will help you switch your mind by transmitting the right signals to your brain. It may be a change of clothing—the same is with pajamas, as when you put it on your organism receives the signal «I’m about to sleep»—create your own study look that will tell your organism «I’m going to study hard». Choose a specific place for study, a comfortable desk, a chair, a special pen, and then after a while, as soon as you find yourself in this place and take that pen, you activate all the necessary brain functions to perceive new information immediately. Searching for a pen and pencil, or reading the book can also become the part of the ritual: choose the things that you may do every day, however, make sure they are repetitive, as we need some time to form the right habit.

Editor’s choice:

Effective teaching methods

In addition, any students shouldn’t forget about an effective teaching methodology. To master new information successfully, royal editors advise you to divide it into the blocks that will be combined in accordance with their meaning and logical connection.

The overall logic makes it easier to remember a single block, and integrate it into the general learning picture as well. Thus, you may reconstruct the second block with the help of the first, and then even all the information learned.

If you want to create such blocks of information for this study technique successfully, use the following step-by-step guide composed by the team of experienced copyeditors online.

First, you need to concentrate on the material that should be learned and try to understand the main idea. At this stage, a student should use the methods such as comparison, analogy, and metaphor to make the learning process more effective, mentally replacing complex definitions, terms, and meanings with the simple and familiar ones.

Second, it is necessary to determine the primary field of application of the learned information. This stage is quite important since any information loses its significance without the practical use.

Third, apply the acquired skills in practice. Only the ability to perform a specific task from beginning to end is able to transform any information into your true knowledge and encourage you to increase it by learning more.

Such methods of fast learning are quite effective. Besides this guide, we advise you to improve your memory as well, together with increasing the attention concentration. As you can see, these powerful factors influence our learning process.

The golden rule of the educational process

We must understand that teaching something complicated can take a long time, as building the strong memory fragments that will be available for you at any time requires the transfer of information from short-term to long-term memory.

Therefore, it’s so important to avoid one of the favorite students’ things, cramming at the last moment, and try to learn information gradually. And, in addition, stay patient and try not to get angry or lose your temper while studying, as your mental well-being is one of the keys to success.

Also in this section:

Repetition as an integral part of the learning process

In addition, an important part of the learning process is repetition. As they say, «Repetition is the mother of all learning». Hence, without repetition, any information can be lost. The experts confirm that you should repeat new information after 10 minutes, 24 hours, a week, a month and after 6 months to put it in your long-term memory.

The first material review, especially if brief notes were taken during the studying, should take almost the same amount of time as learning. The best essay proofreading service for students advises you to review every information block carefully, trying to reconstruct the whole, and then add the details, descriptions, and your own opinion. Surprisingly, the surveys show that we will rather remember the information that provoked a certain reaction no matter positive or negative, than the neutral one.

The second, third, and all further reviews should proceed without looking at the information block: on a sheet of paper, you should briefly put down everything that you succeeded to remember, then, compare your notes to the previously made abstract to add, expand, or correct the information learned.

How to understand the information better

The research showed that people tend to remember 10% of what they read; 20% of what they hear; 30% of what they see; 50% of what was seen and heard at the same time; 70% of what they say; 90% of what was told and done at the same time, on the average.

This research helps our beneficial editing company to answer the question «How it’s better to learn the information?». It’s becoming evident that after learning the information, you should share it with your friends to discuss it and consider it from different points of view. This simple action will help you to reinforce the information. What is more, taking into account the principles of our brain work, we can’t help noting that during the process of learning, some people learn one part of the information, and other people the other. Thus, in the process of communication, there is a mutual exchange of learned information that helps clarify and understand it.

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