If you are at least somehow familiar with basic rules of writing academically, then you probably know about these two terms: coherence and cohesion. If not, they signify two main features of a text that make it consistent. Coherence can be described as the presence of logical connections in the text between its different parts. People can apply this term to both spoken or written language, but here we will talk specifically about mastering coherence in writing. Before that we find it necessary ... Read More →

People often pay for professional editing or proofreading help without thinking much whether their specialist is enough qualified to do this job.

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When it comes to editing or proofreading, it is a matter of choosing a skillful specialist in the field.

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There is an important difference between abstract and concrete nouns in the English language. In order to use the former correctly both in writing and in conversational speech, you will have to find out some of their distinctive features. Why not do it with our professional editing services? Learning grammar on this website is a great idea because we can boast the knowledge not only of common rules and exceptions from them. Our company can also share handy secrets to learning grammar, which ... Read More →

It is only fair when a customer knows the cost of the order straight away. Keeping the pricing policy transparent is one of the main principles

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Royal Editing has a large staff of professionals who work 24 hours a day to assist students in their writing assignments. Some of the tasks do not require too much time and can be finished 12 hours after the payment, while others, such as dissertation editing, may take a whole week. If you are interested in what exactly an editor proofreader does at work, this article is going to shed light on the topic. Here we will enumerate the main tasks of a writing specialist and even share some hints ... Read More →

Although essays on literature have much in common with other kinds of academic papers, our editing service wants to dwell specifically on 7 aspects that are vital for literary studies. You will get to know what style to choose, how to plan an essay and then write it with maximal efficiency. We will even suggest several specific ideas that may help to fight author’s block. With this article, essays on literary topics will stop being a challenge.1. Literary writing style has nothing to ... Read More →

A lot of writing tasks make it hard for students to manage all the assignments on their own, and sooner or later the necessity arises to ask for professional help. No matter what exact service is needed, it is important to make the right choice, by which we mean opting for a reliable company. But how to find out whether a website is worth working with or not? In this post Royal Editing – professional online editing services – will share some vital indicators that most likely ... Read More →

Roughly speaking, thesis writing may take up from 6 months to the whole 3 years. The thing is that most students do not know where to start, and that is why the process stretches out in time. To complete a thesis quickly and without a constant headache, one needs to lay serious groundwork. If you start writing something right away, not knowing what direction to take, revisions to the work will be numerous, and you risk flinging away precious energy without getting decent results. Our English ... Read More →

Every person can become a proofreader of his own papers or even start helping other students in improving their works.

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